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8250, Egå

Scancharter is a Danish company which hires out charter yachts in Denmark.
The charter yachts in Denmark are all approved for charter.
We set our standards high in order to offer our guests the very...


Assens Taxa

5220, Odense SØ

Assens Taxa

For further details please phone tel. +45 6550 5050...

© Flemming Frederiksen, Bjørnsdal.

Bjørnsdal is a half-timbered building from c. 1770, situated in Barløse in scenic West Funen.

Close to woods, beach and Barløseborg Golf Course.

The flat is situated in one of the farm’s outbuildin...

© Fin Form Tommerup ApS

Fin Form

5690, Tommerup

Fin Form

Fin Form is a locally owned-and-run fitness centre which has been helping its members get into better shape since 1983. We offer weightlifting, aerobic training and rehabilitation therapy a...

© Langedil Vin I/S

Langedil Vin

5683, Haarby

Langedil Vin

Visit the ancestral farm of Brahesdahl in Haarby, which also houses an impressive family business. The farm makes an outstanding effort to raise grapes for making unique Danish wines. A ...

Glamsbjerg Sports Hall

5620, Glamsbjerg

For further details, please contact Glamsbjerg Sports Hall....

© Rasmus Lange

Gårdbutikken Præsteskovgård/Farm shop Præsteskovgård

Open by arrangement Monday–Wednesday + Saturday–Sunday.

For further details please phone tel. +45 6475 2014...

© B&B Gundershøj

Bed & Breakfast Gundershøj

"Gundershøj" is a delightful farm 7km outside Assens and only 2 km
from Aa beach. 

Two double rooms with own entrance.
Large kitchen dinette as well as toilet/bath.


© Torben Mougaard

Assens/Mariendal Strand - Assens/Mariendal Beach
Parking is available 100 metres from the beach. Signs describing the bathing conditions and water quality have been set up on along the access path fro...

© Helnæs Camping

Helnæs Camping

5631, Ebberup

For further details, please contact  Helnæs Camping....

© Cinema Film

Haarby Bio/Cinema

5683, Haarby

Haarby Bio/Cinema

Watching a film at Haarby Bio lets you experience the ambience of a small local cinema which gives high priority to quality. This means that, in spite of its size, the cinema screen...

© Birgitte Staun

Marcusholm Farm Shop

The Marcusholm Farm Shop started up in 2004, becoming a refuge for families where sustainability, animal wellbeing and green ideas are given top priority.

The Marcusholm Farm Sh...

© Andreas Schnalke

The “Engholm Orchard’s” farm shop

You can also find us at the square in Assens every Saturday from
June to March, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

For further details please phone tel. +45 2084 0282...

© Kenneth Edlefsen

Speedboat with driver

5610, Assens

Speedboat with driver

Hire a speedboat with driver for one or two hours, or even a whole day, if you like.

See the coast from a different perspective or try your luck with rod and reel in deeper wat...


Biografen Glamsbjerg/Cinema

5620, Glamsbjerg

Biografen Glamsbjerg/Cinema

Glamsbjerg Biograf is a small, local, charming cinema which shows some of the most recently released movies. Due to the cinema’s small size, only one film is shown at a ti...

© Levi Szekeres

Torup Bakkegård Farm Shop

Torup Bakkegård farm affords ample opportunity to buy fruit and vegetables raised on the farm. The shop also sells a variety of beverages, such as juice and wine, as well as...

© Assens Turistinfo

Brylle Church

5690, Tommerup

Brylle Church

Brylle Church probably dates from c. 1100, like most other rural churches in Denmark, but its exact age is unknown.

The church interior was last refurbished in 2007.

Please contact Br...

Gårdbutik-Hebe/Farm shop, Hebe

Outside regular opening hours, the shop is open by special arrangement. Also sold here:

Gardening articles: Marble figurines
Household articles
Women’s accessories

© SaftStationen


5610, Assens

SaftStationen is situated in the middle of the city of Assens. It is the multi-house of the city, made for the city. People of all ages use the activities daily, and the history of the buildings and t...

© Mogens Rasmussen

Holiday Apartments - Kastanjegården

Four handsome superbly renovated holiday flats in lovely, well-kept, four-winged old farmhouse with a thatched roof.
Situated in scenic countryside, 3 km from Ass...

© Tommerup Hallerne

Tommerup Sports Halls offers plenty of activities as it houses a fitness centre, indoor swimming pool, sports hall and much more besides.

For further details please phone tel. +45 63767670...

© Udvikling Fyn / VisitAssens

Salbrovad Sports Hall

Salbrovad Sports Hall is the venue for the region’s many sports activities, but also for events not related to sports.

For further details please phone tel. +45 64791991...

© Birgit Bang

Welcome to Liltofte
Liltofte Farm is an old farmstead that was rebuilt in 1994. It is situated on high ground with beautiful views. A charming rural venue in scenic surroundings.  

The farm has its ...

© Karen Mann

Bågø Naturcenter

5610, Assens

Bågø Naturcenter

The Baagø Nature School is the setting for rewarding, educational nature experiences

Please contact Naturskolen on Baagø for further details.  ...

© Vestfyns Fodboldgolf

Football golf/Vestfyns-Fodboldgolf

Treat your soccer feet to a football golfing experience at Vestfyns-Fodboldgolf in Ebberup, where both Ronaldo and Rebecca can have a go at kicking the ball in the ...

© Jannick Nøddekær

Horseback rides - Strandby

1 hour tour: DKK 250

For further details please phone tel. +45 6473 2870....

© Bjarne Stenhøj Hansen

Vissenbjerg Sports and Cultural Centre

Vissenbjerg Sports and Cultural Centre is located in the heart of Denmark, near the motorway.

For further details please phone tel. +45 64471500...

© VisitDenmark

There are 30 bicycles for adults and 20 for children for
hire at Baagø Harbour from 1 April to 1 November.

The bicycles are located at the harbour are hired by means of self service: deposit money i...

© Assens Turistinfo

Haarby Kirke

5683, Haarby

The existing church in Haarby was presumably preceded by a wooden church. All that remains of the original church is the nave and chancel, however.

Further details are available on Haarby Kirke’s web...

© Assens Turistinfo

Søllested Church

5620, Glamsbjerg

Søllested Church was built c. 1100 and has been rebuilt and enlarged on several occasions over the years.

Please contact Søllested Church for further details....

© Rikke Møller Gotfredsen, Jordløse Kirke

Jordløse Church was originally a Romanesque church, with double walls of unhewn fieldstones, like the countless other rural churches built from 1100 to 1250.

For more information please contact Jordl...

© Assens Turistinfo

Køng Church

5620, Glamsbjerg

Køng Church was built c. 1180.

For more information please contact Køng Church....

© Kai HouVær. øst

Kjærsgaard is located at the heart of Funen, just a few kilometres from


the geographic centre of the island and 15 kilometres from the centre of Odense. This central location and its tranquil surr...

© Assens Turistinfo

Glamsbjerg Church

5620, Glamsbjerg

Glamsbjerg Church was consecrated in 1912, but the first burial in its churchyard took place already in 1910. The church was built as chapel of ease for Køng Parish.

Please contact Glamsbjerg Church ...

© Kurt Thomsen

Baagø Camping

5610, Assens

Baagø Camping is a charming small campsite near the best bathing beach on Baagø Island and an ideal point of departure for exploring the island. 

Campsites share bath and toilet facilities with Baagø...

© Gerard Baken

Bed & Breakfast Gadsbølle Gammelgaard

At Gammelgaard, we offer 3 pleasant, large, bright and non-smoking rooms.
Both rooms have their own TV and bathroom.

Peaceful, child-friendly and lots of spa...

Restaurant Via Appia

5610, Assens

Via Appia is charming little Italian restaurant which also has charming courtyard service in sunny weather. The courtyard is brimming with Mediterranean tranquillity and balance.

For further details,...

© Agernæs Saltvandssøer

Agernæs Saltvandssøer / Agernæs Saltwater Lakes

A peninsula with five unique saltwater lakes in magnificent coastal countryside.

Free fishing for eel, trout and salmon. 

Opening hours:
From 7 a.m....

© Skoda Museet

Skoda Museum Denmark

5620, Glamsbjerg

Skoda Museum Danmark

Adults: DDK 50,00
Joint ticket with Flax Weaving Museum: DKK 90.00
Children under 12 years: Free

Groups all year round by special arrangement.

Please contact the Skoda Museum f...

© Tina & Lars Priisholm

Bed & Breakfast Tina & Lars Priisholm

Charming patrician villa near the town centre with access to roof terrace and garden.

Large flat and grand room, both with own kitchenette and bath. ...

© Carl Henning Aarsø

Gallery Sulegaarden

5610, Assens

Gallery Sulegaarden

Galleri Sulegaarden was founded in September 1991 by artist Carl Henning Aarsø. Contemporary visual art by Danish and foreign artists is presented at exhibitions which change five...

© Fotograf Mauro Barbacci´

Tourist Info Assens

5610, Assens

Tourist Info

Wireless Internet is also available free of charge.

You will find the latest information at

Further details on authorisation rules:

© Udvikling Fyn / VisitAssens

Gamtofte Church

5610, Assens

Gamtofte Church was built in the 1100s, when the vast majority of Denmark’s medieval churches were built. The church is one of the biggest rural churches in Funen; only a few other churches are more o...

© Assens Turistinfo

Turup Church

5610, Assens

Please contact Turup Church for further details....

© Udvikling Fyn / VisitAssens

Sandager Næs beach

Sandager Næs beach is situated on Little Belt just south of Emtekær Nor and across from the northern section of Baagø Island.

It is possible to park about 30 m from the beach and ...

© Assens Turistinformation

Bed & Breakfast Aaholm

5683, Haarby

Bed & Breakfast Aaholm

Charming cottage with 2 double bedrooms.
Extra bed possible.

Large lounge with wood-burning stove.

Large garden with furniture + Weber barbecue grill, right down to Hårby S...

© Kurt Thomsen

Exhibition on three floors of the lighthouse.

Baagø Lighthouse:
Baagø Lighthouse is open from June to September
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by special arrangement
by phoning tel.: +45 2091 5293 or con...

© Assens Turistinfo

Vedtofte kirke

5620, Glamsbjerg

Vedtofte Kirke

Vedtofte Church is an old church which presumably dates from the 1100s when the original church was probably made of wood and resembled the buildings of the town at the time.

The only...

© Assens Turistinfo

Ørsted Church was presumably built in the mid-1100s, as fresh wood was used to build churches at this time. The church was last refurbished in 1997.

Please contact Ørsted Church for further details....


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