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3550, Slangerup

Piet Hein - Multi-thinker and universalist, Master of the harmonic forming in words: Grooks and also master of The superellipseNational and international recognition is great:Piet Hein ...

Hytholm Ceramics & Pottery

3650, Ølstykke

Allan Hytholm was born in 1947. His education in ceramics is very wide. He knows very well potttery and stonewear as well as modelling. Allan Hytholm studied at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain and...


3460, Birkerød

Mantziusgaarden in Birkeroed is a very important cultural centre in the North of Sealand. Koncerts of any kind as well as theater take place in the koncert hall "Mantziussalen".In one of the...

Bastrup Sø

3540, Lynge

North Sealand 20 km North of Copenhagen is quite often called the "Danish Lake District". Lake Bastrup Sö is one of the more remote lakes.Located in a great nature preserve the lake invites ...

Comwell Holte is the perfect setting for courses, conferences, meetings, parties and celebrations. Close to Copenhagen, yet situated in the middle of an extensive nature reserve. Good public transport...

Restaurant Leonardo

2840, Holte

The Restaurant Leonardo at Comwell Holte is situated with a view to the beautiful scenery of its own private nature area. The Global Kitchen is the philosophy behind chef?s menu - we find the inspirat...


Showing 101 - 111 of 111 entries