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8250, Egå

Scancharter is a Danish company which hires out charter yachts in Denmark.
The charter yachts in Denmark are all approved for charter.
We set our standards high in order to offer our guests the very...

Veflinge church dates back to 1200. Pulpit from 1572. The organ, set up in 1974, has 10 stops. Made by Bruno Christensen and sons Terkelsboel. Seats: 150....

Harridslevgaard Castle

5400, Bogense

As the only manor house in North Funen, Harridslevgaard castle near Bogense is open to visitors during the season. The castle was first mentioned in 1231 and at that time, the water went right up to H...

Erik Menveds Inn, a beautiful half-timbered house, is the oldest house in town. Furthermore it is the oldest inn on Funen, dated back to 1543.
The place is named after the king Erik Menved who, in 128...

Visit North Funen's Viking past! The Glavendrup Stone is a Runic stone containing the longest runic inscription (210 runic letters) ever found on a stone in Denmark. The Glavendrup stone was erected a...

Market day in Bogense

5400, Bogense

Thursday is market day in Bogense. You can buy lots of delicious goods in the old beautiful market square. The square is part of the old town and is very unique with small houses, a copy of an old wat...

© Viggo Lind

Langesø Castle Chapel was erected 1870 as chapel to the manor and used as church for the inhabitants in the neighbourhood.
The Chapel is beautifully situated in front of the lake in the middle of the...

Skamby Kirke

5485, Skamby

Skamby church is a medieval village church.
The outer walls are made from Ashlar style granite and large, red medieval bricks. Romanesque stone reliefs on the south wall. The chorus walls in the Goth...

Langesø Castle

5462, Morud

The beautiful manor house Langesø Castle is situated next to the long and narrow lake which has given name to the place - Langesø means long lake.

The present building was built in 1774-78. But ever ...

Mosegårdens Put & Take is open every day from dawn till sunset.

Rainbow trout and brook trout in the lakes. Only fishing with artificial bait is allowed.

Fishing in the lake at Eskelund Mose is also...

© Ole Thrane

Tværskov Mill is a protected watermill built in 1730.
It ceased functioning as a mill in 1950.
The half-timbered buildings are pretty and well preserved.
There is a small Bed & Breakfast in the old m...

Søndersø kirke

5471, Søndersø

Søndersø church, built approx. 12th century, is famous for some of Denmarks finest late Gothic frescoes. In the church you will find a rare iron-plated door with Latin inscription. Two beautiful grave...

Jerstrup Manor House

5400, Bogense

The beautiful small Tudor style manor, Jerstrup, with a moat and an exceptional medieval granite bridge across the moat was first mentioned in 1328, but the present building dates back to 1719. 


Ditlevsdal Bison Farm is Europe's largest bison farm housing about 400 animals. Come and have a wonderful experience and enjoy the genuine prairie atmosphere among the large animals.

Every summer, th...

© Ole Thrane

Restaurant Douglashuset is situated close to the Langesø forest. The house is shaped as an octagon and built from the large Douglas firs growing in the forest.

A nice restaurant where everyone is welcome - not just golfers. The food is delicious, and there are many dishes on the menu. There are 3 patios where you can enjoy your food as well....

Allé Gården

5471, Søndersø

Allégården is a farm shop which sales their own products as well as products from other small farmers.Allégården is also co-operating with a local butcher.The farm is based on poultry-breedi...

Gyldensteen Castle

5400, Bogense

Gyldensteen castle was first mentioned in 1409 as a farm called Enggaard owned by the nobleman Niels Thomesen. For centuries the castle has been owned by several different noble families until it 1719...

Café 44

5400, Bogense

Today the old merchant's house in Bogense houses the unusual Café 44. During the summer a cabaret (in Danish)takes place in the old auditorium behind the Café 44 in Adelgade.
A team of actors from the...

© Juelscafe

Juels Café

5400, Bogense

Juels Café is a lunch café pm the harbor front on the eastern pier with seating right down to the pier edge. Here you can get served "juels plate", shooting star, hamburger fried on bread. burger, chr...

Nordfyns Turistbureau - Bogense is situated at the old harbour - a beautiful place full of restaurants and shops. Come visit us!

We offer:
Tourist services
Brochures from all of Denmark
Suggestions ...

Bogense town creek

5400, Bogense

The story about Bogense town creek goes back to the year 1755. The creek has its source from a healthspring on a field by Reveldrup. The creek runs from here past Fredskoven, winds through the town an...

Manneken Pis in Bogense

5400, Bogense

The Manneken Pis in Bogense is a copy of the Jerome du Quesnoy (1619) sculpture in Brussels.
In the 19th century, a baby was found on the ferry from Klakring. The chief officer held up the baby in or...

Skåstrup Strand

5400, Bogense

The beach at Skåstrup is beautifully situated close to the large number of summer cottages in the area.
The large recreational area is great for a family outing where you can enjoy your dinner in the ...

Bogense Hotel

5400, Bogense

Bogense Hotel is an old well-reputed hotel with a lot of atmosphere. The oldest parts dates back to 1822, but the hotel has been extended and modernised several times during the years. In 1987 a brand...

© Ole Thrane

Klinte Church

5400, Bogense

The church in Klinte, built around the year 1200, is made out of ashlar granite and built in late Gothic style.
It has been rebuilt many times, and the tower was added during the Reformation.

Worth ...

Erik Menveds Kro

5400, Bogense

The old half-timbered house Erik Menveds Kro is the oldest house in Bogense and also the oldest inn at Funen dating back to 1543. Here, you can enjoy delicious Danish classics - and of course the famo...

© Ole Thrane

The church dates back to 1200 AD.

The tower was erected before the Reformation. Around the 19th century, the chapel and porch were demolished, and the doors for respectively males and females in the...

Nørre Sandager Church

5400, Bogense

Nørre Sandager Church was built on the remains of a Roman church.

The sacristy and nave is supposedly from the Gothic period, tower and chapels from the Renaissance period and the porch from the 19th...

Ore Kirke, Bogense

5400, Bogense

The church in Ore was built in the 15th century.
It was probably financed and built by the owner of Oregård, which was a large farm back then.

Worth a look:
- The alterpiece is in the Renaissance sty...

Skovby Kirke

5400, Bogense

Skovby was the administrative centre for twelve parishes until 1970, and as a result, the church was quite rich and large.

The church was dedicated to St Martin de Tours who left the army of the Roma...

Nordfyns Museum

5400, Bogense

Nordfyns Museum is a local historical museum with an archaeological collection, antiquities from North Funen, a collection of stones form the island Æbelø, a barber's shop, hair jewellery, and much, m...


5400, Bogense

Sandagergård was first mentioned in 1385, and at that time it was already considered a manor estate. The manor has had many owners, including the Quitzow family, which owned the estate for 200 years. ...

Private Bed & Breakfast offering two nice rooms with TV and separate bathrooms. Situated in the quiet and charming village of Særslev, about five miles from Bogense. Close to bus and shopping. Large g...

© Ole Thrane

Bogense Strand Camping

5400, Bogense

Bogense Strand Camping offers you a five-star stay with 3 playgrounds, an indoor swimming pool and lots of fun for the whole family. The campsite is situated close to the beach and the marina....

Cosy restaurant at the old harbour in Bogense.

Springseason: April 1. - June 19. 
From 6 pm Evening Buffet

Main season: June 25. - August 13. 
Monday-Sunday 12 am-2.30 pm Fish buffe...

Særslev Church - Søndersø

5471, Søndersø

Særslev Church, unusually large for a village church, was built from granite ashlar in the 12th century.
- Gothic tower.
- Crow-stepped gable.
- Baroque alterpiece from c. 1700.
- Original sacrist...

Kyst Camping Bogense

5400, Bogense

Kyst Camping Bogense is a cosy campsite situated directly to the coast.
Close to the child friendly beach, the marina and the old harbour, the old-fashioned town centre and supermarkets....

© Anne Mette Rasmussen Møller

A great trip to the lovely island Samsø - or perhaps a way to begin your holiday on Funen or Samsø?

Return DKK 300,-

Bikes/Biketrailers/Baby carriages
Return DKK 60,-/Single DKK 30,-

Departure Boge...

Jump into the outdoor pool! The older kids can have fun at the large pool with springboards, and the small children can use the little pool with a water slide.  
Right beside the pool, you'll also fin...

See the small island in Kattegat.
The trip includes a 2 hours roundtrip in a prairie wagon.

Price: DKK 325,-

Departure Bogense 8.30 am 
Arrival Endelave 11.45 am

Departure Endelave 3.45 pm 

Bogense Marina

5400, Bogense

On the north west coast of Funen - where the Little Belt and the Kattegat meet - you will find Bogense Marina, the largest marina on the island. The modern marina is situated between the old idyllic f...

Bogense Hotel Restaurant is old, well-reputed and with a great atmosphere. The oldest parts date back to 1822, but the hotel has been modernised several times through the years. 
The food is tradition...

Bogense Kirke

5400, Bogense

Bogense Church was erected during the reign of Queen Margrethe I, but has been changed many times.
The roof of the church tower is covered with 27.000 shingles of oak and facing east. Turning east, i...

Bogense Marina Beach

5400, Bogense

Bogense Marina beach is an 18.000 m2 large artificial sandy beach. Here you can play beach volley, play in the sand or at one of the playgrounds nearby or simply enjoy the water. The beach is situated...

© Nordfyns Turistbureau

Langesø Golf Club

5462, Morud

Langesø Golf Club has two courses. The championship course is a challenging 18-hole course designed in harmony with the surrounding nature. Langesø Castle Course is a 9-hole par-3 Pay & Play course si...

H. C. Andersen Golf

5400, Bogense

If your dream is to play golf in luxurious surroundings and unique nature, then you should spend your next vacation at the golf course H. C. Andersen Golf in Bogense.H. C. Andersen Golf, situated in s...

Laila Schmidt offers nice surroundings at home with the locals in this small B&B.
There are 2 connected rooms: A bedroom with beds for 2 adults and 2 children and a lving room.
Access to a kitchenette...

© Anne Mette Rasmussen Møller


Nice evening trip towards the island Æbelø.
M/S Castor will be at anchor while the guests enjoy the food.

No landing on Æbelø.

Price: Adults/children DKK...

(A carless island in Kattegat)
incl. a ride around the island in an open wagon.
Wednesday 29.07.2015.
The wagon is NOT covered.
Bring an umbrella or a raincoat.



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