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Darum Busses - Esbjerg

6740, Bramming

Darum Busses, National- and international coach transport....

© sneum aa

Sneum Stream, a river rich on fish flowing into the Wadden Sea south of Esbjerg.
Closed season: 31.10. - 15.04. both days incl.

Angling licence available at:
Esbjerg Fiskernes Indkøb, Havdigevej 36,...

© bramming hovedgård

Bramming Hovedgård

6740, Bramming

The manor house is now a school....

© Hunderup Kirke

Hunderup Church

6740, Bramming

The church dates back to appr. 1150....

© kaj lykke golfklub

Kaj Lykke Golf Club

6740, Bramming

Challeging range beautifully situated between Sneum Å and Bramming Å....

© VisitEsbjerg

Bramming Museum

6740, Bramming

Bramming Museum

Local history and files.

Open tuesdays, thursdays and sundays from 13.00 - 16.00.

Outside opening hours visits can be arranged on appointment.

Entrance free....

© Sport & Event Park Esbjerg

Swimm center - Bramming

- 25 metre pool
- children's pool
- hot water pool
- steam bath
- sauna


© Darum Camping

Darum Camping lies close to the small village of St. Darum between Esbjerg and Ribe, near the Wadden Sea and Sneum sluice, where there is an important bird sanctuary inside the dike. Good anling wate...

© Myrthuegaard

Two shelters with 14 places at an open space in the forest.
Only for hikers, cyclists and riders - no motor vehicles accepted!

How to get there:
From Bramming go down Nygårdsvej until T-junction - Br...

© Riber Kjærgård

Medieval manor house - now an agricultural school....

© Skt. Knud Kirke, Bramming

Skt. Knud Church

6740, Bramming

The church is built around year 1200. Remains of an older wodden church has been found....

© VisitEsbjerg

Nature Camp Site Terp, Bramming - only for bikers and hikers.
Small ecological farm.
Lane in the garden or field 300 metres from the farm house.

Shopping 6 km.

From Bramming you go north in directio...

© shutterstock

Sneum Lake - bird location

6731, Tjæreborg

Sneum Digesø - bird santuary
For bird lovers the Sneum Digesø south of Esbjerg ist the perfect place.
It is the place in Denmark where most bird species have been observed at the same time. 264 spec...


Showing 1 - 41 of 41 entries