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The Danish Lakelands is a truly extraordinary place where impressive forests, inviting lakes, wild coasts, charming towns and lots of warm-heartedness takes you in to a world of good old Danish values, where intimacy, natural resources and creativity together set the frames for exciting culinary

The new Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus - its a winner!

The past is brought to fascinating life at the cultural-historic Moesgaard Museum in

Denmark's attractions Aarhus

Copenhagen is a doorway into Denmark, a jump-off point for the entire kingdom.

Every second year, the beach and forest along the southern coast of Aarhus turns into a world class, international art exhibition, free to the public.

 Jelling is located in East Jutland and boasts some of Europe’s most prominent Viking Age monuments, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Jelling is a perfect place to learn about Viking royalty and Viking life.

Nature awaits, all day every day

  1. Lose yourself in the rolling heathlands of Djursland’s National Park
  2. Spend an exciting weekend in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city
  3. Cycle or hike the many, varied trails of The Lake District

What is more, dining with the penguins at the Polar Land restaurant is easily combined with anyone looking for inspiring and creative meetings, conferences or team building events at the adjacent 

This FOOD festival is partly a result of the fast-growing interest in the Nordic cuisine, so be sure to see some of those 

Whereas meetings are held in Copenhagen continuously from January to June, in April, May and June 2012 a good number of EU meetings and conferences take place at 

Apart from being one of the most popular art museums in Denmark, ARoS has now become an even more popular meeting venue for staging gala dinners, product launches, teambuilding events and conferences too.

The Tollund Man

Museums galore in East Jutland

Mols Bjerge National Park

Spectacular views of the national park

Mols Bjerge National Park

Mols Bjerge National Park

Bønnerup Strand

Beaches and coastal inlets

Danish Giro-cities dress in pink

The work to dress Herning and Horsens in pink for the start of Giro d’Italia on May 5th - 7th is taking shape


Showing 20 from 22 marked with "East Jutland"