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Mossø Brå

8660, Skanderborg


6000, Kolding


8700, Horsens


8700, Horsens


8600, Silkeborg

Bøllingsø Brewery

7442, Engesvang

Bøllingsø Brewery is a micro brewery offering lots of activities and events. The brewery is situated in Engesvang close to the beautiful nature around Bølling Lake. The brewery started brewing in the ...

Det Rustikke Landkøkken

8220, Brabrand

The restaurant is the original tap room, kept in a cosy style, with warm colours and wry rafters. Restaurant 2 is a separate room situated next to the tap room. The room can be connected with roo...


8600, Silkeborg

The gastronomy of the famous gourmet restaurant "Underhuset" is known far beyond the borders of the country. For more than 40 years the restaurant has been Knight of La Chaine des Rôtisseurs. The open...

Engesvang Turistfart

7442, Engesvang

Engesvang Turistfart offers transport for 9 -79 persons. The company has ordinary busses as well as busses for disabled people, and it takes in orders of almost every kind.


Herning Turist/Brande Buslinier takes you on trips by bus. The firm has taxis as well, if you need a ride to your next destination....

Ikast Micro Brewery

7430, Ikast

Ikast Micro Brewery is a local situated brewery, which first of all produces tasty speciality beers. The beer is sold in several stores in Ikast and nearby areas.


Ikast Planteskole

7430, Ikast

The nursery, Ikast Planteskole, has everything for gardening, and the staff is happy to guide you with great tips - both to you with very green fingres and to the novice. Often, you will find some rea...

JK Serigrafi

7330, Brande

JK Serigrafi is located in the town, Brande. The firm produces signs, textile prints, stickers, labels and digital prints....

Jyske Bank Ikast

7430, Ikast

Jyske Bank is a Danish bank with branches many places in Denmark. The bank offers services for both private and buisness customers....

DOMO Architects

7330, Brande

You will find the architect firm DOMO in the town of Brande....

EDC Mæglerne Brande

7430, Ikast

"EDC-Mæglerne" is the biggest real estate company in Denmark with several subsidiaries around the country. Feel free to read more at their website www.edc.dk ...

EDC Mæglerne Ikast

7430, Ikast

"EDC-Mæglerne" is the biggest real estate agency in Denmark with several subsidiaries around the country, and you find them in both Brande and Ikast. At their website, you find all the properties for ...

The picturesque Klosterlund Museum and Nature Centre is beautifully situated close to Bølling Lake. The museum exhibits the well-known Klosterlund civilization, dating back to 7500 – 7000 B.C. Here, a...

T.I. Krydderier

7361, Ejstrupholm

At Ti Krydderier (Ten Spices), you can plunge into a world of spices, health food, organic and gluten free food, organic skin care products and much much more....

© Destination Djursland

In the midst of Anholt town located Potters House.
Here rented 2 lovely apartments.

There are 2 bedrooms with double beds. Living room with TV. Contemporary kitchen with fridge and small freezer. Ele...

© Ulla Sørensen

The Oasis of Life is located in an old but newly restored farm with the view to all the corners of the world. The house consists of two rooms each designed for 2 adults and 2 children along with 2 bat...

The painting campany, Jørgen Larsen, in Brande takes orders in regards to painting indoor as well as outdoor projects. Both companies, insitutions and private people are welcome....


8000, Aarhus C

Cityguest.dkYour home away from home. When you are out and need a place to feel at home it is possible book one of our beautiful furnished apartments. Cityguest.dk rent apartments to both firms and in...

Månsson A/S

7330, Brande

Axel Månsson A/S is one of Denmark's largest open air truck gardens, and has delivered lettuce to the Danes in more than 30 years. It all started with the legendary Chinese cabbage, but today the iceb...


Showing 4151 - 4200 of 5442 entries