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© Charlotte Eland

Danish painter. Contact me for a visit in my workshop, and have a look at colourful paintings, hear about working methods and the inspiration....

The site is situated on a lawn alongside a windscreen that gives good shelter from the west wind. From Kolding Landevej, road 161/Bicycleroute 5 and 6, you turn off at Kraftværksvej towards Skærbæk. A...

Samsø Perlen

8305, Samsø

Samsø Perlen in Sælvig offers gourmet food and beautiful rooms in a lovely setting.

Samsø Perlen is located by the ferry harbour in Sælvig with a beautiful view to the sea and the blue sky.

The food...

At Ry Electronic Store they can help you with any electronic installation. Furtermore they sell and repair appliances. Further more Ry Electronic Store is also VE- experts in solar panels....

Velling Koller

8654, Bryrup

Restaurant & Café...

Stilling Church

8660, Skanderborg

Beautifully situated little church beside Lake Stilling.

Choir and nave built around 1200 in granite stone. The porch to the south and the "roof riden" are from 1886.

Chalkpainting dating from abou...

© Shen Mao

Shen Mao

8000, Aarhus C

At the Shen Mao nightclub you can listen to DJ music, party, and play ping pong. 


B&B Marie Kjeldsen

9500, Hobro

Marie Kjeldsen B&B

Holiday flat in scenic surroundings in the small cozy town, Øls, 5 km. outside Hobro.

The flat has its own entrance, bedroom with double bed, living room, kitchen and bathroom. It...

© Annette Bredstrup

I work with pictorial weaving, collage and acrylic images. Picture Weaving seems to me a fascinating way of painting with thread....

The Dalgas Stone

7330, Brande

On the corner of Storegade and Brandlundvej in the centre of Brande, you will find The Dalgas Stone - a memorial stone for "the King of the Heath", Enrico Mylius Dalgas. Dalgas was a Danish engineer o...


7330, Brande

Centrally located in the station building on Brande Station, you find VisitIkast-Brande – the tourist office in the Ikast-Brande municipality. Here, we would love to assist you with brochures, informa...

© visit kolding


6000, Kolding

Svanemosen-Raised bog -Forest -Path -Swamp -Lake -HabitatFacilities: Ranger-guided tours ...

© Hotel Dalgas

A cosy restaurant and café.
Breakfast from 7 to 10, sunday from 7.30 to 10
The kitchen closes at 21.30, sunday at 21.00

Read more: 
http://www.hoteldalgas.dk/ or

© Grindsted Handelsstandsforening

Flea markets in Grindsted

7200, Grindsted

Grindsted trade association organizes flea markets in the town square in Grindsted the first Saturday of each month from April to October.

The streets around the square are closed for traffic to make...

© Nicolai Biograf

Nicolai Biograf

6000, Kolding

Welcome to great experiences, both at the menu and on screen, at Nicolai Cinema & Café - cinema in downtown Kolding.

Here you will find:
Cinema, equipped with the best technique for viewing. It pro...

At Houens Odde training- and adventure centre we have the space and surroundings for larger events - up to 100 persons. All our meeting- and conference rooms can be equipped with all the electronical ...

Havkajakskolen (sea kayak school)/Outdoor events
Team training
Tipi events
Kayak polo
Sea kayaking
GPS orienteering
Mountain biking
Tree climbing/abseiling
Tipi gourmet campfire food


© Lars Kronborg Bak

Strandparken, Skærbæk

7000, Fredericia

In Skærbæk the beach is in the centre of a beautiful area of natural beauty, Strandparken.


© Ole Olsen, Fredericia Kommune

Rands Fjord

7000, Fredericia

Rands Fjord was in the 1800's turned into a freshwater lake with the construction of a dam and is surrounded by hilly countryside with woods, cattle runs and steep valley slopes with deciduous woods....

Memorial done in bronze. Has shape like a chest with a lid like a low saddle grip. Supposedly the artist had imagined the work as a sort of relic chest which contains memories about all the spiritual ...

© Fredericia Turistbureau

Bredstrup Church

7000, Fredericia

The choir and nave were constructed around 1175, primarily of rough and cleft granite. They are not fitted with vaulting, but with flat wooden ceilings. The tower is late-Gothic and the porch from the...

Herslev Church

7000, Fredericia

The western part of the chancel and the eastern part of the nave are the oldest parts of the church dating from the Romanesque period. The chancel and the nave were extended in the late Middle Ages, w...

Hannerup cemetery/park

7000, Fredericia

Hannerup Kirkegård/park is landscaped after an architectual competition. The purpose was to integrate the two functions of a town park and a church yard at a fairly small area.

The area that also inc...

Alling Teltplads

8680, Ry

This primitive camp-site is situated at the River Gudenåen in the forest and it is a camp-site for canoers only. Approx. 2 Km. from Ry. DKK 35,- a person a night. Children up to 6 years free of charge...

© ms arkiv

Friheden - Building

6600, Vejen

Historic fieldstone house built in 1870 on the north side of Kongeaaen by an important local landowner, Kloppenborg Skrumsager, who was a loyal Dane during the years 1864-1920 when the land south...

© LEGOLAND Holiday Village

Evening buffet every night
All you can eat
Every night, you and your family can enjoy a large and delicious buffet from LEGOLAND® Holiday Village's own restaurant- Pirate´s Inn. The buffet offers a s...

Dæj glovi grill

8305, Samsø

Next to Nordgården you find Dæj glovi grill (the red-hot grill). The grill bar offers everything in barbecue and sandwiches for the trip. Burgers and steaks are made from fresh ground beef. Also take-...

© VJ

Lindved - Dog Forest

7100, Vejle

Just outside the town Lindved north of Vejle, you will find this small fenced dog forest on 1 acre....

Handelsbanken Brande

7330, Brande

Handelsbanken is a local bank and can assist you in any economic matter. You find branches in both Brande and Ikast.

Handelsbanken er tæt på dig lokalt og tager udgangspunkt i dig som kunde. Her sam...

Handelsbanken Ikast

7430, Ikast

Handelsbanken is a local bank and can assist you in any economic matter. You find branches in both Brande and Ikast.


Ikast Automobiler

7430, Ikast

Ikast Automobiler A/S is an authorised car dealer for some of the best cars on the market. Their car brands are all characterised by high quality, reliability and longevity. Here, they also offer the ...

Ikast Newspaper

7430, Ikast

Ikast Avis is a newspaper located in the street, Strøget, in Ikast. Ikast Avis contains primary local news and is on the streets every Wednesday morning....

Jyske Bank Nørre Snede

8766, Nørre Snede

Jyske Bank is located in Nørre Snede and provides services for private and buisness customers....

Kelsen Group A/S

8766, Nørre Snede

Kelsen Group A/S is world-famous for their production of tasty cookies. The name covers several brands, i.e. Kjeldsens, Royal Dansk, Ripensa of Denmark, Riberhus, Copenhagen and Denmark - all cookies ...

Nordea Brande

7330, Brande

Nordea is a Danish bank with several offices in Denmark.


OK Snacks A/S

7361, Ejstrupholm

Ok Snacks A/S is one of the leading producers of several types of snacks and chips. The company was established in the year 1982. Today the factory in Ejstrupholm employs app. 50-60 persons. Ok Snacks...

Partner Revision offers several services, primarily accounting and economical advicing for companies with focus on mid-sized companies in Central Jutland.


Stay the night in wonderful, green and relaxing surroundings at Give Bed and Breakfast, which provides over 35 beds, spread in 2 completely new double rooms with private bathroom and 5 big family room...

Only 3 km north of Ikast, you find Faurholt Bed and Breakfast - offering four great rooms in a beautiful log house. All facilities are modern and well kept, and when staying at Faurholt, you will amon...

© Visit Kolding

At the Tourist -and Shopping Center Information at Kolding Storcenter you will find answers and help for the following:- opening hours- Questions in regard to the mall's shops...

Månsson A/S

7330, Brande

Axel Månsson A/S is one of Denmark's largest open air truck gardens, and has delivered lettuce to the Danes in more than 30 years. It all started with the legendary Chinese cabbage, but today the iceb...

Arne Danielsen A/S is a carpenter company that undertakes a long line of work tasks - from simple renovations to turnkey contracts - where the company takes responsibility for the whole construction m...

© Jakob Sørensen

Grindsted Stream

7200, Grindsted

Start your holiday with a fishing trip on Grindsted Stream
Grindsted Stream meanders through the countryside and is characterized by being very clear water streams. There is a rich insect life, a para...

Highland Pub

8883, Gjern

Enjoy the pub’s delicious snacks and drinks overlooking the ski slope, where people are having fun skiing and sledging....

Crazy Daisy

8800, Viborg

Crazy Daisy er en disco/pub in the center of Viborg.Minimum age: 18 years.Special parties and other arrangements.For further information please see homepage....

Stenholt Glas

8000, Aarhus C

Stenholt Glas is located in a beautiful old building from the 1900's. Here, glass artist Rikke Stenholt sells her one-off pieces and small series of objects for everyday use.
In the workshop, which...

© Mønsted Kalkgruber, Stoholm

Mønsted Kalkgruber, Stoholm

7850, Stoholm Jyll

The greatest calk mine in the world have more than 60 kilometres of walking tours, multimedia shows with history and movies about bats and geology.

The mine train departs from the factory, passes hug...


Showing 4301 - 4350 of 5219 entries