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Hedegaard Glass Cottage

7361, Ejstrupholm

Visit the talented glass blower in his workshop, and see how he makes the most beautiful items in glass.Look around in the permanent exhibition, where also might get a good offer on a purchase.


Kelsen Group A/S

8766, Nørre Snede

Kelsen Group A/S is world-famous for their production of tasty cookies. The name covers several brands, i.e. Kjeldsens, Royal Dansk, Ripensa of Denmark, Riberhus, Copenhagen and Denmark - all cookies ...

Ikast Tourist Office

7430, Ikast

At Ikast Public Library, you find Ikast Tourist Information. Here, you can get brochures about all of Ikast-Brande's exciting attractions and experience offers. Here, it is easy to get inspired. You c...

Canoeing on a lake or a river stream is an adventurous experience, where you get close to the nature in a completely new way. On the rivers, there is no stress – most of the time only peace and harmon...

Hampen Lake

7362, Hampen

Hampen Lake is a wonderful spot close to the Haervej, and is located 79 meter above sea level, and is thus the highest located lake in Jutland. On top of that, Hampen Lake is one of the most clean bat...

Bøllingsø Camping

7442, Engesvang

Bøllingsø Camping is situated approximately 15 km from Silkeborg between the small town Kragelund and Silkeborg. Nearby, you will find the beautiful Bølling lake. At Bøllingsø Camping there are a lot ...


Showing 51 - 56 of 56 entries