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© esbjerg lufthavn

Esbjerg Airport

6705, Esbjerg Ø

Esbjerg Airport - the regional airport of South-West Jutland, 10 minutes by car from the city centre of Esbjerg.

- international services to Stavanger and Aberdeen
- Denmark's biggest heliport
- air...

© Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

Esbjerg Art Museum

6700, Esbjerg

Esbjerg Art Museum houses a renowned collection of art from the 20th century onwards and also organizes temporary exhibitions of international contemporary art.
Moreover, the museum acts as a laborato...

© lars thomsen

The best preserved wooden lightship in the world
Exhibition showing the life and work onboard such a ship.
The ship was built in 1912 in the town of Faaborg.

Opening hours:
01.05. - 31.08.  Monday, T...

© avis

Car rental close to the railway station in Esbjerg.


Harbour restaurant situated at the marina in Esbjerg.

Serves traditional danish fish dishes and open danish sandwiches (smørrebrød) of high quality....

Nature Camp Site Forum, Alslev - Only for hikers, cyclists and riders - no motor vehicles accepted!

Ellen and Frode Hjort Greggersen
Ormsiggård, Alslevvej 17, Forum
6715 Esbjerg N
Tel. +45 75 16 81 1...

© Hunderup Kirke

Hunderup Church

6740, Bramming

The church dates back to appr. 1150....

© Hermodhuset

Hermodhuset, scout cottage

6710, Esbjerg V

The Hermod House has 4 sleeping rooms each with space for 4 persons. 2 toilet/bathrooms, living room with stowe and kitchen.

The Hermod House is situated in the Marbæk area right down to the Ho bay....

© guldager kirke

Guldager Church

6710, Esbjerg V

An impressive village church from the 13th century, richly equipped. There are crucifixes from the high and late Gothic periods, and on the rood loft a frieze from the 17th century depicting...

© Svømmestadion Danmark

Swim Center Denmark

6700, Esbjerg

Svømmestadion Danmark - Denmark's largest bathing and swimming facility.

10,000 sq.m. in 10 different pools and baths.

Here, there are experiences to be made and something to play with for the whole...

Sneum Church

6731, Tjæreborg

Sneum Church

A very beautiful and isolated church situated on the slope of a hill down towards Sneum River in the Wadden Sea National Park.
Built around 1150-1200.
To a considerable degree, the build...

© pj feriehusudlejning

PJ Ferie rents out holiday houses on Fanø, in Esbjerg, Blåvand, Vejers and Jegum.
The agency also rents out furnished appartments in Esbjerg on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Prices from 35 Euro p...

© fimus

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg - life on, in and at the sea - for the whole family to explore.

Seawater aquarium with a wide range of different fish and marine animals from Danish wate...

© Myrthuegaard

One big und two small huts situated at a lake in the Marbæk Area.
Capacity 24 persons....

© Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

Mountain bike rental in EsbjergPrice: DKK 50 per hour and DKK 200 for a day....

© hotel britannia

Underground - English pub
with Danish food and live music....

EfB Conference

6700, Esbjerg

EfB Konference 

Situated at the Blue Water Arena you will find the most unique conference facilities and meeting rooms of Southern Denmark ready to host an exceptional event. 

EfB Konference can be ...

© Riber Kjærgård

Medieval manor house - now an agricultural school....

© Esbjerg Museum

The history of Esbjerg - Experience the story of Esbjerg in the antiquity and city exhibitions with many recreated milieus from the iron age and the viking age.

Amber exhibition - the danish gold has...

© Myrthuegaard

The hut is situated in the Marbæk Area.
Capacity 32 persons....

Fredom fighters

6700, Esbjerg

Bronze sculpture from 1952 by Jørgen Gudmundsen-Holmgreen....

© Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

Esbjerg - iron sculpture

6700, Esbjerg


Artist: Robert Jacobsen.

Year: 1963.

Iron sculpture donated by Aage Damgaard....

© VisitEsbjerg

The Clock

6700, Esbjerg

"The Clock" 1998 combines image and sound in a rigorous composition that is governed by the aesthetic principles of geometry....

The nature in Hjerting Beach Park varies a lot - beach, tidal meadow, moor, heath and wood.

In the park you will find special wooden benches from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.


Hjerting beach - Esbjerg, © Torben Meyer

Hjerting Beach near Esbjerg

6710, Esbjerg V

Here you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Ho Bay, go for a swim, play and be active.

The new 660 metre long wooden sea front is equipped with benches, slopes, stairs and platforms.

Sea pool - sui...

Taxi in Esbjerg

6715, Esbjerg N

Esbjerg Taxa

Airport Taxi Billund - transport between Esbjerg - Billund Airport...


6700, Esbjerg

Café UPSTAIRS - gay café which is open Thursdays in even weeks from 19.30 - 22.10....

© ech

Esbjerg Conference Hotel

6700, Esbjerg

Esbjerg Conference Hotel is located in beautiful surroundings in a park not far from the town centre of Esbjerg.The hotel has 23 single rooms and 40 newly renovated (2013) double rooms in annex next t...

© VisitEsbjerg

Toilet and handicap toilet.
Open every day from 8 - 20....

© VisitEsbjerg

Toilet and handicap toilet.
Open in the day times....

© VisitEsbjerg

Toilet and handicap toilet near the sculpture Man meets the Sea.
Open in the day times....

© Visitsydvestjylland

At Esbjerg Fiskernes Indkøb, Havdigevej 36 in Esbjerg you can buy day cards and week cards for angling in the streams Kongeå and Sneum Å near Esbjerg.

You can also cards online on 

Bus terminal in Esbjerg

6700, Esbjerg

Plan your journey on


Big parking space in the town centre of Esbjerg near train and bus station, shopping street and museums.

Free parking - no time limits - no display of parking disc....

© VisitEsbjerg

Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Esbjerg

2 single rooms:  DKK 495 / 595
2 double rooms:  DKK 695
1 suite:  DKK 795
Breakfast:  DKK 60 per person

Two big, shared bathrooms.

All rooms have 32-40 inch ...

Dog Forest in Esbjerg

6710, Esbjerg V

Here your dog can run without being kept on a leash....

Esbjerg Flea Market

6705, Esbjerg Ø

Car boot sale in Esbjerg....

The Little Gallery

6700, Esbjerg

3 local artists show their paintings...

© Esbjerg Kommune/Torben Meyer

The Kongeå Path is a primitive footpath, which is clearly marked with posts to enable you to find your way easily. The total length of the path is 67 km, but we have divided it into smaller stretches....

© Fanøhus Feriehusudlejning

FanøHus is the local office for renting a cottage or an apartment. The office with good prices.

The cottages and the apartments are situated in the most marvellous surroundings in the Wadden Sea Nati...

Museet Ribes Vikinger, © VisitRibe

The Museum Ribe's Vikings is beautifully situated in central Ribe overlooking the river Ribe Å. Experience the Viking era and the Middle Ages. Thousands of artefacts found during archaeological excava...

Brasserie B

6700, Esbjerg

The down town destination for knowing travellers and natives alike. Situated in the heart of Esbjerg on the popular Market Square, a few minutes walk from Utzons architecturally spectacular Performing...

Hotel Britannia

6700, Esbjerg

The down town destination for knowing travellers and natives alike. Situated in the heart of Esbjerg on the popular Market Square, a few minutes walk from Utzons architecturally spectacular Performing...

© Hjerting Badehotel

Hjerting Badehotel is a first class hotel – only 9 km from the centre of Esbjerg – situated in a very beautiful area right next to a child friendly beach. A good starting point for many activities suc...

The down town destination for knowing travellers and natives alike. Situated in the heart of Esbjerg on the popular Market Square, a few minutes walk from Utzons architecturally spectacular Performing...

© Hjerting Badehotel

Restaurant Strandpavillonen

6710, Esbjerg V

The restaurant in Hotel Hjerting is one of the leading gourmet restaurants in the County of Ribe. Restaurant Strandpavillonen has a panoramic view over "Ho Bugt" (Ho Bay). The exiting international ki...

© VisitBillund

Billund Airport

7190, Billund

West Denmark's International Airport
Providing service to an annual 2.7 million passengers, it is Billund Airport’s mission to be West Denmark’s international airport. The airport provides all West Da...


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