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© grundtvigskirken

The church is set near the pond in the park Lergravsparken. It was designed by the architect Ole Nielsen from Lyngby, Denmark, and it was consecrated on June 1st, 1969. The construction of Grundtvig’...

© Jerne Kirke

Jerne Church

6705, Esbjerg Ø

Jerne Church is a romanesque village church from about 1150, built of granite ashlars.
There are remains of medieval window sections.
The porch contains 18th century gravestones relating to an old J...

© Esbjerg Museum

This temporary exhibition tells the story of resistance and sabotage in South West Jutland during the German occupation from the early years with small grou...

© VisitEsbjerg

Esbjerg Railway Station

6700, Esbjerg

The Railway Station, 1904, The Station Square - an excellent example of station building "out on the track", as practised in major station towns around the turn of the century. ...

© Tjæreborg Fiskepark

Tjæreborg Fiskepark - Put & Take2 lakes - 3.500m2 and 10.000m2 - maximum deept 8 Metres.Kiosk - sale of angling equipment etc.Tables and benches.

© Historisk Samling fra Besættelsestiden

Archives of Danish Occupation History 1940-45 keeps a unique collection of illegal pamphlets and clandestine publications from German-occupied Denmark.

In connection to this the archive contains "the...

© bryndum kirke

Bryndum Church

6715, Esbjerg N

Bryndum Church is from about the year 1250, and is of special architectural interest, in that it very instructively illustrates the transition from Romanesque to Gothic. The murals in the choir, from...

© Myrthuegaard

The hut is situated in the Marbæk Area.
Capacity 32 persons....

© VisitEsbjerg

Nature Camp Site Terp, Bramming - only for bikers and hikers.
Small ecological farm.
Lane in the garden or field 300 metres from the farm house.

Shopping 6 km.

From Bramming you go north in directio...

© Myrthuegaard

The scout hut Myretuen is situated at a lake in the Marbæk Area....

Strandvejen's Art Tour

6710, Esbjerg V

5 local artists invites you in to see their workshops and studios....

Museet Ribes Vikinger, © VisitRibe

The Museum Ribe's Vikings is beautifully situated in central Ribe overlooking the river Ribe Å. Experience the Viking era and the Middle Ages. Thousands of artefacts found during archaeological excava...

Vadehavscentret - Ribe, © Vadehavscentret - Ribe

Wadden Sea Centre

6760, Ribe

In the Wadden Sea Centre you can:
  ·  learn more about the nature and culture of the Wadden Sea and the marsh
  ·  learn more about the tidal differences in Denmark and the World
  ·  experience a fl...

Ribe Art Museum, © Ribe Kunstmuseum

Ribe Art Museum

6760, Ribe

A beautiful historic building from 1864 provides a worthy setting for the unique Ribe Collection. The collection of art includes masterpieces by Golden Age painters, Skagen Painters and classic Danish...

Ribe VikingeCenter, © Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe VikingeCenter

6760, Ribe

Take a journey 1300 years back in time to when the Vikings ruled Ripa (Ribe). In Ribe VikingeCenter history is alive and you are part of it!

Ribe VikingeCenter is a heritage centre presenting authent...

Hotel Britannia

6700, Esbjerg

The down town destination for knowing travellers and natives alike. Situated in the heart of Esbjerg on the popular Market Square, a few minutes walk from Utzons architecturally spectacular Performing...

© Hotel Ansgar, Esbjerg

Hotel Ansgar - Esbjerg

6700, Esbjerg

Hotel Ansgar is situated in the town centre of Esbjerg at the square 'Torvet'. The hotel has 53 modern rooms with private bath and toilet. All the rooms have telephone, tv and radio and some with mini...

© Hjerting Badehotel

Hjerting Badehotel

6710, Esbjerg V

Hjerting Badehotel is a first class hotel – only 9 km from the centre of Esbjerg – situated in a very beautiful area right next to a child friendly beach. A good starting point for many activities suc...

© VisitBillund

Billund Airport

7190, Billund

West Denmark's International Airport
Providing service to an annual 2.7 million passengers, it is Billund Airport’s mission to be West Denmark’s international airport. The airport provides all West Da...

Christmas Market

6710, Esbjerg V

Christmas market in the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg....

Hotel Dagmar, Ribe, © Hotel Dagmar

Hotel Dagmar - Ribe

6760, Ribe

Denmark's oldest hotel in Denmark's oldest town: RIBE.
Hotel Dagmar was built in 1581. Over the years it has been carefully restored with respect for the old building and its genuine atmosphere.


© dr louise esbjerg

Dronning Louise is Esbjergs Music and Dancing venue for a mature public.

Café Dagmar offers delicious dishes from Danish market cuisine. You can also enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea in the café na...

Fredom fighters

6700, Esbjerg

Bronze sculpture from 1952 by Jørgen Gudmundsen-Holmgreen....

Museet Ribes Vikinger, © VisitRibe

Museum Shop with Viking- and Medieval souvenirs. Here you’ll find everything from jewellery to toys, books, arts and crafts. The museum staff has ensured a wide selection of items that appeal to peopl...

© VisitEsbjerg

The equestrian statue of King Christian IX was given by the citizens of Esbjerg in 1899. 

Artist: Ludvig Brandstrup.

Inscription: In honour of the founder of the town citizens of Esbjerg erected thi...

© Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

Esbjerg - iron sculpture

6700, Esbjerg


Artist: Robert Jacobsen.

Year: 1963.

Iron sculpture donated by Aage Damgaard....

© VisitEsbjerg

- is the name of Per Kirkeby's new sculpture in front of the hospital in Esbjerg....

© Esbjerg Kunstmuseum

The internationally well-known Portuguese artist Rui Chafes has made the sculpture I am your yesterday – and you are my tomorrow  for Hjerting Strandpark. 

According to the artist the work should be ...

© Eva Koch og Steen Høyer

Light Mound by Esbjerg

6715, Esbjerg N

If you approach Esbjerg from the motorway, the first thing you will see is a colassal mound of earth with tiny cupolas of light spread out over it. This is Eva Koch and Steen Høyer's "Light Mound" (1...

© VisitEsbjerg

Scattering of Stars consisting of 288 points of light that have been sunk into the cobbles. The Scattering of Stars is an artistic representation of a part of the night sky that was visble over Torveg...

© Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

Man meets the sea - Esbjerg

6710, Esbjerg V

Man meets the Sea

Visitors arriving in Esbjerg from the sea are greeted by Svend Wiig Hansen’s monumental sculpture "Man meets the Sea", which was raised on the occasion of Esbjerg celebrating its 1...

© VisitEsbjerg

The memorial grove consists of a granite rotunda into which the names of the Esbjerg fishermen, who lost their lives at sea since 1900, are engraved.In the interior part of the rotunda a gro...

© VisitEsbjerg

At the cemetery in Fourfeld near Esbjerg 1150 Allied airmen and German soldies and 151 German refugees are buried, all casualties from World War Two.

The cemetery is the biggest in Scandinavia.


© VisitEsbjerg

Obelisk - art in Esbjerg

6700, Esbjerg

Obelisk made of stainless steel....

Big Wave

6700, Esbjerg

The sculpture is made in corteen steel and painted black.

Artist: Bent Sørensen

Year: 1978...

© VisitEsbjerg

The Clock

6700, Esbjerg

"The Clock" 1998 combines image and sound in a rigorous composition that is governed by the aesthetic principles of geometry....

© VisitEsbjerg

Æ Haw

6710, Esbjerg V

Fountain - Hjalmar Sonne....

Year 2072

6715, Esbjerg N

Iron sculpture by Robert Jacobsen....

© ucsyd

The Esbjerg Gospel

6705, Esbjerg Ø

The Esbjerg Gospel is a 140 sqm wall-painting that interprets the Bible in images and text, using a modern pictorial idiom.

The work of art can be seen during the opening hours of the school 8.00 - 1...

© Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

The Marbæk area.

This is an area of about 3,250 acres, situated 12 km. north of Esbjerg between Ho Bay and the River Varde.

In terms of landscape, this area, which is now a nature reserve for Esbj...

© Bent Medvind

The Wadden Sea National Park is one of the worlds top ten tidal flats and it is on Unesco's World Heritage list.

Huge and stimulating - a place of experience and knowledge for everybody - a unique na...

© shutterstock

Sneum Lake - bird location

6731, Tjæreborg

Sneum Digesø - bird santuary
For bird lovers the Sneum Digesø south of Esbjerg ist the perfect place.
It is the place in Denmark where most bird species have been observed at the same time. 264 spec...

© VisitEsbjerg

The Town Park in Esbjerg

6700, Esbjerg

The park is in the middle of Esbjerg with a fine view of the harbour.
Here you will find a open air scene where free concerts take place
every Wednesday night during the summer months.

The Esbjerg P...

© Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

The green oasis of the town centre.

The old cemetery of Esbjerg has been turned into a beautiful recreational park with a fountain, small gardens and old trees.

In the park you can still see the old...

© VisitEsbjerg

Here you can get close to deer....

© VisitEsbjerg

Heerup's Garden in Esbjerg
In the little garden next to the town square you will find a collection of sculptures made by the Danish sculpturist Henry Heerup....

© Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

The nature in Hjerting Beach Park varies a lot - beach, tidal meadow, moor, heath and wood.

In the park you will find special wooden benches from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.


© Torben Meyer

The Vognsbøl Park

6700, Esbjerg

178 ha. forest, park and nature in the middle of the town with a fine net of paths.Playgrounds, deer park, tables/benches and toilets/handicaptoilet....

Hjerting beach - Esbjerg, © Torben Meyer

Hjerting Beach near Esbjerg

6710, Esbjerg V

At the sea front in Hjerting you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Ho Bay, go for a swim, play and be active.

The 660 metre long wooden promenade is equipped with benches, slopes, stairs and platf...

Sjelborg Beach

6710, Esbjerg V

Sjelborg Beach - child-friendly beach in Ho bay.



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