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© Kunstrunden Nordsjælland

The North Sealand Art Tour is an annual event celebrating many of the artists and craftsmen who live and work in North Sealand.

It takes place 13 - 16 May 2016 when artists open their workshops and s...

Restaurant Tinggaarden

3300, Frederiksværk

Restaurant Tinggården

This restaurant just oozes comfort and well-being. You feel this the moment you walk in the door of this red, thatched roof cottage in the fir-lined farmyard, and you think: It ...

© Patrick Holbek

Outdoor Company

4040, Jyllinge

At Roskilde Fjord you can go paddling in a sea kayak and combine a marvellous experience with healthy exercise! 

Outdoor-Company offers:
Guided eventful trips, introduction courses, guided sunset tri...

Sølager - Kulhuse ferry

3390, Hundested

The ferry from Sølager to Kulhuse sails from april 1. till september 30.
For more information:


On Lisehøjvej you will find the popular open air playground, the Sea Bull, featuring a swing, a switchback, a balance beam, bars for swinging, a covered hut where you can eat your lunch pack, and not ...

Welcome at the H.C. Andersen restaurant in Asserbo....

Bell Gallery

3370, Melby

I am a Danish artist. I favor painting with water colors, gouache, powder and ink. I find my inspiration in my local environment, danish landscapes and from my inner imagination, thoughts and dreams.

Melby Church

3370, Melby

Romanesque/gothic church built in the years 1100. Inquieries to the gravedigger....

Feriepartner Liseleje

3360, Liseleje

At Feriepartner in Liseleje you can find and rent the summer holiday cottage that suits you and your family. Holiday cottages come in many different price categories -from luxurious to more simply app...

Liselængen in Liseleje

3360, Liseleje

Open from may to september. Ask for children prizes.
Animals only by appointment.


Gallery Inge Albertsen

3360, Liseleje

Open by appointment kindly phone. "Non Toxi" graphic, photo, drawing and painting....

Bokildegaards Camping

3370, Melby

Cosy familysite close to wood and beach....

Levy's Servicecorner

3360, Liseleje

Here you can rent bikes for the whole family in the season from April to October.

Also sale and repair of bikes, lawn-movers, chainsaws and logsplitters.


Five bronze age mounds situated in a beautiful danish farmer landscape near the village Melby....

Kattegat Kitefestival

3360, Liseleje

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Kite show. Kite workshop for children...

Byaasgaard Camping

3390, Hundested

Welcome to Byaasgaard Camping.

It is a cosy and charming ground situated in the area between Frederiksværk and Hundested about one hours drive from Copenhagen.

The ground has 290 units at differen...

Ølsted Inn

3310, Ølsted

Welcome at Oelsted Inn.
We serve well cooked danish meals....

The lake is 12.000 m2. Open from sunup to sundown. Daycard d. kr. 130,- for 1 person/fishing rod. Max 4 fish....

© Nordensbjerg

32 m2 with your own kitchen and bath. Beautiful surroundings.1 night 1 pers. 350,- d. kr. 2 pers. 500,- d. kr.Following nights 1 pers. 325,- d. kr. 2 pers. 450,- d. kr.Extra bed 200,- d...

Cosy rooms on a farm with a fantastic view over Arresø.


Situated 300 m from Grimstrup st....

Ølsted Church

3310, Ølsted

Romanesque church. Open by appointment with gravedigger tlf. +4551256267...

Charlies Café & Steakhouse

3300, Frederiksværk

Welcome at Charlies Café and Steakhouse in the centre of Frederiksvaerk. It is a café during the day and steakhouse in the evening.



3300, Frederiksværk

Powder mill Market in Frederiksværk is a big yearly event....

Nordsjællands Veterantog - the Northsealand Vintage Train - a nostalgic experience. For 40 years, Nordsjællands Veterantog has been a festive element anywhere on the North Zealand and Greater Copenhag...

Bed and Breakfast Hanehoved

3300, Frederiksværk

Bed & Breakfast Hanehoved lies approx 2 km. from Frederiksværk.
With a very nice view over Roskilde fiord (inlet)....

© Allan Hansen

Frederiksværk Music Festival

3300, Frederiksværk

Frederiksværk Music Festival is one of Denmark’s most extensive chamber music festivals. It goes back 24 years and is at present the outstanding international cultural event of North Sealand, comprisi...


3300, Frederiksværk

The cinema in Frederiksværk. Always shows what´s new....

Cannonball Friday

3300, Frederiksværk

Cannonball Friday in Frederiksværk.
Tonight you will have a party in Frederiksværk. All the shops are open untill midnight. There are music, good food og drinks, shows and so much more to see....

Kanonhuset Bed and Breakfast

3300, Frederiksværk

Kanonhuset Bed & Breakfast is situated in a cozy courtyard, with sun all day.
Centrally located in Frederiksværk within walking distance to the city.


Dronningholm-Sleeping outside

3300, Frederiksværk

Not far from this site you find the ruins of the royal castle Dronningholm, built in the Middleages in the late 1500.From frederiksværk you drive by Karlsgavevej-Auderødvej toward Auderød. ...

Hotel Frederiksværk

3300, Frederiksværk

The only hotel in the town build in classical style. Dogs allowed in a few rooms....

The Gunpowder Museum

3300, Frederiksværk

A industrial monument of internatinal standard. The small open air museum is one of the worlds best preserved Powder Mills with buildings and working mashines from 1800. The Powder Mill Museum is part...

Frederiksværk Camping

3300, Frederiksværk

Cabins with toilet and shower.

The reception is open from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, during weekends from 8 .a.m to 12 also.

From june 1 from 8a.m. to 12 and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

In jul...

Krudtværks Festival

3300, Frederiksværk

Gunpowder Works Festival in Frederiksværk....

Sailing on the canal through Frederiksværk into the biggest lake in Denmark, Arresø.

Canoes can be rented on Frederiksværk Camping & Youth Hostel....

Gallery Gal

3300, Frederiksværk

The gallery is open when the sign is out or by appointment.

Leif Nielsen has made the Gate of Change which welcomes you to Frederiksværk....

Art Studio

3300, Frederiksværk

Open during the summer in weekends 13.00 - 17.00 p.m. or by appointment. Paintings and work of Robert McLean and handmade mohairbears for collectors made by Annette Hornung....


3300, Frederiksværk

The stone (found in the woods of Småland in Sweden) is a 50 tons granite sculpture. ...

The site is situated very beautifully by the largest lake in Denmark, Arresø. The site goes right down to the lake.From Frederiksværk you drive on Karlsgavevej-Auderødvej through Auder...

Kregme Church

3300, Frederiksværk

You can get the key from the gravedigger or in the rectory. Romanesque church built in the years 1100. Distinctive church with north-facing tower.


Adrian Turistfart

3300, Frederiksværk

Busdriving of any kind from 14-74 persons. Minibusses - Touristbusses- Liftbusses - Sleepingbusses. Get an offer....

Auderød Forest-Sleeping outside

3300, Frederiksværk

Beaufifully situated site on Arrenæs with a view to Arresø....

Dronningholm Castle Ruin

3300, Frederiksværk

Started by Valdemar the Great (dead 1182) accomplished ca. 1200 by Valdemar Victory.  A solid castleconstruction with moats and drawbridge near Arresø.  The castle was one of the largest in the countr...

Frederiksværk Swimming bath

3300, Frederiksværk

Single ticket:
Grown ups 38,- d. kr.
Children 14 years incl. 14,- d. kr.
Pensioneer 20.-

Warm water pool with a disabled lift.

Deposit kr. 10/eu 1,- for use of locker....

Vinderød Church

3300, Frederiksværk

The church is in new gothic style with a vieuw over arresø. In the church you can see the sarchofagus of general Classen.  The church is open during services. Closed mondays....

The old firestation has all matter of "fire engine": Hand or horsdrawn, as well as motorised versions. One gem is the old 1931 Ford A....

© Industri Museet Frederiksværk

Take a boat trip at the biggest lake in Denmark; Arresø.

Prices 2015:

Adult DKR 75.-
Children 4-11 years DKR 30.-

1 hour trips at 2 pm. You can buy the tickets a the boat. We do not accept creditca...

China Cafeteria & Grill

3300, Frederiksværk

Restaurant and Café which serves Chinese, Thai and Danish dishes with indoorserving, outdoorserving and Take-away.


GeoArt Crystalmuseum & Arthouse

3300, Frederiksværk

The Crystalmuseum shows danish beach stones, bullit and flatpolished stones from Denmark. Minerals and fozzilised wood. Crystals from all over the world. Ramp for wheelchairs....


Showing 1 - 50 of 191 entries