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© Faaborg Turistbureau

Holstenshuus Castle

5600, Faaborg

The park is open for the public....


Assens Taxa

5220, Odense SØ

Assens Taxa

For further details please phone tel. +45 6550 5050...

Text coming soon...

Kerteminde sejlklub

5300, Kerteminde

Text coming soon...

© Kurt Thomsen


5610, Assens

Baagø is a small island in the Little Belt, a 30-minute boat ride
from Assens.
Baagø is sometimes windswept and occasionally harsh in winter, but is
idyllic indeed when spring arrives. The abundance ...

© Slagter Laustsen

Butcher shop

5610, Assens

Butcher Laustsen offer a great range of ready meals, easy lunches, delicious salads, sausages from their own smokehouse and a variety of meat products which can satisfy everybody. 
Additionally, they ...

© Slagter Laustsen

Large selection of ready meals, easy lunches, delicious salads, sausages from their own smokehouse and a variety of meat products. everything is home made and from good quality. Additionally, they hav...

© faaborg turistbureau

Fishing spot - Lyø

5600, Faaborg

Like Avernakø, Lyø is an excellent sea-trout paradise. Excellent chances all the way around, so you can find somewhere whichever way the wind is blowing. Take the first morning ferry out and the last ...

© faaborg turistbureau

Fantastic spot with deep water right up to the land. Chances for lovely large coastal cod. There is a little mussel bank on the eastern side of the spit. Remember to fish it thoroughly. Public access ...

© Degnehaven

We offer accommodation in your own caravan, tent or camper. You can also rent one of our cabins, or one of our rooms. The campsite is open all year round....

© Lillebælt Sport & Kultur

Housing and Lifestyle

5500, Middelfart

Compass Fairs ApS arrange every year more than 18 fairs within lifestyle and housing. 

Come and get inspired at the many stands....

© Lillebælt Sport & Kultur

Scrapbooking Convention

5500, Middelfart

Scrappers from all over Denmark will rally around their common interest - scrapbooking, stamps and cards when the Scrapbook Convention once again will be held in Middelfart.

The leading retailers in...

© Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

In the Gærdselsskove on South Langeland you can see how woods looked like a hundred or even a thousand years ago. There are many different kinds of plants and a lot of animal life. There are marked ro...

© Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

The Wild Horses

5935, Bagenkop

It is amazing to watch a flock of wild horses, a flock of up to 80 horses, consisting of stallions and mares of all ages. You can see foals and pairings all through the summer, April and May being hig...

Langeskov Boghandel

5550, Langeskov

Text coming soon...

© knud mortensen

Vejstrup Vandmølle

5882, Vejstrup

One of the most beautiful old watermills on Funen by Vejstrupgaard.

Entry to the watermill by appointment...

© Odense Zoo

Science Zoo-Planet Shark

5000, Odense C

The Planet Shark Exhibition includes models of sharks in natural size, fossils, effects, and lots of shark facts. Thrills are also to be found in a video gallery with 40 projectors that provide a deep...

Seatrout Tårup Strand (29), © Visit Danmark

A long stretch offering fantastic opportunities. In front of the holiday home area and down towards Tårup Camping there is rocky deep water. South of the campsite down towards Kløverhagen the bottom f...

The holiday house is a charming house about 100 square meters located near Ebbevejen to Æbelø. The house is also near the beach where you can catch sea trout. The house has a new bathroom and a comple...

© Henriette Lorentz

Henriette Lorentz Atelier

5900, Rudkøbing

Gallery in the Sidsel Bagersgade in Rudkøbing....


Langdysse i Herslev

5900, Rudkøbing

South of Stadene a long barrow is placed on a cultivated field. Therefore there is only access when the field is not cultivated.(Source: "Oldtidsminder på Langeland", Langelands Museum)...

© Faaborg Turistbureau


5600, Faaborg

The woods of Pipstorn - burial cult through millenniums.
You will see dolmens, Stone Age graves built by the first peasents in Denmark about 3600-3200 B.C.; large burial mounds from the Early Bronze A...

© Levi Szekeres

Torup Bakkegård Farm Shop

Torup Bakkegård farm affords ample opportunity to buy fruit and vegetables raised on the farm. The shop also sells a variety of beverages, such as juice and wine, as well as...

© Andreas Bastiansen

Underwater Hunting, or UW Hunting as it is often called, has become very popular in Denmark. And for good reason; imagine gliding silently towards the sea floor for a few seconds in the hope of harpoo...

Public Swimming Pool in Odense

The pool is 25 meters long x 12,5 meters wide and 0,9 to 3,6 meters deep. Diving boards at 1 and 3 meters. There are showers, sauna and health cabin.

The water temperature is 26 degrees celsius.

If ...

Lindøgaard Naturcamping

5400, Bogense

Lindøgaard Naturcamping is situated close to the tide road to Æbelø, the beach and the forest, and it is a lovely and cheap place to stay close to nature.
Wanderers, cyclists, sailors, rowers and ride...


5380, Dalby

Text coming soon...

Karen-Lise Rasmussen, Ærø

5970, Ærøskøbing

Close to the ferry arrival in Ærøskøbing you’ll find Karen-Lise’s Bed & Breakfast....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Tårup Kirke, church

5871, Frørup

The church is from the year 1883. The architect was J. Eckersberg, and the altarpiece ist a painting by F. C. Lund and is called "Easter morning".Please contact Ove Hjorth f...

Restaurant Lieffroy in Nyborg, © Lieffroy

When we in the spring 2010 got the possibility to buy Hesselhuset a dream came through for Line and I.

Nature is just outside the door, we are surrounded by the forest, beach and ocean. This gives ou...

Ole Vedby Jørgensen

5300, Kerteminde

Paintings, drawing, graphicOnly visit after appointment.The nature is the starting point in my pictures, and the landscape makes a great impression. I work with oil painting, paste...

© Assens Turistinfo

Søby Church

5610, Assens

Søby Church was built c. 1100.

Please contact Søby Church for further details....

© Aalsbogaard Lystfiskersøer

Aalsbogaard Angling Lakes

Aalsbogaard Angling Lakes provide the opportunity to catch eel, rainbow trout, brook trout, pike and carp in a wide variety of sizes. Trouts from 1 - 10 kg are released. The...

© VisitOdense

In 1716 Karen Brahe founded a convent for unmarried women of Danish nobility. The convent functioned as such until 1972.

The main wing was built at the beginning of the 16th century as part of a bis...


5300, Kerteminde

Text coming soon...

© Brogaarden

Brogården - It makes sense

The conference center Brogården is located a 2 minute drive from the highway by Middelfart in beautiful surroundings, with a view over Lillebæltsbroen and a few minute wal...

Svendborg Kommunes Camps

5700, Svendborg

Contact:Ilse KristoffersenStrandvej 705700 Svendborg...

© knud mortensen

Gravhøjene i Gl. Hestehave

5700, Svendborg

Prehistoric places in Gl. Hestehave....

Café Timeout

5330, Munkebo

Text coming soon...

© Joan

Sct. Albani Church

5000, Odense C

The church is built in early Gothic style, but the portal is Romanesque. The steeple is 54 meters high. Wood carvings in the church are from Southern Tyrol, stain‑glass paintings and the four church b...

© Den Blaa Fasan

Antiques shop with quirky old things. Classic, kitch and quality in all price ranges....


Kayaking with Nicus Nature

5700, Svendborg

Enjoy a kayaking adventure of the beautiful Svendborg Sound

Learn how to paddle a kayak by yourself - learn from an experienced instructor, individually or with a group - or join one of are scheduled...


Trains as the 1950s

Take a trip with Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane (SFvJ) and experience what it was like to travel in the 1950s. The trip from Faaborg to Korinth takes half an hour and after 30 minute...

© Øhavets Smakkecenter

Dingy sailing in the South

5900, Rudkøbing

Every tuesday in June, July and August you can join us for a tour in a fine, old dingy. The dingy has been a very common vessel in the South Fyn Archipelago.
The tour lasts for 2 hours and the route w...

Go on board MS Castor and let it take you to the Little Belt where you can see the porpoises play in the water. On your way to the Belt, the guide will tell you about the nature and the sights you pas...

Christiansminde minigolf

5700, Svendborg

Concrete mini-golf course with exciting obstacles.
Close to one of Fyn's best beaches....

© Humlemagasinet

The Dagmar Hall at Humlemagasinet is a meeting place for music, socializing, and culture.
The round tables and the historical chairs with patina provide a framework for various entertainment and conc...

© Kristel Høj Walter

Il Gusto (Ice cream)

5000, Odense C

Get a memory that you will not forget with the taste of Il Gusto. At Il Gusto you will find the most wonderful homemade Italian ice-cream. The ice-cream is made of fresh fruits and special ingredients...

The Rose Festival

5400, Bogense

Visit The Rose Festival in Bogense on the first weekend in August, when the town is decorated with amazing rose sculptures according to this year's theme. The whole town is transformed into a big mark...

Pizza, © visitnyborg

Pronto Pizza

5800, Nyborg

Pizza and fastfood...


Showing 2651 - 2700 of 3372 entries