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© Otterupløbet

The Otterup Run

5450, Otterup

Join the Otterup race and see how fast you are! Distances are 5 and 10 km. 

Registration: Online or at the meeting place at the stadium at Bryggerivej 2 - no later than 10.30 a.m....

© Helle Djelby

Bed & Breakfast Holmehave

5690, Tommerup

A stay with soul
We take pride in helping you and be there for you
We create a present place where you will feel at home and welcome
We are adaptable and meet your needs quickly and efficiently


Halloween i Søndersø

5471, Søndersø

Sinister atmosphere all over Søndersø on this day. 
Lots of activities for the whole family.
The shops offer candy for dressed up children....

Large Christmas arrangement in Søndersø when Santa visits town and the Christmas tree will be lit. 
Goody bags for the children....

Buy your Christmas gifts on the Christmas Inspiration Day in Bogense....

© Ole Thrane

Santa Claus is coming to Bogense - and he is bringing his little helpers. 
They will be sailing to the old harbour and then drive in a procession through the town. 
The shops will be open until 4 pm....

During the summer antique cars are shown at the Klintebjerg harbour area....

© EngholmBB

Engholm Bed and Breakfast

5000, Odense C

Engholm B&B offers modern apartments with private bathroom and kitchenette at favorable prices.
The location is close to green areas, Odense Port and 3 km to the city centre. Nearby shopping opportuni...

Do crabs have teeth? Do they have boyfriends or girlfriends, and how do they eat? Learn to catch crabs and learn much more about them. We will also have a look at all the little creatures in the low w...

The Coffee House

5300, Kerteminde

At the edge of the garden overlooking the bay, you will find the former Wash/Laundry house, designed by architect Carl Petersen. Along with Johannes Larsen 'packaging station', "Swan House", it is con...

© Den Fede And

The Fat Duck

5000, Odense C

Dinner on the waves..

The Fat Duck's menu offers fish and shellfish, but it is also possible to enjoy a good steak.

Our wines are carefully matched with the dishes and our professional staff can tel...

© Rice

Riceteria Café

5000, Odense C

Riceteria is both a café and a shop with Rice's colorful products....

© Danmarks Jernbanemuseum

We take out heaps of train toys to make a huge railway playing area. Come and build train tracks to your heart’s content, make your own wooden engine, send post from the goods van and much more beside...

The castle in Nyborg in the winther time., © Nicolai Godvin

Winter in Nyborg

5800, Nyborg

The winther holiday...

© Jens Henrik Lund

RIB for Children

5500, Middelfart

Book here: RIB for Children

Fun summer activity for kids. On board this rubber dinghy you will experience the wind blowing in your face. An authentic holiday experience. Children accompanied by adult...

© VisitMiddelfart

Mountain bike in Middelfart

5500, Middelfart

Middelfart offers a number of good bicycle routes. Take an invigorating trip on a mountain bike around the lovely Hindsgavl peninsula, Håre Mose or Klakkebjerg.
Mountain bike routes and paths can be f...

© VisitMiddelfart

The pedestrianized town centre in Middelfart runs parallel with the harbour and seafront. The town has many interesting shops and boutiques catering for all tastes and requirements: for him or her, gi...

B&B Færgevejens

5700, Svendborg

Cosy apartment in the heart of Svendborg.

Close to harbour, hospital, town centre, shopping and restaurants.
100 m from the beach...

Taasinge B&B

5700, Svendborg

Cosy modern holiday apartment with kitchen, own entrance and terrace.

Placed in a village 8 km. from Svendborg with free Wi-Fi.

Bring Your horse. Horses are very welcome...


5471, Søndersø

Margård is a beautiful estate building. The name dates back to 1310 when Margård was only a small farm. However, the owners were able to buy some of the king's land and today it is a fairly large esta...


5300, Kerteminde
ROEDS Restaurant in Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

ROEDS Restaurant

5800, Nyborg

ROEDS is a new restaurant in Nyborg. Very nice and comfortable location - open for lunch and dinner....

© VisitMiddelfart

Experience the beautiful new, award-winning harbour front. Here, homes, cafés, the marina, the old harbour, KulturØen and Middelfart Sparekasses award-winning headquarters admirably intermingle with t...

© Middelfart Kommune

Go on Bridge Walk in Middelfart, Denmark.

Further information: Bridge Walk

You can go to Sydney. Or Lillebælt (The Little Belt). In both places, you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. T...

© Anne-Mette Nørgaard

Canoe Hire

5500, Middelfart

Hire a canoe for a day
Take a canoe out and for example explore Svinø an island in Gamborg Fjord.

Please note that canoeing is at your own risk. Canoeing is not advisable in winds over 10 m/s....

© Anne-Mette Nørgaard

Gamborgen Nature camp

5500, Middelfart

Wooden shelters and tent pitches with access to shower and toilet facilities.

Wooden shelters, tent pitches, undercover picnic area and fireplace in Gamborg on west Funen. It can be found on cycle ro...

© Tidens Samling

Get an insight into the industrial world's influence on the Danish population's everyday life and history with Nimbus & Nilfisk in an exciting exhibition.

Worldclass Danish Industry
The exhibition e...

© Jens Poulsen

Sailing Camping

5466, Asperup

Bring your family or friends on a week’s sailing holiday on the beautiful Little Belt.

You will be sailing a Megin sailboat which is a small boat with space for 3-5 people. The nights are spent in a ...


5474, Veflinge

The Rugård estate is very old. It was first mentioned in 1398 when the queen Margrethe I gave the farm as mortgage to the landowner Berneke Skinkel. Back then, the estate was called Rugaard. Later, th...


5450, Otterup

Egebjerggård was just a small farm under the Kørup estate until the 17th century when the owner of Kørup bought more land and let it become a manor under the name Einsidelsborg and gave it to his youn...

Ravnholt Castle, © VisitNyborg

Ravnholt Castle

5853, Ørbæk

Ravnholt main building occupied by the family Sehestedt Juul and consists of 3 wings and a chapel. The east wing was built in renaissance style and is from 1660. The north wing is from 1701 and the we...

Juulskov Castle near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Juulskov Castle

5853, Ørbæk

Juulskov is an old farm. It is first mentioned in 1365 and is located 6 km west of Nyborg in Kullerup Parish, Vindinge District, Oerbaek Municipality. The main building was built in 1590 by Domenicus ...

Rygård Castle near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Rygård Castle

5874, Hesselager

Rygård is located in Langå parish near Ørbæk on southeast Funen.

The manor was first mentioned in 1372. A member of the Urne family, Niels Urne acts as principal.

The current cstle was built in the ...

The Manor Ørbæklunde near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Ørbæklunde Manor

5853, Ørbæk

Ørbæklunde was founded by the fusing of several farms. In the early 1500 Ørbæklunde got manor status.

In the 1500  Ørbæklunde belonged by the powerful noble family Friis. Ørbæklunde's main wing was b...

Hindemae Castle in Ullerslev near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Hindemae Castle

5540, Ullerslev

Hindemae is an old manor, the first time you hear about it is in 1480. Hindemae located in Skellerup Sogn og Vindinge Herred in Nyborg Municipality main building was built about 1787-1790.

The estate...


5450, Otterup

Kørup was first mentioned in the 15th century as village head farm. The name is derived from Ko-torp which means the cow hamlet. There was also a village and a church back then, but the other farms we...

Wade fishing far off the shore. Extremely good at high tide. Good spots from October to April. Not recommendable during the summer, due to many tourists and few fish. Near this place you will find Fog...

© Ivan Møllebjerg

Angling at Klintebjerg

5450, Otterup

You can go fishing at the small, nice angling spots on both sides of the small port. The place is under preservation from October 1st to March 1st. This means that after March 1st, there are large amo...

Angling at Egensedybet

5450, Otterup

The area from Egensedybet to Galten Hoved is excellent for winter fishing. The fish come here to eat because of the large amount of food in the sea bed. You have to be prepared for wade fishing - brin...

© Bjørg Kiær

Easter at the Manor Søbygaard
Easter activities at Søbygaard Manor for the whole family.
Here you can decorate Easter eggs, grill sausages over an open fire and cut the socalled 'gækkebrev'.
A 'gækkeb...


5300, Kerteminde
© Øhavsmuseet

Speciel exhibition

5600, Faaborg

Speciel exhibition...


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