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© Middelfart Kommune

Go on Bridge Walk in Middelfart, Denmark.

Further information: Bridge Walk

You can go to Sydney. Or Lillebælt (The Little Belt). In both places, you can walk above a bridge. Experience the height. T...

© Anne-Mette Nørgaard

Canoe Hire

5500, Middelfart

Hire a canoe for a day
Take a canoe out and for example explore Svinø an island in Gamborg Fjord.

Please note that canoeing is at your own risk. Canoeing is not advisable in winds over 10 m/s....

© Anne-Mette Nørgaard

Gamborgen Nature camp

5500, Middelfart

Wooden shelters and tent pitches with access to shower and toilet facilities.

Wooden shelters, tent pitches, undercover picnic area and fireplace in Gamborg on west Funen. It can be found on cycle ro...

© Tidens Samling

Get an insight into the industrial world's influence on the Danish population's everyday life and history with Nimbus & Nilfisk in an exciting exhibition.

Worldclass Danish Industry
The exhibition e...

© Brandts

Brandts celebrates Danish fashion with a great bash of an exhibition full of colour, fabulous clothing and amazing textiles as well as fantastic designers and trend setters. Danish Fashion Now offers ...

© Odense Bys Museer

The Roman Connection

5000, Odense C

The Roman Connection - The Roman Connection focuses on the diverse forms of society which prevailed in the Roman Empire and the northern European tribal areas in ancient times. The exhibition also ill...

© Jens Poulsen

Sailing Camping

5466, Asperup

Bring your family or friends on a week’s sailing holiday on the beautiful Little Belt.

You will be sailing a Megin sailboat which is a small boat with space for 3-5 people. The nights are spent in a ...


5474, Veflinge

The Rugård estate is very old. It was first mentioned in 1398 when the queen Margrethe I gave the farm as mortgage to the landowner Berneke Skinkel. Back then, the estate was called Rugaard. Later, th...


5450, Otterup

Egebjerggård was just a small farm under the Kørup estate until the 17th century when the owner of Kørup bought more land and let it become a manor under the name Einsidelsborg and gave it to his youn...

Ravnholt Castle, © VisitNyborg

Ravnholt Castle

5853, Ørbæk

Ravnholt main building occupied by the family Sehestedt Juul and consists of 3 wings and a chapel. The east wing was built in renaissance style and is from 1660. The north wing is from 1701 and the we...

Juulskov Castle near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Juulskov Castle

5853, Ørbæk

Juulskov is an old farm. It is first mentioned in 1365 and is located 6 km west of Nyborg in Kullerup Parish, Vindinge District, Oerbaek Municipality. The main building was built in 1590 by Domenicus ...

Rygård Castle near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Rygård Castle

5874, Hesselager

Rygård is located in Langå parish near Ørbæk on southeast Funen.

The manor was first mentioned in 1372. A member of the Urne family, Niels Urne acts as principal.

The current cstle was built in the ...

The Manor Ørbæklunde near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Ørbæklunde Manor

5853, Ørbæk

Ørbæklunde was founded by the fusing of several farms. In the early 1500 Ørbæklunde got manor status.

In the 1500  Ørbæklunde belonged by the powerful noble family Friis. Ørbæklunde's main wing was b...

Hindemae Castle in Ullerslev near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Hindemae Castle

5540, Ullerslev

Hindemae is an old manor, the first time you hear about it is in 1480. Hindemae located in Skellerup Sogn og Vindinge Herred in Nyborg Municipality main building was built about 1787-1790.

The estate...


5450, Otterup

Kørup was first mentioned in the 15th century as village head farm. The name is derived from Ko-torp which means the cow hamlet. There was also a village and a church back then, but the other farms we...

Wade fishing far off the shore. Extremely good at high tide. Good spots from October to April. Not recommendable during the summer, due to many tourists and few fish. Near this place you will find Fog...

© Ivan Møllebjerg

Angling at Klintebjerg

5450, Otterup

You can go fishing at the small, nice angling spots on both sides of the small port. The place is under preservation from October 1st to March 1st. This means that after March 1st, there are large amo...

Angling at Egensedybet

5450, Otterup

The area from Egensedybet to Galten Hoved is excellent for winter fishing. The fish come here to eat because of the large amount of food in the sea bed. You have to be prepared for wade fishing - brin...

© Bjørg Kiær

Easter at the Manor Søbygaard
Easter activities at Søbygaard Manor for the whole family.
Here you can decorate Easter eggs, grill sausages over an open fire and cut the socalled 'gækkebrev'.
A 'gækkeb...


5300, Kerteminde
© Faaborg Turistbureau

Speciel exhibition

5600, Faaborg

Speciel exhibition...

Back in the days, Bogense and Juelsminde became prosperous because of the ferry between the two towns.

Now we're reviving the ferry service for the summer with boat trips on M/S Castor between Juels...

Go Fishing and get Lucky on North Funen!

North Funen offers you spectacular angling experiences.  Come here and find out for yourself!

The North Funen Tourist Office offers you some amazing fishing ...

Want to get a special experience here on North Funen? Hire a guide and get a guided tour. Maybe of one the towns, the beautiful nature, the amazing angling opportunities or perhaps a bus tour of North...

© Grimmerhus

Lunch, Brunch and art design

5500, Middelfart

CLAY Ceramics Museum Denmark (formerly named Grimmerhus) and Hindsgavl Castle have joined forces in a unique collaboration. This means that you can now combine lunch and/or brunch with admission to th...

© VisitNyborg

Traditional Danish lunch, open sandwiches....

The North Funen area is perfect for a bike ride. If you don't bring your own bike you can rent one from Søndersø Produktionshøjskole. Please call ahead on + 45 51 85 69 13 to make arrangements....

Hasmark, Enebærodde, Otterup and the coastline along Odense Fjord are great places to go for a bike ride. If you haven't brought your own bike, you can rent one at Hasmark Strand Camping. Please conta...


5300, Kerteminde
© Middelfart Museum

Exhibition by Peter Fangel

5500, Middelfart

This event will only be in Danish – with a Danish guide.
For further information +458832 5959

But you are very welcome to see all the pictures (3D pictures). The painter, Peter Fangel (1837-1922) is ...

Nyborg Boat Rental, © VisitNyborg

Nyborg Boat rental

5800, Nyborg

Here you can rent a motor boat....

© Naturturisme

Archipelago Trail

5600, Faaborg

The Archipelago Trail - South Funen
The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest hiking trails in Denmark, a 220 kilometre-long hiking trail made for hikers and ramblers and the planned course of the t...

© Naturturisme

Riderutesydfyn (riding)

5600, Faaborg

Riding tours - marked routes.

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Dear Guest 

We hope you will enjoy your cycling holiday around our charming region. On the map you will find suggestions for tours, but of course, feel free to explore the area as you please. The tou...

© Birgit Mau

Lots of summer experiences at the online booking: 

Find experiences such as

- Canoe Rental
- Boat Rental
- Watersports (Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle, Sit On Top Kajak,...

© Feriehus Toldboden

Feriehus Toldboden

5600, Faaborg

Feriehus Toldboden/Holiday Customs House is a beautiful and atmospheric holiday home on 200 m2 for 6 people located in the Old Customs House right on Faaborg Harbour with spectacular views to the harb...

© Odense Zoo

Science Zoo-Planet Shark

5000, Odense C

The Planet Shark Exhibition includes models of sharks in natural size, fossils, effects, and lots of shark facts. Thrills are also to be found in a video gallery with 40 projectors that provide a deep...

© Allan B Madsen

SUP Yoga

5500, Middelfart

News: Surf N Funis now ready with a new summer product : Stand Up Paddle combined with Yoga!

See times and prices here: SUP Yoga

We will work with stretching exercises including back, shoulders and ...

© Henri Hage

Museum Morten Korch

5464, Brenderup Fyn

Visit the museum and learn all about Morten Korch, Denmark's most famous and infamous author.

At the museum you will find different effects, such as the famous author chair. You will get to know why ...

© Henri Hage

Kærsgaard Transport Museum

5464, Brenderup Fyn

Discover Kærsgaards large collection of antique carriages and farm tools, and get the interesting stories behind them.

There are horse-drawn carriages from both the local community as well as carriag...

© Dalum Landbrugsskole

Dalum Landbrugsskole is idyllically placed in a scenic and historic setting, very close to the highway (offramp 50) and 4 km from the city centre. We have 67 rooms with wireless internet and free park...

© Helbos Have

Helbos Garden

5772, Kværndrup

HELBOS HAVE (Helbo’s Garden) is situated a few kilometers from
Egeskov Castle by a tenant’s house, previously belonging to the Castle. The garden, bordering the stream Hågerup Å, is nearly 4000 m2 and...

© Café Lyø Gamle Skole

Café Lyø Gamle Skole

5600, Faaborg

Only 10 min walk from Lyø Ferry is the café laying in the idyllic surroundings of the church and old half-timbered houses as witnesses of a bygone time. Discover a world in comfortable surroundings an...

© Middelfart Museum

Danish lecture

5500, Middelfart

This event is only in danish. For more information, please contact VisitMiddelfart at +45 88 32 59 59...


Exciting event at the newly restored CLAY Ceramics Museum.

hrs. 17:00 to 20:00 Carriage rides from Middelfart Church to CLAY and return

hrs. 17:00 to 21:00 Open House at CLAY Ceramics Muse...


Showing 3001 - 3050 of 3162 entries