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Blegind Church

8362, Hørning

Beautiful white-washed roman church with a tower raised on stilts and porch from about the year 1200.
Inside the church epitaphs and gravestones for former vicars can be seen. You will also find a cru...


8660, Skanderborg

Dyreparken dates from approx. 1580 when the Danish King Frederik II owned the woods besides Skanderborg Castle (now The Royal Chapel of Skanderborg). He had the land fenced in and laid out as a royal ...

Ejer Baunehøj is the highest natural point in Denmark, 170.89 metres above sea level. A characteristic tower 13 metres high is placed on the top. The tower was built in 1924, as a memorial of the reun...

Sortesø "Black Lake"

8660, Skanderborg

Sorte Sø (The Black Lake) is situated in the woods near Sølund south from Skanderborg towncenter.

There are marked footpaths all the way around Sorte Sø. One part of the path is like a wooden path m...

Hylke Church

8660, Skanderborg

Impressive white-washed church consisting of roman choir and nave with two late gothic extensions: a westward tower and a southward porch. The roman part is constructed in granite ashlars. 

Epitaph i...

Dagdrømmernes Jubelfest

8660, Skanderborg

Giant relieffrieze 'dagdrømmernes Jubelfest'(daydreamers party) on the wall of the gymnasium. The 2 meters high and 40 meters long wooden plate is painted with fresh colours. The w...

Legende børn

8660, Skanderborg

'Legende Børn' means 'playing children'. It is a nonfigurative bronce sculpture placed on a marble base created by Morten Nielsen. Revealed on the 10 of October 1980 and donated by...

Sophiendal Gods

8660, Skanderborg

Sophiendal, originally a three-winged half-timbered estate painted by the owner, the baron G. Rosenkranz in 1875.Over a period of 12 years the baron built the present main estate from red mo...

Skanderborg Swimmingpool

8660, Skanderborg

Swimming baths facilities:

- A kiosk which is open during the official opening hours. At the kiosk you can buy coffee, tea, juice, soda and candy.
- The swimming bath has events for both disabled, pr...

The tower on Ejer Bavnehøj

Ejer Bjerge

8660, Skanderborg

Ejer Baunehøj is the highest natural point in Denmark 170,89 m above sea level. On the top is a 13 m high tower which was raised in 1924 in memory of the reunion with South Jutland in 1920. The tower ...

© VisitSkanderborg

The museum is beautifully situated in the old town of Skanderborg, near "Slotsbanken" and with a garden that goes all the way down to Lillesø, where you can enjoy lunch and the beautiful scenery.


Motellet Skanderborg Syd

8660, Skanderborg

Beautifully situated Motel south of Skanderborg not far from Motorway E45.Nice rooms with TV, own bathroom, own entrance and parking space.You can make your own meals in joint kitc...

Dronning Dagmars dreng

8660, Skanderborg

The sculpture "Queen Dagmars Boy" (made by Svend Lindhart (1898-1989))was inspired by the folk song about Queen Dagmar (app. 1186 - 1212) who lay on her sickbed in Ribe. When she felt death approachin...


8660, Skanderborg

Nonfigurative bronce sculpture by the multi artist Eva Sørensen. The schulpture is beautifully placed in a water bassin being as a natural part of the park area.Beautiful Skanderbo...

Skanderborg Søbad

8660, Skanderborg

Skanderborg Søbad is situated in Dyreparken, close to hostel and hotel. Springboard, nice grass area with playground etc....


8660, Skanderborg

Audonicon is a school teaching according to the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. The beautiful building is made without straight lines in harmony with nature.Please call no. (00 45) 86 52 ...

Mesing Church

8660, Skanderborg

Exceptionally picturesque church with a roman choir and nave in carved granite ashlars with a very fine play of colours.
Porch and tower have been added during the Late Middle Ages. The tower is a so-...


8660, Skanderborg

'Troldkællingen' situated at the turn into Dyrehaven. The troll with young ones is performed in cement by Elias Ølsgaard and donated by the brewery Ceres in 1957.Beautifu...

Skanderborg Lake

8660, Skanderborg

The Skanderborg Lakes are beautifully situated in the Lake District of Central Jutland.

The fishing here is outstanding and offers plenty of opportunities for a good catch.

Throughout the lakes, it...

Tåning Church

8660, Skanderborg

The church in Tåning is built at the highest point in the middle of the village.

From the cemetery is a beautiful view to the east beyond Tåning meadows, on to Skanderborg and to the north of Mossø ...

Wood of the Crownprince

8660, Skanderborg

Walk in a wood that is planted in the shape of a tree.

The wood is named The Wood of the Crownprince because it was the danish Crownprince Frederik that planted the first tree.

You will find 54 dif...

Vitved Church

8660, Skanderborg

Beautiful white chalked church with Roman choir and nave with late Cothic Western front wing and a small half-timbered "roof rider".Open all year from sunrise ringing to sunset ringing....

Hørning Church

8362, Hørning

Hørning church was built in the late 1100-century.

In 2004/2005 the church completed a major restoration, where the tower room was involved in the church.

Today it stands simple, light and friendl...

Skanderborg Sø Camping

8660, Skanderborg

Family camp-site directly at Skanderborg Lake. Well sheltered. A former orchard. Approx. 18 acres of land with many activities mostly for children. Mini market with a varied assort...

Adslev Church

8362, Hørning

Roman choir and nave in granite stone (around 1175). The porch has been added later. The tower is a replacement for an older tower which collapsed around 1800.
Beautiful altarpiece with late Gothic fi...

Hørning Kro & Hotel

8362, Hørning

With direct access to the E45 motorway (Junctions 50/51 around 3km) and parking immediately beside the rooms, it is easy and convenient, travelling to and from Hørning Kro. The city of Aarhus is also ...


8600, Silkeborg

Restaurant Angus is situated in attractive premises in the centre of Silkeborg. We offer delicious, reasonably-priced meals....

© Helle Kristensen

Helle Kristensen

8600, Silkeborg

Location: In a quiet residential area 4 km from Silkeborg town centre. 150 m from the bus stop, 600 m from a discount supermarket and 500 m from a convenience store.

Double room with separate entran...

IngeGerd Stevnhoved

8600, Silkeborg

Location: In a scenic, quiet neighbourhood between woodland, heath and the River Gudenå. 7 km from the town centre, Put-&-Take lake, golf course and tourist office where fishing permits can be purchas...

Virklund Kirke

8600, Silkeborg

Virklund church is a relatively new church from 1994. The architects behind Virklund church are the husband and wife team Johannes and Inger Exner, who are among the foremost designers of churches in ...

Hosts: Eva & Peter Christoffersen

Location: In a scenic area ideal for walks and bike rides, and close to a public beach. 5 km from the town centre, where bus number 4 takes you. The bus stop is not...

Jonna Faber

8600, Silkeborg

Location: Approx. 2.5 km from the town centre in a quiet setting, close to Silkeborg Højskole, swimming baths, athletics track, Oslovej, Silkeborg Hallerne sports hall and the River Gudenå. Few minute...

Inga & Uffe Jensen

8600, Silkeborg

Location: Right next to Lake Thorsø with beautiful views and swimming and fishing. Bus no. 4 can be used.
Two double rooms with private entrance, TV and Wi-Fi. Shared bathroom with shower and toilet ...


8600, Silkeborg

Hosts: Bente & Peter Stald 
Location: At a former farm in a lovely village 10 km east of Silkeborg and 30 km from Aarhus.
Two-bedroom holiday apartment on the 1st floor with four beds and a private ...


8600, Silkeborg

Host: Brunholm Jensen
Location: 4 km from Silkeborg town centre. There is a bus to Silkeborg town centre and Balle Kirkeby.
The house has three double rooms. TV with satellite dish (with Danish and ...

Gødvad B & B

8600, Silkeborg

Location: 5 km from the centre of Silkeborg in tranquil and idyllic surroundings near the forest, the River Gudenå and Lake Silkeborg Langsø. Close to Silkeborg Ry Golf Club, Silkeborg Tennisklub and ...

Kragelund Gl. Præstegård

8600, Silkeborg

Part of “Pilgrim Hostels along Hærvejen”. There are shops in Kragelund....

Svømmecenter Nordvest

8600, Silkeborg

Svømmecenter Nordvest: 50 m swimming pool and children’s pool with 25–26°C water, chairs and tables for relaxation, large lawn for games and ball games, beach volleyball courts. The café in the hall i...

Bio Silkeborg

8600, Silkeborg

Silkeborg’s cinema centre with five screens, located at Papirfabrikken. View the current programme at:

Ruthy & Oluf Søgaard

8643, Ans By

Location: Close to the golf course, Lake Tange Sø and bus stop with bus service to Silkeborg and Randers, and 800 m to grocery stores: SuperBrugsen (open Monday–Friday, 8.30 am–5.30 pm, Sat. 8 am–2 pm...

Fort Østerlund

8600, Silkeborg

Hear the prairie wolves howl at Fort Østerlund. Experience the authentic western atmosphere at Fort Østerlund. Make your party or course an experience everyone will remember.
Fort Østerlund offers: –...

Located close to Sletten. Used as a base for tent camps – tents not supplied.
Not rented out for private parties....


8653, Them

Scenically located along the Silkeborg–Horsens nature trail....

Hørup Church, Kjellerup

8620, Kjellerup

Hørup church dates back to around 1200. Built as a typical Romanesque ashlar church, it consists of a nave and a chancel with a ladies’ entrance in the north side and a men’s entrance in the south. In...

Skyttehusets Camping

8600, Silkeborg

Skyttehusets Cafeteria is beautifully situated overlooking the River Gudenå/Svejbæksnævringen. Enjoy a good meal, a cold beer or a freshly brewed cup of coffee with “æblekage” (Danish apple trifle) on...

Preben & Marianne Thorsen

8600, Silkeborg

Location: In the centre of Virklund (4 km from Silkeborg town centre) in grounds overlooking the forest and Lake Thorsø where you can swim and fish. Close to shopping facilities and the bus stop.

Restaurant Gastronomisk Institut is situated in Silkeborg town centre. We've got a monthly menu and an à la carte menu. The menus are influenced by the produce currently in season. The food is supplem...

Hjejlen ApS

8600, Silkeborg

Hjejlen is the world’s oldest original coal-fired paddle steamer still in operation. Daily throughout the summer, Hjejlen and the other excursion boats in the Hjejle fleet sail from Silkeborg to Himme...

Museum Silkeborg is housed in Silkeborg’s oldest building – Silkeborg Manor from 1767. Silkeborg is one of the youngest towns in Denmark, established by royal decree in January 1846. The manor house h...

Sminge Sø

8600, Silkeborg

Lake Sminge Sø is traversed by the River Gudenå, and the River Gjern Å runs into it. With its marshes and swampy reed vegetation, the lake attracts abundant birdlife, both as a breeding ground and a r...


Showing 101 - 150 of 856 entries