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© Radisson Blu Papirfabrikken

The hotel in the framework of history Radisson BLU hotel in Silkeborg opened in August 2002.An industrial building in the old paper mill has been thoroughly renovated and converted into a modern, comf...

Den blå Restaurant

8660, Skanderborg

Nørre Vissing Kro from 1801 is situated near hills, forests and lakes. The kro is untraditionally decorated with a personal touch and flair for detail, and the interior is given prominence by the flor...

First class hotel with swimming-pool, jacuzzi, sauna, solarium and billard room. Restaurants with reasonable family prices and bar/nightclub with music and dancing on saturdays. Water cykles, rowboats...

Restaurant Salonen is situated in beautiful surroundings in Borgvold park with panoramic views of the  North Lake of Viborg. The restaurant Salonen was originately opened in 1867 and has a histor...

© Hotel Blicher

Hotel Blicher is situated in a gem of Danish nature, right under "Himmelbjerget" and at the heart of the Central Jutland Lake District in a relaxing environment surrounded by lakes and forests. A new ...

© Svostrup Kro

Svostrup Kro

8600, Silkeborg

Svostrup Inn was founded when the Gudenå waterway was still an important traffic artery. A living throng of bargees and traders sailed up and down Gudenå and used the inn as a place to eat and rest.


7140, Stouby

Quite simple – Surprisingly good experiences ... 

Hotel and Spa Stays

Our beautiful hotel is in a scenic location, surrounded by beech forests and overlooking the fjord. We have 113 bright rooms...

© Radisson Blu Papirfabrikken

Restaurant Michael D

8600, Silkeborg

Welcome to Michael D. ...


8600, Silkeborg

Gl. Skovridergaard is surrounded by picturesque grounds with magnificent old trees close to the river Gudenåen, the woods and Silkeborg city centre. The 68 rooms are well-equipped with toilet and bath...

© Hotel Blicher Le Saison


8680, Ry

Hotel Blicher is situated in a gem of Danish nature, right under "Himmelbjerget" and at the heart of the Central Jutland Lake District in a relaxing environment surrounded by lakes and forests. A new ...

Hærvejsherberget Thorning

8620, Kjellerup

Part of “Pilgrim Hostels along Hærvejen”. There is a grocery store, a baker’s and a pizzeria in the town....

Traktørstedet Ludvigslyst

8600, Silkeborg

Traktørstedet Ludvigslyst. Restaurant and function rooms offering a host of possibilities. Scenic location by Lake Julsø The cuisine is largely organic with the emphasis on quality....

Søhøjlandets Ridecenter offers unique experiences on the backs of our beautiful Icelandic horses. We have something for every taste. We also organise treks tailored to your needs, however, you must be...

© Jonna Jensen

Beautifully situated directly at Lake Birksø

Rent a flat with bathroom and kitchen with sleeping accommodation for 5-6 people. Total 80 m2.

Separate entrance and terrace.

Cabin of 20 m2 with privat...

For further information please call VisitRanders +45 86 42 44 77...


8900, Randers C

The well-known family restaurant serves good burgers, crispy warm french fries, fresh salads, delicious desserts, etc. in child-friendly surroundings. It is easy and fast to eat at McDonalds, and the ...


8653, Them

Høgdal is a gem of cultural history, located in the heart of the beautiful countryside of central Jutland. The history of the farm can be traced back to the major agricultural reforms of the late 18th...

Randers City Camp, © Randers City Camp

Randers City Camp

8920, Randers NV

Welcome to some of the best scenery in the area, with panoramic view over the Nørreaa valley, and just 5 km. to the centre of Randers. We have everything for guests of any age, and our new pool with s...

Randers Brewery

8940, Randers SV

Randers Bryghus is a small hand brewery where beer is brewed in the good oldfashioned way. Good raw materials, good recipes and much time are important ingredients for welltasting beer. A totally loca...

© Carsten Enemark

Fjordcentret – Voer Færgested
With us, you can get wet, get your hands dirty, or end up smellingof reed, wool, smoke and fish. You can splash through the water in waders, spray water on your dad or so...

© A. Møller

A. Møller - Randers

8940, Randers SV

House 1:
Detached house of 80 m2 with all facilities at the edge of the wood.
2 separate bedrooms, private bath and kitchen. 

Prices House 1:
2 persons: DKK 500.-
The following nights: DKK 400.-

Alling Vest

8680, Ry

Alling Vest Fredningen is a nature reserve of approx. 270 ha. and one of the most magnificent sceneries in Denmark.

The strong relief of heights and valleys was formed by the natural forces released ...

Restaurant Stensballegaard is ready to spoil you and your tastebuds with their chef's tasty creations, while stunning views of the forests and Horsens Fjord do theirs to enhance the experience....

Boller castle grounds
By Boller castle you find the beautiful castle garden. You enter the enclosed garden through an old wrought iron gate, and in the garden you find fuchsia, roses and primroses. Al...

Brædstrup playground.Nice playground situated in the Brædstrup Park. Combine a visit to the playground with a picnic in the park....

Bygholm Lake & Forest

8700, Horsens

The artificial Bygholm lake was layed out in 1918 and is beautifully situated with beech wood close to the lakeside. Around the lake there is a 13 km long path which is frequently used for walk or run...

© Adventkirken

Horsens Adventist Church is a Christian church affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Denmark. The church was completed and consecrated in 1954

The Adventist Church offers weekly bible s...

Brædstrup Church

8740, Brædstrup

On the old cemetery at Ring Lake a lawn with a beech hedge indicates the outline of the previous church and a gravestone with the inscription: “Here was Ring Church from about 1200 to 1940”. 
The new ...

Endelave Church

8700, Horsens

Access to churchyard. The oldest stone church without a steeple. From the original boulder wall today only small remnants of wall are left in the choir, the nave and the porch. Sights inside the churc...

Horsens Abbey Church

8700, Horsens

The Abbey Church was constructed in the 1260s. As the name implies, it was formerly part of a monastery complex, which was built on a plot donated in 1261 by Squire Niels of Barritskov to the Francisc...

© Destination Djursland

Enjoy Allingåen,the small river, from Sjellebro to Grund.-abourt 17 km.
Canoes with full equipment you can rent at the station.

Overnight accommodationIt is possible to spend the night in on...

Klostermølle Campsite

8660, Skanderborg

Klostermølle tent camping area

The tent camping area is located by Kløstermølle nature centre, just by the Gudenå stream and very close to Mossø (Moss Lake). The vantage point Sukkertoppen (the Sugar...

© Lars Juul

The Island Endelave

8700, Horsens

The Island Endelave lies as a little gem in the ocean, just off Horsens Fjord.

The scenery on the island is very diverse, and varies from cultured areas at the centre of the island, to large protecte...

The Island Endelave, near Horsens , © Lene Kamilla Hansen

The tip of the Island, Endelave approx 12+ km.
Take a bike ride around the island and enjoy the unspoiled nature. Here are hardly any hills to climb, and you will find lovely beaches and rich plant l...


Klostermølle  (monastery mill) is situated where the Gudenå runs into Lake Mossø. It is a large group of buildings, previously housing a paper mill. In medieval times there was a Benedictine monastery...



8660, Skanderborg

Mossø (Moss Lake)

Compared to Danish standards, the sea high-land is of an extraordinaire dimension. The area is characterised by hills and valleys created during the last glacial period. The eroded ...

Nature Centre Skovgård

8700, Horsens

Nature Centre Skovgård is owned by Horsens Kommune. Is bordered by Hansted Wood and the waterworks lake.

Nature Centre Skovgård ...

The nature trail between Horsens and Silkeborg aprox. 52 km.

The nature trail along the old Bryrup railway takes you through the beautiful and hilly sea high-land. The trail’s path is split into two...

Naturstien Søvind

8700, Horsens

The nature trail to Søvind

The beautiful nature trail from Husodde to Søvind, partly runs along the old railway tracks from Silkeborg. Along the trail, there are several opportunities to enjoy your l...

Sukkertoppen by Mossø

8660, Skanderborg

A challenging and unbelievably beautiful hiking trail, which winds its way through heath and blueberry bushes and up the steep hill Sukkertoppen, which means "the sugar loaf" in Danish. From the top, ...

Highland Pub

8883, Gjern

Enjoy the pub’s delicious snacks and drinks overlooking the ski slope, where people are having fun skiing and sledging....

DAYZ Søhøjlandet

8883, Gjern

Dayz Søhøjlandet is a holiday centre located in the Gjern Bakker hills,  Bring your family, sports club, card club or colleagues to Dayz Søhøjlandet and enjoy activities where the nature and woodland ...

DAYZ Søhøjlandet

8883, Gjern

Dayz Søhøjlandet is a holiday centre located in the Gjern Bakker hills, Bring your family, sports club, card club or colleagues to Dayz Søhøjlandet and enjoy activities where the nature and woodland a...

Bed & Breakfast Kappelbo

8600, Silkeborg

Host: Birte Sønderskov Hansen
Location: In a pleasant neighbourhood, within walking distance of the town centre, pedestrian streets, train station, the Hjejle boats, restaurants, Museum Jorn, Aqua Aq...

Rocksann Huset

8900, Randers C

The city’s biggest entertainment place, situated
in Storegade. Rocksann Huset offers a DJ and live
music for every taste on 4 floors, including a
courtyard. You can enjoy the best beef in Maren


8600, Silkeborg

Tour de Gudenå

8600, Silkeborg

Tour de Gudenå is a one-day, 73-kilometer or 42 kilometer race for all classes. The 73 kilometer race is kicked off in Silkeborg on the lake in the heart of the city and the finish line is Randers Bri...

Sjelle Church

8464, Galten

The church's nave and chancel was built in the Romanesque period of granite over a beveled base. In the late Middle Ages a tower and a porch was added, and the church was extensive rebuilt after 1595....

Skovby Church

8464, Galten

The choir and nave were built in the Romanesque period of granite. Both the doors are intact, the north door is bricked up, and the southdoor is in use. To the North there are bricked Romanesque windo...


Showing 551 - 600 of 824 entries