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Death and mother

6600, Vejen

 In front of the entrance to the Vejen Art Museum you find Niels Hansen Jacobsen's sculpture from 1892, "Døden og Moderen” (Death and the Mother). A serious and eternally valid topic – but notice how ...

Lien - Stone age cliffs

9800, Hjørring

This landscape has been shaped since the Ice Age. In the Stone Age the level af seawater was higher than today, and you can clearly see the old coastline....

Camp Stendal Plantage

7470, Karup J

"Stendal Plantage" (plantation) is placed in woodland scenery, where the Jutland ridge flattens out to the previous heath landscape.Contact: Feldborg Statsskovdistrikt, Telephone 0045 974541...

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6600, Vejen

Niels Hansen Jacobsen's sculpture “Militarismen” (Militarism) is featured on the central square in Vejen.

The sculpture offers an interpretation of the horrors and inhumanity of war in the form of a ...

Almindsø, Silkeborg

8600, Silkeborg

Lake Almindsø near Silkeborg is one of Denmark’s cleanest lakes. There is no agriculture nearby or polluting drainage into the lake and it is a popular bathing lake with two large pools, Østre and Ves...

Sandy beach at Skallerup Klit. The beach has a Blue Flag and invites activities and walks. Good opportunities for beach fishing...

Camp Tusågaard

7470, Karup J

"Tusågaard" is situated near Karup valley. Access to river and fishing lake. Good pathes for walks in plantation and heath areas. Contact: Søren and Trine Mikkelsen, Telephone 0045 97101321....

Restaurant Glashuset

9800, Hjørring

Quality restaurant in the centre of Lønstrup with a cozy terrasse. Enjoy a lovely dinner made from the finest raw materials of the season....

Undallslund Skov

8800, Viborg

The forests north of Viborg include Undallslund Skov, Skrikes Plantage and Neckelmanns Plantage.The forests is a 365 hectar big area and is the biggest un...

Bjerre wood

7130, Juelsminde

Forest with several landscaped walkways and bike routes.

South of the forest you will find the new wetland at Skjold Å and Bjerre Engsø...

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Sommerlyst B and B

6630, Rødding

Private accommodation is offered in two separate rooms, a single and a double room, with shared bathroom and toilet in a separate building.

The building has a terrace overlooking the forest.

The Tollund Man is the naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the 4th century BCE, during the period characterised in Scandinavia as the Pre-Roman Iron Age. He was found in 1950, buried ...

Anders Grøftehauge

8600, Silkeborg

Location: 50 m from Lake Silkeborg Langsø in a lovely area of natural beauty with a lot of running, walking and bicycle routes. 10 minutes to Silkeborg town centre by bus. New guests can be picked up ...

BOUNTY Lønstrup

9800, Hjørring

Cosy cafe in the middle of the town. For lunch the pub has a speciality: herring....

Marco Friis Keramiker

9800, Hjørring

Marco Friis works mainly in fajance - decorated with icing images. The style is quite unique, and is a mixture of old and new styles. He creates his pottery from the motto 80% love and 20% clay. Marco...

Niels Bugges Kro and Niels Bugges Hotel are situated in beautiful landscape at the lake Hald Sø.Throughout the years both kro and hotel have been carefull...

The River Karup A

7470, Karup J

The river Karup Å is known by many as one of the best fishing areas for fishing of sea trout and has set records for the sizes of catches. The river "Karup Å" has ...

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Close to the Ancient Road in quiet scenic surroundings overlooking the lakes and beautiful garden we offer one double room of approximately 30 m2.

The double room is located in a separate building wi...

E. og N. Hagn-Meincke

8800, Viborg

Cosy apartment in the old part of Viborg, close to the cathedral, the lakes and the pedestrian area.

2 bed rooms (each with 1 double bed)
Foreign TV channels
Extra bed po...

"Asmild Klosterhave", a convent garden at Asmild Church.The garden contains a collection of plants known and used in Denmark in the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th ...

Glass House

9800, Hjørring

Glass-blowing & exhibition. An experimental workshop creating items of applied art as well as unique glass sculptures & cast glass....

Viborg Sø-Camping-DCU

8800, Viborg

Camp site placed close to the Viborg lakes. Beautiful nature with walking paths and bicycle routes. The camp site can offer:Rent of bicyclesBath and boat jetty Beach...

Camp Kompedal Plantage

7470, Karup J

The camp is placed in the 2.700 hectar big "Kompedal Plantage" (plantation).Access from the parking place at the north side of the plantation (Urhanevej).Contact: Feldborg Skovdist...

© peter egebæk

The restaurant at the Jels Motel and Sports Centre offers a wide selection of prime steaks as well as a dish of the day. For our youngest guests we have a special children's menu.

You can enjoy dinn...

Closed between Christmas og New Year....

A supermarket selling groceries, freshly baked bread and sandwiches, beer and soft drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables, non-prescription medicine and postage stamps. There is a customer toilet and info...

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Jels Voldsted, nature

6630, Rødding

In the area around the Jels Voldsted car park you can enjoy your coffee or lunch by the picnic tables with views to the forest and the lake of Jels Midtersø. At the northern end of the parking lot the...

Galleri Jakobsen

9800, Hjørring

The gallery exhibits modern art by recognised Danish and foreign artists. There will be 5 exhibitions a year featuring paintings, watercolours, graphics and sculptures.For more opening ...

Skovgaard Museum

8800, Viborg

The Skovgaard Museum shows art and paintings of the Skovgaard family. 

The museum has a permanent as well as changing exhibitions.

The museum is located in the old town hall, a baroque building fro...

Keramikcafé Møllehuset

9800, Hjørring

Beneath Vennebjerg Windmill lies the home of the former artist Johannes Hofmeister. 
The products are made to make you happy. Their purpose is not standing in a cupboard, but to be used!...

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We can offer a new modern apartment. There is kitchen, livingroom and a bathroom. There is a seperate bedroom with 2 sleepingplaces and a sofa in the livingroom for 2 children.The apartment ...

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Ulriksminde campsite is located at the western end of Askov in a private garden. The garden is surrounded by a beautiful beech hedge, which means the campground is well sheltered. There is a campsite ...

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6600, Vejen

The sculpture “Skyggen” (The Shadow) is featured at Vejen Art Museum.

“Skyggen” is a sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen's absolute masterpiece, modelled in Paris in 1897-98. The horizontally floating scu...

Blokhuset is a lovely scout cabin roughly 12 km from Viborg. Lovely location overlooking Lake Hald Sø with direct access to the lake. The nature in the area is also fantastic and lends itself to a mul...

Oasen i Viborg centrum

8800, Viborg

New and modern rooms and apartments in the heart of Viborg.

Nice and well furnished apartments and rooms in the centre of Viborg. Booking with or without breakfast possible (cosy breakfast café).


Camping Ulbjerg

8832, Skals

Quiet camp site in beautiful landscape (20 hectare) directly at the Limfjord. 

Several walking and bicycle routes in the area.  

Outdoor swimmingpool and several aktivities for children.

Bicycles f...

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6600, Vejen

Skodborghus was once a castle located by a low-lying riverbank in the valley of Kongeådalen. It was an important border fortress in the Middle Ages, and in the 1500s it was used as a tax collection po...

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Close to the great Hamborggård Rock you find the KFUM-Scout’s cabin, Klebækhytte. Adjacent to the cabin there is a camping site for hikers and cyclists.

One of the cabins has a toilet, thus offerin...


9800, Hjørring

Come and enjoy the very best of the North Sea's beautiful coastline on the North Sea Trail. Walk in the footprints of famous explorers, capture the view from towering cliffs and learn how the North Se...

Daugbjerg Church

8800, Viborg

The Romanesque ashlar church in Daugbjerg consists of chancel and nave. The font is a magnificent example of high quality Romanesque granite art. The Renaissan...

Restaurant Nordsøen

9800, Hjørring

Cosy restaurant with good Danish food. Every summer - outdoor grill - great, friendly atmosphere ...

© Jels Vikingspil

Jels Vikingpageant

6630, Rødding

Burning romance, formidable fencing battles and colourful scenes performed by hundreds of voluntary players create a unique experience at Jels Vikingpageant (Vikingespillet in Jels) every summer. The ...

Vinkel Church

8800, Viborg

Vinkel Church is placed in the village Vinkel about 7 km south east of Viborg and brings memories of 800 years of church building art and culture.  

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Shelter by Jels Voldsted

6630, Rødding

The shelter at Jels Voldsted is located in the middle of the forest. Between the tall, slim and shady beech trees the shelter is almost level with the forest bed. Here you can really lie low.

The she...

Asmild Church

8800, Viborg

One of Denmark's oldest churches. In 1133 the Viborg bishop Eskild was murdered in front of the churches' high altar by King Erik Emune's men. South of the chu...

© Vejen Idrætscenter

Ideal for fun water activities with the family and friends, and whether you are a recreational or competitive swimmer.

Our 25-meter pool features 27°C warm water. And in the diving pool you can jump ...


Showing 101 - 150 of 477 entries