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Summer-yoga/pilates in Hals

Start-up: April the 28th until August the 29th.

Yoga reduces stress, gives you mental clearness, flexibility, better body posture and bigger self-esteem.

The Program


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On shaky ground in the moor

9280, Storvorde

Between 10:30 and 12:30: A guided tour in your own car in "Lille Vildmose".

In the Portland-moor the guide will tell you all about the bog and its special flora and fauna. On the road of "Hegnsvej" w...

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Which plants and animals can you find in a bog? and what does hula hoops and water balloons have in common with detective work? Are you curious? Bring the magnifying glass, Wellington boots, a curious...

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A visit to the unique nature of the bog - give your family visit just the right start with all the intimacy and coziness of the fire - here the Center guide has prepared a compfire and serves food and...

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Ride the bog train

9280, Storvorde

Take a ride in the old railway engine and the bog wagons.

A ride with the bog train on the Lille Vildmose railway costs dkk 20,- if you also buy an entrance-ticket to the Lille Vildmose center....

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Fun at the lake

9280, Storvorde

Between 10:30 and 12:00. Swing the insect net in search for aquatic insects, fish and frogs. With nets and trays, we examine the life of the lake at “Vildmosegaard”. The animals can be studied with a ...

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Crazy about "Vildmosen"

9280, Storvorde

The Centre’s guides will ensure an active day, where both kids and grown-ups are in focus. We can guarantee that you will get wiser at “Lille Vildmose” than before you came! We put great emphasis on t...

Date: Thursday, August 14 between 19:00 and 21:00.

Meeting point: The car park at the Harbour of Hou, at the Yacht Club

Guide: Esben Buch

NOTE: Remember small glass’ for tastings and a collecting b...

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A bike ride through “Lille Vildmose”, where we’ll visit Birkesø (Birke lake) and research area with sphagnum peat moss. The guide will tell about restoration of the nature and show the results. On “He...

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Visit the small café that is situated together with Mejdahls Bakery. Here you can enjoy a nice cake, sandwich or a nice hot cup of coffee while you enjoy the view towards Hals church.

You can read m...

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Limfjord Party 2014

9310, Vodskov

A real party where some of the most established and well-loved artists of Denmark though the years are gathered. Artists who can provide musical experiences while kick start a party, sing along and pl...

The organist (and in honor of the occasion also pianist) Peter Emil Ryom. This evening he has teamed up with the two singers, Margrethe Smedegaard (soprano) and Thomas Rewe (baritone). They will perfo...

With organist Peter Emil Ryom (Frederik's Church in Højbjerg).

Peter Emil will perfrom both know and unknown works and the audience will from time to time be encouraged to sing along.

The concert be...

August 7 - The Shanty Choir – at 19:00 and 20:00 in Hals and Hou.

Song at Sunset with the Løgstør Shanty Choir.

Back in time it was hard physical work to sail and maintain the big ships at sea and h...

Pulled Pork Party

9280, Storvorde

Pulled Pork Party for 13-19 year olds.

Rock music at "Mou Hotel", Friday, August 8, between 18:00 and 23:00.

Come and taste the amazing Pulled Pork Burgers.

Get a musical experierence with the Aalb...

Bugel at "Lille Vildmose"

9280, Storvorde

Sunday, August 10 you’ll find hornist at “Lille Vildmose”. 

At 10:00 the bugle call for hunting and then you can learn about the bugle and how it’s used. A group of hornets will make a demonstration ...

August 12 the Rebild Spillemænd (Fiddlers) perform at “Ladegården” in Hals at 18:00

A festive evening with the“Rebild Spillemænd”.

Concert, food and dancing!

Hals Hotel has to this evening created ...

Summer concert with Dyveke, she sings the old Danish film and revue songs from the 20's, 30's and 40's. That is, "Pige træd varsomt" and "Man binder os på hånd og mund".

Dyveke are faithful to the or...

© Marie Petersen

Thursday, August 14 at 20:30 - Harbour of Egense

Concert with famous opera Choir (Nabucco, Tannhäuser, Carmen) at the cozy harbor in Egense. Piano: Lili Olesen, conductor: Troels Kold. Concert by Als...

© Marie Carmen Koppel

Concert with Marie Carmen Koppel

August 15 – Marie Carmen Koppel I Mou Church at 19:30.

With her amazing voice you can sit down, relax and enjoy an evening in the world of Gospel.

Price: 150 DKK.


A Music Service in the "Fruerlund park"

August 17 - Music Service in "Fruerlund parken" at 19:00.

This event is part of Dokkedal Days - Music along the coast line...

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Enjoy the summer countryside on a cozy horse-drawn carriage on the south side of the fjord, Limfjorden.

The trip will lead you along the beach on the North Sea Trail, and around Mulbjerge, where you ...

Time to dance!

Three Sundays during the summer Gandrup Line Dance invites everyone to go dancing at Lagunen Put'n'Take.

You have two choices, as you can simply watch the dancing or join the line dan...

City walk in Hals

9370, Hals

Hals city has a long and exciting historical background, which can be found in all of Hals through different monuments and land marks, such as the whale jaw bones and the Redoubt (Skansen).

The city ...

The city walk starts at 7pm at Hals Skanse (Redoubt)

Price: 20,- DKK per person - children under 12 are free....

Join the music festival between July 21 and July 27 – here you enjoy the music at the harbor in Hals.


Monday, July 21
Between19:00 and 21:00 – “Muleskinners” from Aalborg - country music...


Showing 251 - 279 of 279 entries