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Kræmmergård, Bækmarksbro

7660, Bækmarksbro

Kræmmergård by Siri and Niels Peder

Kræmmergård is a farm/garden with the aim of producing fresh products with the shortest possible route to the consumer.  Much of the production is sold directly at...

Bækmarksbro Put and Take

7660, Bækmarksbro

Enjoy nature while you are fishing, Bækmarksbro Put & Take.

If you like to fish and enjoy nature, then surely Bækmarksbro Put and Take is the right place for you.

Turn off at road signs 8 kilometre...

Tangsø Centret, Bækmarksbro

7660, Bækmarksbro

Between sea and moor you find the Tangsø Centre and Tangsø Wellness.

In the Tangsø Centre something is always going on. Here all the activities take place under the same roof. They include swimming, ...

© Iben Laursen, Struer

Iben Laursen Gallery in Struer

Iben Laursen makes colorful acrylic paintings and collages added a pinch of humor. There are birds and elks, paint and crayons. Old cigarette packages and handmade pape...

© Lemvig-Thyborøn Turistinformation

Yacht Harbour Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Nice marina in Thyborøn

The marina in Thyborøn offers newly renovated bath and toilet facilities, living rooms, power supply.

Near the marina you also find a sailmaker with ceiling sails and equipme...

© Lemvig Turistbureau

Fishmarket in Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Denmarks oldest fish festival

If you want to experience an authentic WestJutland festival, where the sea, fish, culture and entertainment blend to make an uforgettable day, make sure you go to Thybor...

© Thyborøn-Aggerfærgefart

Thyborøn-Agger Ferry

7680, Thyborøn

Thyborön - Agger Ferry service

The ferry goes from Thyborøn every full hour monday - friday from 6 o'clock in the morning, saturday from 7 o'clock in the morning and sundays / holidays from 9 o'clock...

© Thyboroen Faestningen, Thyboron

The Thyborøn Fortress, one of the largest plants in Denmark

Initially there were a total of 66 large and 40 small bunkers along the coast of Thyborøn. Several of the bunkers have gradually disappeare...

SJ Holiday Cottage Rental by Steen Jørgensen.

SJ Holiday Cottage Rental is a local accommodation agency at Vrist and Vejlby Klit with more than 25 years of experience.

The agency rents about 400 pr...

© Kystcentret, Thyboron

Kystcentret, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Kystcentret, an Exploratorium that invites its visitors to be active.  The...

Eating place & fishmonger’s.

Visit the restaurant of the Fish Hall on the first floor from where you have a lovely view of the Old Harbour of Thyborøn or enjoy your food outdoors on the square in fro...

Thyborøn Camping and Hotel

7680, Thyborøn

Thyborøn Camping, Hotel and Cottages.

Thyborøn Camping, Hotel and Cottages is a small, cosy, renovated camping site very close to the North Sea and only a few minutes’ walk from a fantastic sandy bat...

Mallemukken in The Red Huts, an excursion for the whole family.

The Red Huts in Thyborøn are beautifully situated within a stone’s throw from the North Sea. Here is a cosy atmosphere with something t...


This place is located 600 m away from the west oast. The house itself is constructed by recycled material from the harbour of Thyborøn. Here it is
possibility to try footballgolf at ...

Egholm Maskiner in Lemvig.

Egholm Maskiner A/S arose from a burning idea that the entrepreneur Kaj Egholm just had to realize. Kaj is obsessed with an urge to create inventive, functional and simple ...

Cykel Mads, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Cykel Mads in Lemvig

At (Bicycle) Cykel Mads in Lemvig.

You will find all the well-known make of bicycle as: Kildemoes, Trek, MBK, Cube, Cannnondale, Batavus, Avenue, Everton.

Cykel Mads make an ...

Welcome to the Harboøre Centre.

The Harboøre Centre offers a wealth of opportunities. There are squash courts, badminton courses, golf/shooting simulator, spinning, gym, pool, billiards and internet ...

ØnskeBørn, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Ønskebørn in Lemvig.

Ønskebørn in Lemvig has a wide range of baby equipment, toys, children’s clothes, maternity wear and much more. 

Visit the shop in Konsul Andersensgade 4 in Lemvig. Here you can...

Blæksprutten, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Blæksprutten in Thyborøn.

Blæksprutten in Thyborøn has a large selection of Children's clothes, toys and office supplies....

Lemvig Sports and Cultural Centre.

This centre provides the ideal framework for sport, exercise, swimming, courses, meetings, congresses, cultural events and festivals of all kinds.

Lemvig Sports a...

The Art and Culture Centre Tuskær.

The Art and Culture Centre Tuskær is situated south of Fjaltring behind the outermost dike with the sea as its nearest neighbour.  Here each individual can get expe...

© Museet for Religiøs Kunst

The Museum of Religious Art in Lemvig.

On one of the most beautiful sites of Lemvig you will find The Museum of Religious Art. 

The fact that we have an art museum in Lemvig today with special empha...

Bovbjerg Lighthouse

On the edge between fat farming land and poor sandy soils. On the edge between the soft curves of the landscapes of the last Ice Age and the flat lands of melted water.

The Light...

Hornvarefabrikken, Bøvlingbjerg

7650, Bøvlingbjerg

The "Hornvarefabrikken" in Bövlingbjerg

Open workshop – free admission all year roundVisit the workshop at Hornvarefabrikken to see the traditional craft of horn working being practised as we turn be...

Private accommodation by Gunda and Kurt Nygaard

First floor with space for 4-(5) persons. There is access to bathroom and a kitchenette. Private entrance, living room with TV, DVD, video and balcony....

Lemvig Marina

7620, Lemvig

Lemvig Marina has a capacity of approximately 120 boats.There are bathroom facilities, a barbecue area, a slipway and rigging-sheers.Close to the marina you also find a camp...

Kynde & Knak, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Kynde & Knak in Thyborøn.Kynde & Knak in Thyborøn is a special-store who has a wide selection of women's wear from the age of 15 and up. The...

Rema 1000, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Rema 1000 in Lemvig.

Rema 1000 offers a wide selection of groceries. There are both discount items, but also more well-known brands. Therefore, Rema 1000 offers something for every taste within diffe...

Stark, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Stark in Lemvig.

Stark in Lemvig has a wide selection for everything for construction and housing. The selection consists of well-known brands in different price ranges so there is something for ever...

© Lemvig Turistbureau

Rom flyveplads

7620, Lemvig

Rom AirfieldThe airfield is public property by the municipality of Lemvig and has the code EKLV. The place is managed by Lemvig glider club. Parking of plains is in the gras...

© Tæppegården, Lemvig

Tæppegården, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Tæppe-Gården in Lemvig.

Tæppe-Gården in Lemvig is a company with more 30 years of experience in sale and installation of flooring/carpets/curtains. The company is located in the middle of town. 


DB Lædervare, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

DB Lædervarer in Lemvig.

DB Lædervarer has a large selection of bags/schoolbags, purses, suitcases, rucksacks ect.

All this is has different prices and designs. There are something for every taste....

© Matas, Lemvig

Matas, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Matas in Lemvig

Matas is a nationwide chain that has a broad assortment of products for personal care and wellness. The selection is a mix of well-known brands within various price ranges.

In Matas...

Degn, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Degn in Lemvig.Degn in Lemvig has a large selection of everyday- and party clothes. They have also different accessories e.g. necklaces and scarfs.Degns targe...

The Jens Søndergaards Museum in Bovbjerg.

The Jens Søndergaard Museum is placed on the outermost edge of the cliff, at the village of Ferring, in a magnificent setting, the museum with its fine small...

Biohuset, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Biohuset in Lemvig.

Visit the cinema called Biohuset in Lemvig. Afternoon films usually start at 16.00 and the evening performances at 19.30. Admission is 70 kroner while double-length films cost at ...

Kvickly, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Kvickly in Lemvig.

Kvickly in Lemvig has everything you need in daily life, plus a little extra.

The shop has a large selection of both specialities and groceries, butchery, fruit and vegetable sec...

Strikkeboden Ved Havet.

Strikkeboden ved Havet (‘The Knitwear Shop by the Sea’) has a great selection of yarns and accessories together with shawls, hats, knitted sweaters and much more.  Birthe Jens...

Engens Watches - Gold - Silver in Lemvig.

Engens is one of Lemvig’s jewelry shops. The shop has a wide and beautiful selection of jewelry and watches in good quality. 

The assortment of Engens conta...

Euro Spar, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Euro Spar in Thyborøn.

Euro Spar in Thyborøn has a large selection of fresh bread, meat and groceries. Postoffice inside the store....

Dagli' Brugsen, Harboøre

7673, Harboøre

Dagli' Brugsen in Harboøre.

Dagli' Brugsen in Harboøre has a large selection of groceries. Among other things, the shop sells fresh fruits and vegetables and delicious, freshly baked bread. ...

© Ud paa Tur, Lemvig

Ud På Tur, exciting events in Lemvig and its surroundings

All year there are exciting evente in Lemvig and its surroundings.

Get or order the Ud På Tur brochure at Lemvig Tourist Office....

Shelters at breakwater Q in Fjaltring

On Kjeldbjergvej in Fjaltring you find two shelters placed on a meadow, just behind the last row of dunes.  So the site has a unique and beautiful location with ...

© Danhostel, Fjaltring

Fjaltring Hostel –Guesthouse, Denmark’s smallest hostel.

The hostel is located on the outskirts of Fjaltring overlooking open fields and the North Sea. In addition, the Limfiord town of Lemvig is onl...

Kiers Parkhus at Marianne and Jan Kier.

Cosy holiday flat in the heart of Lemvig, fully furnished with own kitchen and entrance on the same floor.

The flat includes a living room with  TV, 3 bedroo...

Harboøre Taxi, Harboøre

7673, Harboøre

Harboøre Taxi by Brian Bjerg.

Harboøre Taxi offers all types of taxi services in 4 – 8 seater vehicles with wheelchair lift.

Contact Harboøre Taxa if you need a convenient transport and good servic...

The Remmerstrand Camp close to Lemvig.

Remmerstrandlejeren is suitable for all ages for summer camps, winter camps, Sunday schools, youth corps, school for leaders and school camps. The ideal camp fo...

Sportigan, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Sportigan in Lemvig.

Sportigan in Lemvig have a large selection of sports clothes, sports equipments and leisurewear.

The shop sells for example H20, Adidas, Hummel, Nike and Helly Hansen.Visit Spo...

Tøjeksperten in Lemvig.Tøjeksperten in Lemvig has a large selection of men's clothes. The store sells different well-known brands including Shine, JBS, Signal, Huz...

Flügger Farver by P. Olsen in Lemvig.

Flügger is a nationwide paint shop with its own production of all essential goods. The range has been carefully considered, and the products are developed so tha...


Showing 1 - 50 of 232 entries