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© Galleri Møller P., Fjaltring

Galleri Møller P by Dorthe og Lasse.

Dorthe and Lasse Moeller P. is both qualified as potter. Lasse is also trained on the school for visual artists.

They makes ceramic, Skulpteur and Oilpaithing. ...

Heldumvejskiosk in Lemvig.Heldumvejskiosken in lemvig has a selection of diffrent grosseries, fresh bread, fruits, papers, flowers and movies.Visit the k...

© Bjarnes Fisk

Bjarnes Fish and Fisheteria on Lemvig Harbour

Right on the harbour of Lemvig, you find Bjarnes Fish and Fisheteria. Here is a large selection of fresh and smoked fish delicacies and fish dishes.


Tante Andante, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The children’s Tante (‘Aunt’) Andante in Lemvig.

Tante Andantes House in Lemvig is a fantastic place for children (only in the company of an adult), families and groups who like to use their imaginat...

Private accommodation by Helle and Sten Kirk.

There are two double rooms with own entrance, bath, balcony and living room with TV. In addition, a small kitchenette with coffee maker, electric kettle ...

Vestjysk Kajak, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Western Jutland Kayaking, courses and experiences in a sea-going kayak.

A safe kayaking requires knowledge and experience with regard to equipment, rowing technique, life-saving drills, wind, weather...

© Lemvigdata, Lemvig

Lemvig Data

Lemvig Data  is a specialist shop focusing on computers, mobile phones and accessories. In addition, they offer services such as maintenance, support, configuration and monitoring of IT s...

Lemvig Bookshop by Lisbeth Kirkeby Nielsen.

Lemvig Bookshop is the only bookshop in town. The small shop has a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction, youth and children’s books.
Besides the many bo...

Thyborøn Sails and Marine, more than 45 years of experience.

Thyborøn Sails and Marine has more than 45 years of experience in sewing sails. They supply equipment for commercial and recreational boat...

© Danland, Lemvig

Danland Lemvig Holidaycenter - prospect of a great holiday! skøn ferie!

At Danland Lemvig the hole family will get a prospect of a great holiday.
Here you will find comfortable holiday apartments wi...

Gammelgaard Glas, Bøvlingbjerg

7650, Bøvlingbjerg

Gammelgård Glas, a family business.

Gammelgård Glas is specialised in making seasonal glass figures and for special occasions. The figures are handmade, thus giving them a unique personality.


Kwik Spar, Harboøre

7673, Harboøre

Spar in Harboøre by Charlotte Marianne Abildtrup.

Spar in Harboøre has a wide selection of groceries, fruits, vegetables, freshly baked bread, newspapers and magazines. 

In addition, Spar functions ...

© Odden Cafeterie

Visit Odden Cafeteria, Supermarket and Holiday Houses

Odden, Cafeteria

A cosy little cafeteria with a fantastic view over the Limfjord. Here you can enjoy a nice dinner while the children are playin...

Garant, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Garant Carpets, Curtains, Colors and Handicrafts.

Garant in Lemvig has a wide selection of carpets, curtains, colors and handicrafts. All this in various designs and price ranges so there is somethin...

The Japanese Garden in Nees.

The garden is inspired of Japanese garden culture and Japanese traditions. You can see beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. The garden gives you peace in soul and mind.


Vejlby Sommer Park, holiday experiences for the whole family.

Vejlby Sommerpark is a small, cosy family park which is situated on Normarkvej in Vejlby Klit. Here you find a Put & Take lake and mini g...

© Fiskehallen, Thyborøn

Eating place & fishmonger’s.

Visit the restaurant of the Fish Hall on the first floor from where you have a lovely view of the Old Harbour of Thyborøn or enjoy your food outdoors on the square in fro...

Welcome to the Harboøre Centre.

The Harboøre Centre offers a wealth of opportunities. There are squash courts, badminton courses, golf/shooting simulator, spinning, gym, pool, billiards and internet ...

Lemvig Sports and Cultural Centre.

This centre provides the ideal framework for sport, exercise, swimming, courses, meetings, congresses, cultural events and festivals of all kinds.

Lemvig Sports a...

Hornvarefabrikken, Bøvlingbjerg

7650, Bøvlingbjerg

The "Hornvarefabrikken" in Bövlingbjerg

Open workshop – free admission all year roundVisit the workshop at Hornvarefabrikken to see the traditional craft of horn working being practised as we turn be...

Kynde & Knak, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Kynde & Knak in Thyborøn.Kynde & Knak in Thyborøn is a special-store who has a wide selection of women's wear from the age of 15 and up. The...

Stark, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Stark in Lemvig.

Stark in Lemvig has a wide selection for everything for construction and housing. The selection consists of well-known brands in different price ranges so there is something for ever...

© Tæppegården, Lemvig

Tæppegården, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Tæppe-Gården in Lemvig.

Tæppe-Gården in Lemvig is a company with more 30 years of experience in sale and installation of flooring/carpets/curtains. The company is located in the middle of town. 


© Matas, Lemvig

Matas, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Matas in Lemvig

Matas is a nationwide chain that has a broad assortment of products for personal care and wellness. The selection is a mix of well-known brands within various price ranges.

In Matas...

Strikkeboden Ved Havet.

Strikkeboden ved Havet (‘The Knitwear Shop by the Sea’) has a great selection of yarns and accessories together with shawls, hats, knitted sweaters and much more.  Birthe Jens...

© Ud paa Tur, Lemvig

Ud På Tur, exciting events in Lemvig and its surroundings

All year there are exciting evente in Lemvig and its surroundings.

Get or order the Ud På Tur brochure at Lemvig Tourist Office....

Sportigan, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Sportigan in Lemvig.

Sportigan in Lemvig have a large selection of sports clothes, sports equipments and leisurewear.

The shop sells for example H20, Adidas, Hummel, Nike and Helly Hansen.Visit Spo...

© Flügger, Lemvig

Flügger Farver by P. Olsen in Lemvig.

Flügger is a nationwide paint shop with its own production of all essential goods. The range has been carefully considered, and the products are developed so tha...

Anders Bune, painter 

Anders mainly works with oil paintings and watercolour, and his motives are particularly descriptive of nature from travels and the local area. 
Open by appointment. ...

Lemvig Railway, VLTJ.

VLTJ runs every day between Vemb, Lemvig and Thyborøn. Among other things, VLTJ is known for the VLTJ song made several years back by the local band Tørfisk.

The train is also ...

© Lemvig Bibliotek, Lemvig

Lemvig Library offers wireless internet connection - Hotspot

At Lemvig Library there is access to the internet. It is possible to bring your own laptop as the library offers wireless internet connect...

© Expert, Lemvig

2-Tal, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Expert in Lemvig.

At Expert in Lemvig you only find well-known quality brands, and you will always be greeted by trained personnel.  In the shop you will find brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Phillips,...

Lemvig Havn

7620, Lemvig

Lemvig Harbour consists of the West- Old- and East Harbour. The West Harbour is also called the Fishing Port and it is the place of the fish processing and service comp...

Lemvig Museum, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Lemvig Museum, a mirror of the Lemvig area.

Visit Lemvig Museum and learn more about the distinctive character and identity of Western Jutland both past and present.  Explore the many exhibitions of ...

Venus, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Venus by Louise Pallestoft.

Venus by Louise Pallestoft in Lemvig has a wide seolection of women's wear. The store sells different well-known brands including Villa and Cream.

Visit Venus in Østergad...

© Butik Helle

Butik Helle, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Butik Helle in Lemvig.

Butik Helle has a wide selection of women’s wear from the age of 13 and up. Among other brands, the shop keeps Only, Vero Moda and Object. 

The large selection ensures that th...

© Thyborøn Apoteksudsalg

Thyborøn Chemist’s shop.

As a subsection, the chemist’s shop in Thyborøn is part of the pharmacy in Lemvig. 

Visit the shop in Thyborøn and see the many different products....

Bovbjerg Fyr stands on the edge between Denmark and the ocean 

On the edge between fat farming land and poor sandy soils. On the edge between the soft curves of the landscapes of the last Ice Age and...

© Odden Feriehusudlejning, Lemvig

Odden, Supermarkt

In the Supermarket you can buy all everyday necessities e.g. fresh bread and milk.


Tangsoe Holiday cottage in Baekmarksbro

Luxury cabins for 6 persons, constructed in a contemporary design, with fine kitchen equipment.

The cabins are located next to Tansø Centret, where you wil...

© Lemvig Turist

Gjeller Odde, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Good angling opportunities at Gjeller Odde

At Gjeller Odde you have good opportunities in catching sea trout, garfish and eel. The North Coast is particularly good in the spring.

The Gjeller Odde la...

Welcome to Bøvling Put & Take 

The lake of Bøvling Put and Take is established by an association to strengthen the bonds of unity in the local area and to draw people to the town.  Operation must not...

H.C. Andersen, spor 42

7620, Lemvig

H.C. Andersens footprints from Fjaltring to Lemvig

In 1859 H.C. Andersen undertook his great journey around Jutland, wich resulted in the words of the song "Jutland between two seas"- The first part ...

© Hospitalsbunkeren, Lemvig

The Hospital Bunker at Rom Airfield

The hospital bunker was the largest concrete shelter of the airfield with a floor space of 22,2 x 12,8 metres.The hospital was only meant to be used in connection ...

© Klosterheden, Lemvig

Dog forest in Klosterheden

The dog forest at Sønderby in Klosterheden is a fenced-in area of about nine hectares. Here the dogs can play without a leash but always with a companion.

There is a larg...

O Lediggang, Lemvig

7650, Bøvlingbjerg

O idleness

O, idleness, idleness! You are the vital air of innoncence and inspiration; the blessed breathe you, and blessed is he who possesses and preserves you, o holy treasure! only fragment of go...

© Den gamle smedie, Thyboron

Den Gamle Smedie, Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Den Gamle Smedie In Thyborön

Den Gamle Smedie (The Old Smithy) in Thyborøn is a arts centre, with different art exhibitions all the year around.
The point with The Old Smithy is to arrange art exhi...


Showing 51 - 100 of 239 entries