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Sdr. Vium kirke

6893, Hemmet

Sdr. Vium ChurchBrorsbølvej, Sdr. ViumSexton Søren Kr. AllerslevSdr. Vium6893 Hemmet

Hemmet Havn

6893, Hemmet

Little fishing harbour, close to large summerhouse area....

Only a few kilometers from the coast you can see another reminder of the terrible war - a memorial grave for seven English pilots who died om 1st December 1943, when their 4 engined bomber crashed.

Feriepartner Bork Havn

6893, Hemmet

The houses and housboats are situated in Bork Havn, Falen, Hemmet Strand, Årgab and Lønne.
Bork Havn is one of the most preferred Windsurfing Areas in Denmark. 

The harbour accomodates 350 yachts...

On the way to the scenic area of Lønborg Heath you find Uldgården…  Here you find nice gifts and functional items made of wool. ...

Tarm Camping

6880, Tarm

Welcome to Tarm Camping

Tarm Camping is a wonderful family site with good shelter. Walking distance to the town center is approximately 1 km, where there is a small selection of shops, restaurants, p...

Skaven Strand

6880, Tarm

Surfbeach by Ringkøbing Fjord.Good beach for children....

Tarm Sports Centre offers everything for the active family as well as an indoor swimmingpool with hot water basin, 60 metres waterslide, hot tub and pool for children.

Modern Fitness Center, Tennis ...

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Sol og Strand - Bjerregaard

6960, Hvide Sande

Sol og Strand Bjerregaard offers you lovely holiday homes in scenic surroundings between the North Sea and the bay Ringkøbing Fjord.
You will receive newspapers and magazines when you collect your ke...

Bicycles for rent at Feriepartner Bork Harbour

You will find the bicycle hire place in an attractive holiday area with summer- houses, camping sites, hotels, yachtharbour, shops and so on. The bicycl...

Gåsemandens Gård

6893, Hemmet

Visit a small farm. Outside are geese, hens and rabbits…

Gåsemandens Gård (the farm of the geese-man) is from the year 1860 and tells the story of a small heath farm in Western Jutland. It is a story...

Bork Havn – Nr. Nebel - Nymindegab

This cycling route will take you to the sea and the fjord, past idyllic and untamed nature, along the dunes and meadows and to places where you’re in for an adventu...


Showing 1 - 12 of 12 entries