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Frederiksborg Castle has a lecture room in connection with the museum. It contains a scene, platform and a big screen. It is suitable for workshops as well as meetings and conferences. The hall contai...

© Drabantgarden

The Halbardiers

3400, Hillerød

Drabantgarden - Frederiksborg Halberdiers

In 1571, King Frederik 2. of Denmark founded a corps of guards for his own protection. The corps was named Drabantgarden (The Halberdiers) and was to be his ...

© Freerslev Kotel

Freerslev Kotel is a visiting farm for the agriculture organization Landbrug og Fødevarer. Schools, companies, associations and privates are welcome to arrange a visit – please book in advance.


© FrederiksbogCentret

“Pippis Jul” is a Christmas musical about Astrid Lindgrens beloved character Pippi Longstocking.

The musical is performed by the theatre group Mastodonterne in FrederiksborgCentret in Hillerød.


© Tale Øksendal/Hillerød Kunstforening

New art exhibition at Annaborg Art House: "Artsession" – Kunst for fuld Musik

Art exhibition featuring 3 Danish painters: Jørgen Christiansen, Annette Lang and Tale Øksendal.

At the same time the t...

© Hotel Hillerød

Hotel Hillerød

3400, Hillerød

Hotel Hillerød is located in North Zealand – a beautiful and historical part of Denmark. The hotel has four stars, light and spacious surroundings, and stylish interior. The staff is the heart and sou...

Store Rosenbusk is one of the most beautiful of the smaler Danish lakes. The lake covers approximately 17.000 square meters and the dept is 6 meters.Every week we set out new great stealhead...

Believe it or not - but once upon the time a lot of trolls were living in the area around Slangerup. One of them, an old ugly female troll lived in a small hill near to the village Uvelse. When man be...

Forest Lystrup Skov

3550, Slangerup

Lystrup forest is one of the last remains from the great forest, which covered all North Zealand in previous times. Lystrup forest is rather hilly with deep slopes. In the midle of the forest a large ...

Bio City

3400, Hillerød

Bio-City Hillerød

The cinema in the heart of Hillerød, Bio-City, contains 6 picture halls, all modern top class. They are furnished with luxuriant cinema seats, and the best sound and picture technol...


3400, Hillerød

Gribskov (forest) is one of the largest forests in Denmark. The forest is the remaining of the great tangle which covered the prehistoric North Zealand. For a hundred years ago the lumber from Gribsko...

© VisitNordsjælland/Henrik Numelin

Café Vivialdi, Hillerød

3400, Hillerød

In the heart of Hillerød you will find not less than  2 Café Vivaldi, one of them situated at the main square, the other one close to the square in Helsingørsgade. 

In the cafes, we focus on a bright...

© Henrik Numelin VNS

Café København

3400, Hillerød

Café. Saturday from noon with Brunch and Jazz.
Located in the middle of Torvet ( the Square )....

© Mette Schjønning VNS

La Bella Vita

3400, Hillerød

Italien restaurant with a cosy atmosphere. Always fresh raw produce of the best quality. Big salad bar and really good italian wines....

Statue of Frederik VII

3400, Hillerød

The Statue of Frederik VII.The inital work was carried out by the renowned sculptor Hermann Wilhelm Bissen and was completed by his son Vilhelm Bissen. In order to re-present the details accurat...


3450, Allerød

Swamp with a rare and specially protected flora. Today most of the original open lake is covered by a layer of thick moss but, be careful waking around in the swamp, because underneath the moss there ...

Modern avantgarde theater. Play language: Danish only. Part of the interior is made by the famous Danish design companies Frits Hansen Møbler and Montana Møbler....

© Styrelsen for Slotte og Kulturejendomme

In the beginning of the 18th century, a Baroquegarden was established by the royal architect and landscape designer Johan Cornelius Krieger, and it was maintained for 40 years. In 1996 the reestablish...

© Karen Folker/VisitNordsjælland

Picturesquely located on the banks of the castle lake, lies Frederiksborg Castel and its Baroque Garden. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th century, ...

© Henrik Numelin VNS

Chokolade Mageriet

3400, Hillerød

Hand-made chocolate in own workshop. Visit shop and open workshop. Café serves coffee, hot chocolate and other delicious delights....

Strø Kirke

3320, Skævinge
© Visitnordsjælland

Tourist inspiration sites are locations where there is a selection of local and regional printed holiday material for visitors. These locations are based on self service, so you may not expect any tou...

© Krone Apotek

Hillerød Krone Apotek

3400, Hillerød

Here you can buy medical drugs....

© Henrik Numelin VNS

Vega Cykler Hillerød ApS

3400, Hillerød

Bike shop in HIllerød...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Skovgrillen in Hillerød

3400, Hillerød

Small eatery near Hillerød with burgers, sausages, sandwiches and chicken....


3400, Hillerød

Slotsarkaderne is a shoppingcenter located close to the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle. In the shoppingcenter it is possible to buy all kinds of clothes, shoes, accessories etc. ...

© Henrik Numelin VNS

Castello Rufo Ruffo

3400, Hillerød

Italian restaurant with a wide range of Italian / Sicilian specialties....

© Stengården

In the beautiful North Seeland 3 km from Birkerød and 5 km from Allerød lies Stengården, an organic family owned farm which is operated by Elizabeth and Jens Otto Rasmussen. The farm has been managed ...

© Sommers hus

Summers House

3400, Hillerød

Sommers House is personalized at best retro cottage style.

Sommers house is lovely centrally located just 5 minutes walk from Frederiksborg Castle. There is a bus right to the door. Bus to Hillerød S...

Skansen Cykler bike shop

3400, Hillerød

Skansen Cykler bike shop sells everyday bikes for all kinds of needs, and also has repair workshop and rental bicycles....

© Frederiksborg vin

Events for large or small groups - firms, associations, etc. with a tour of the vineyard and winery followed by tasting of our wines.

Price for the tour and tasting DKR. 125.00 per. person
- At leas...

© Poul Buchard / Brøndum & Co.

Galleries and museums

3000, Helsingør

Look for information about Galleries  here...


Bike route no. 33

3250, Gilleleje

The  cycle route 33, also called "Gilleleje path", is 27 km long and leads from the station i

Gilleleje,  through Gribskov to Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød. You can download the route here...


Book with cycling routes

3000, Helsingør

VisitNordsealand has created a book with beautiful cycling routes in different areas. You can download the book here...


Mountain bike in the forest Store Dyrehave

The forest Store Dyrehave is located in a very hilly terrain and is therefore an ideal place to run MTB. You have the opportunity to combine a physical chal...

© Sponz MTB

Rent a mountain bike

Sponz MTB Center offers guided tours by mountain bike. We offer tours throughout Nordsjælland, but will basically ride in the lovely Grib Skov (forrest). Our tours are based at...

Il Gallo Nero

3400, Hillerød

l Gallo Nero is a genuine Italian family restaurant with passion for traditions, transformed into a modern expression.

Here the food is made simpler in order to make the taste greater, and the kitch...

© Roald Als

Roald Als - Portraits

3400, Hillerød

Special exhibition: Cartoonist Roald Als at Frederiksborg Castle

Exhibition of portrait art by one of Denmark's most talented cartoonists, Roald Als.

The exhibition can be seen from d. October 9 in ...

© Lene Sandvang

Atelier Art&

3400, Hillerød

Atelier Art& is run by artist Lene Sandvang

Lene Sandvang is an experimental and curious artist. She works primarily with painting, acrylic on canvas, paper, cardboard and planks. She is inspired by ...

© Hillerød Bibliotek

The Ghost Horses - a sensory exhibition for children and adults

The exhibition is based on Karen Blixen's story "The Ghost Horses" from 1950/55 as an interactive tableau where one can see, smell, fee...

© Ninas Naturcafe

We have many Christmas items on our shelves, for instance the funny Gisela Graham angels, Dorte Christiansen’s hand felted gnomes, Moonmind gnome rings, and our new, homemade star shaped candle holder...

© C4 Hillerød

Christmas in Hillerød begins on Friday 27 November with the traditional Christmas Night and Black Friday

The city's beautiful Christmas illumination will be switched on, Black Friday is on with shops...

© Nordsjællands Veterantog

Christmas Vintage train from Hillerød to Rosendal Christmas Market 21 - 22 and 28 to 29 November

This year you can enjoy a cosy ride with the Christmas Vintage Train from Hillerød station to Rosendal...


Showing 101 - 144 of 144 entries