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Vejen Tourist Information

6630, Rødding

Visit our Tourist Information - VisitVejen

We are ready to help you with inspiring tips and ideas for you stay in our area:

At our information desk you can:
- Get an overview of local accommodation...

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Brørup Market

6650, Brørup

Experience the real market atmosphere at "Brørup Husdyrauktion og Kræmmermarked - Brørup Marked".

Every Friday morning there is cheerful and casual atmosphere when all the hawkers install their stall...

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At the former vocational school in Stenderup we offer five single rooms and two double rooms There is a large communal kitchen and living room and a shared bathroom in the corridor. The location is pa...

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You can rent a nice holiday home situated in beautiful and peaceful surroundings by the lakes of Jels. The area around Jels offers ample opportunities for angling, hiking, cycling, golf and relaxation...

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Located in the heart of Jels, Slotsgaarden offers five rooms in scenic surroundings.

The farm dates back to 1690, and the name (i.e. Castle Farm) refers to the farm having been built using stones fro...

Fountain, Jels

6630, Rødding

Ceramic fountain in the middle of the town of Jels....

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Jels Sø Camping

6630, Rødding

Jels Sø Camping is a quiet and peaceful campsite offering ample shelter for the approximately 65 tent sites. The campsite is favoured by many regular visitors, but there are also a number of pitches f...

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Royal Oak Golf Club

6630, Rødding

The Royal Oak golf course with its 18-hole course of extraordinary quality meets international standards with large greens and ample bunkers. The location of Royal Oak in the gently undulating landsca...

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Jels Church

6630, Rødding

Jels Church is located right in the heart of Jels and near the lakes of the town. It was consecrated in 1854, replacing a smaller, somewhat dilapidated chapel of hewn granite. The location near the la...

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Rental of boats and canoes on the lakes of Jels....

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Jels Bed and Breakfast

6630, Rødding

Jels Bed & Breakfast, located in the southern part of Jels, offers seven double rooms of high standard with separate entrance. In all, six double rooms and one room for four people. The rooms are indi...

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Burning romance, formidable fencing battles and colourful scenes performed by hundreds of voluntary players create a unique experience at Jels Vikingpageant (Vikingespillet in Jels) every summer. The ...

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Jels Pigen

6630, Rødding

Bronze sculpture by Jels Søbad created by schoolteacher Jørgen Thoms.

The sculpture came to town in 1953 and was made available following a negotiation between doctor H. H. Ravn and the Ny Carlsberg ...

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Royal Oak Café and Restaurant with its authentic bistro-style cuisine is a culinary gem in the region of Southern Jutland. From the terrace and the restaurant’s panoramic dining space you can enjoy vi...

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The Jels Motel and Sports Centre is located close to the scenic lakes of Jels in wonderful surroundings overlooking the green areas. We offer a beautiful outdoor seating area with views to the playgro...

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Jels Mill

6630, Rødding

Jels Mølle (Jels Mill) is a large Dutch-style smock windmill built in 1859. It was in use until 1959 to mill feed grain, flour and grist. Jels Mill is situated on a hilltop in Jels, allowing it to har...

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Orion Planetarium

6630, Rødding

Orion Planetarium shows various planetarium shows giving the audience an idea of the world of physics and astronomy.

Every hour you can lean back in the aeroplane seats and be initiated into the late...

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Ribehøj Log Rooms

6683, Føvling

Ribehøj Bjælkeværelser  - Ribehøj Log Rooms - are luxuriously furnished rooms in a class by themselves. It is the perfect place for a romantic weekend and pleasant self-coddling. From morning to eveni...

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Please call the planetarium for further information....

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At the Jels Motel and Sports Centre you can basically enjoy all kinds of sports:
- Football
- Handball
- Volleyball
- Badminton
- Tennis
- Basketball
- Table tennis

In addition, the centre include...

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The restaurant at the Jels Motel and Sports Centre offers a wide selection of prime steaks as well as a dish of the day. For our youngest guests we have a special children's menu.

You can enjoy dinn...

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Jels Vikingeby

6630, Rødding

Jels Vikingeby at this time contains of a workshop and a longhouse from the Iron Age that was reconstructed from a viking settlement that was found by Hammerlev in Southern Jutland.

Jels Vikingeby o...

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Experience the market atmosphere at Jels Viking Market. The Viking market will be held in the Viking town beside the open-air stage.


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Jels Voldsted is believed to have been a castle or fortress of significant size. There are approximately 130 meters between the northern and southern boundaries of the mounds.

The landward side of ...

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Jels Forest

6630, Rødding

The forest of Jels Skov encircles the beautiful Jels Lakes. The mainly beech forest also features areas with mixed tree vegetation.

The woodland belongs to the Danish Nature Agency, and there are se...

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Midtsø - hiking route

6630, Rødding

The 3.2 km hiking route around the lake of Jels Midtsø brings you to “Heksebroen” (the Witch’s Bridge) that offers a lovely lakeside view of the meadow and Jels Nedersø. You will also pas the hunting ...

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Stursbøl Plantation is located south of Jels by the Jutland ridge, which marks the glacial rim during the last Ice Age. The Ancient Road passes through the woods, partially as a narrow trail, partiall...

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Jels Søbad

6630, Rødding

Jels Søbad, the bathing area at the lake in Jels, is situated on the edge of Jels Nedersø where you may find Denmark’s most beautiful surroundings for a swim. When the water temperature is acceptable,...

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Every year the last sunday in September there is a International fishingcompetition in the Lakes in Jels.

Sale of licens from 05.30. The competition begins at 6.00 am and ends at 16.00 pm....

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Jels Voldsted, nature

6630, Rødding

In the area around the Jels Voldsted car park you can enjoy your coffee or lunch by the picnic tables with views to the forest and the lake of Jels Midtersø. At the northern end of the parking lot the...

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Health track in Jels

6630, Rødding

Test your fitness in the beautiful surroundings of the Jels Lakes. Along the shores of Jels Nedersø there is a signposted health track where you can test your fitness. There are information boards at ...

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Jels Sø Camping, cabins

6630, Rødding

Jels Sø Camping is a quiet and peaceful campsite where we also offer cabins for rent.

From DKK 350 per cabin per night + DKK 30 for electricity per day....

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The Jels Lakes

There are 3 Lakes in Jels Neder- Midt and Oversø. You are only allowed to fish in Neder- and Midtsø. Oversø is preservation of natural amenities.

You are allowed to fish in the Jels L...

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543 Sommersted

Gerda S. Limbrecht, Mosevænget 10, 6560 Sommersted, tel. +45 74 50 41 81 preferably between 10 AM and 1 PM

A 500 m2 lawn in a large residential garden on a closed road. There is sh...

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The café at Jels Voldsted is beautifully situated in a scenic area in the forest by Jels Midtsø. The rooms are bright and offer stunning views of the lake, making the café the perfect setting for a lu...

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Jels Voldsted - Boat hire

6630, Rødding

At Café Jels Voldsted canoes and rowing boats are let out on hire within the opening hours of the café. Of course, life jackets in all sizes are available. Outside opening hours please contact the add...

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Come and watch the fine vintage cars, American cars and other unique cars and a lot of motorcycles of various brands – new and old. Every second Sunday of the month from April through October, collect...

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Brugsen (Coop) in Jels

6630, Rødding

Supermarket with vegetables and fruit department, meat department with sandwiches and ready meals, wine department, sales of bakery goods, ATM.

Every Wednesday fresh fish and seafood products are ava...

Kiwi in jels

6630, Rødding

Discount supermarket with vegetables and fruit department, frozen ready meals, wine department, sales of bread and pastries from the bakery, and a customer toilet....

The baker in Jels

6630, Rødding

Bakery with fresh baked bread, pastries, sandwiches and hot coffee to-go etc....

Porskær Hay Hotel

6560, Sommersted

We have a small farm that is located on Hærvejen (the military road) where both people and animals can spend the night. You are more than welcome to stay for more than one night as we live in the mid...

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Science Shop Orion

6630, Rødding

Explore science hands-on and minds-on with fun gifts, kits, gadgets and souvenirs available at the science shop at the Orion Planetarium in Jels. You can also shop for exciting scientific magazines an...

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Follow the nature path and experience the size of the universe.

The nature around Jels is an experience, but if you follow Jels Natur- og Planetsti – Jels Nature and Planet Path – you will add a lot ...

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Barsbøl Shelter, Jels

6630, Rødding

Barsbøl Shelter is located near the northern end of the lake of Jels Midtsø by the edge of the forest of Barsbøl Skoven.

The site features two shelters, each with room for about 5 people. They offer ...

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Shelter by Jels Voldsted

6630, Rødding

The shelter at Jels Voldsted is located in the middle of the forest. Between the tall, slim and shady beech trees the shelter is almost level with the forest bed. Here you can really lie low.

The she...

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In the car park north of the location of the annual Viking pageant, Jels Vikingespil, opposite the Orion Planetarium you find a small information kiosk with public access.

The kiosk features a numbe...

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Stursbøl Plantage is a woodland of 275 hectares located on the Jutland ridge, the Ice Age glacial rim where wayfarers have travelled for millennia along the Ancient Road without having to cross stream...

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The pilgrim’s shelter in the woods of Skodborg Præsteskov offers tables and benches, under roof as well as in the open, where you are welcome to take a rest from your hike and enjoy your food.
The pi...


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