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Løsning kirke

8723, Løsning

The church was build in the year 1100 in Norman and Gothic style.The church is open Monday to Friday according to agreement and Sunday and holidays during the service. ...

Asbjorn Lonvig, Artist

8722, Hedensted

World of Art Award winning artist, designer etc. Asbjorn Lonvig works in simple shapes and bright colos. Just now he works with clients in Las Vegas, Portland, and Cape Town. This Autumn World of Art ...

St. Dalby kirke

8722, Hedensted

The church is built in romanesque style. The pulpit is from the end of the 15th century and the altarpiece from ca. 1600. The present altarpiece is from 1992 and was painted by Ernst Trier.Parson...


8722, Hedensted

2 dormitories with 12/13 beds + 2 separate rooms - a total of 31 beds.Rental: Weekend (Friday-Sunday), Weekdays and entire weeks.On our homepage ...

Hedensted Church

8722, Hedensted

Romanisque apse-picture dated from the time when the church was built. Discovered in 1898. This frescoe is unique. Other famous frescos in the church....

Ølsted Church

8723, Løsning

Norman, gothic and Renaissance style. Situated in the open country. Access to the churchyard.Free admission to the church as arranged....

Restaurant "Spisestedet"

7130, Juelsminde

Restaurant with steaks, fishspecialities, Danish courses etc.. Room for 48 persons. Outdoor service for 75 persons. ...

Belle Art Gallery

7140, Stouby

Discover a large and carefully selected range of quality art in the Belle Art Gallery including: painting, sculpture, graphics, art, glass etc....

Tønballe Naturcenter

7130, Juelsminde

There are public access to the park, the forest and the yard. Natural centre for natur studies and physics.For groups - only open as previously arranged.Brochure in Danish and German. ...

© Rosenvold Strand Camping

Rosenvold Beach Camp

7140, Stouby

Rosenvold Strand Camping is a campsite located in a naturally picturesque area on the north side of "Vejle Fjord", with only a few meters to a sandy beach where you can relax in beautiful surroundings...

Klejs Church

7130, Juelsminde

1908 - 09 - architect Ahlmann. One of the newest and best situated churches in Bjerre Herred. The building site and most of the furniture was donated the parishioners. Altarpiece "Jesus in Emmaus" pai...

Barrit Church

7150, Barrit

A church from the Middle Ages after restoration at the end of the 18. century it appears as new-romannesque/-gothic. Restored by Inger and Johs Exner in 1971-72. Romanesque granite-font, altarpiece wi...

"Katholt" offers a cosy, romantic and nostalgic atmosphere in beautiful surroundings. There are lovely places to sit down and relax in the large garden with lake and paths. We have a dog, ca...

Hotel-Pension Sirius

7130, Juelsminde

Hotel-Pension Sirius has a central location in Glud. Not far from the small fishing village Snaptun....

Cosy café situated in the heart of Hjarnø....

Vaffelbageriet i Juelsminde

7130, Juelsminde

Our cosy small waffle bakery is placed in the centre of Juelsminde. We are making our own cones, heart waffles and Belgian waffles....

Hedensted Put & Take

8722, Hedensted

By the main road 170 between Horsens and Vejle you will find 5 beautiful Put & Take lakes covering an area of 30.000 sq m in a charming setting that was once a gravel pit. Fish are released into the l...

Juelsminde Golfklub

7130, Juelsminde

GolfJuelsminde offers an exciting and often challenging 18-hole golf course. The course is situated in picturesque surroundings, high above the Juelsminde bay, and offers stunning panoramic ...

Teglværksøen is situated in Tofteskoven.The lake is in a delightful setting surrounded by forest and bushes.There are pontoon jetties on the banks of the lake to make fishing comfo...

Skjold Church

7130, Juelsminde

Romanesque church, rebuilt in 1863 and extended with a porch. Belfray built in 1975. The church was restored in 1988. Romanesque granite-font with lions. Altarpiece from 1942 is carved by Emil Hansen,...

Stald Plus

8723, Løsning

Stald Plus - Humans and horsesSpec.: "Harmony between mand and horse" - "Quality in your life" - "Horse's welfare." Special considerations and care, safe environment, sessions individual ada...

DannevangsHesteri B&B

8722, Hedensted

Bed & Breakfast and farmershop. We offer for instance rides, riding lessons, riding for people with disabilities etc....

© Klaring st. vej

Bed & Breakfast - Skovholm

7130, Juelsminde

Cosy rooms only 3 km from the centre of Juelsminde. Private entrance. 1 km to a very nice beach and a good place to fish.50 meters to the bus. 2 km to golf course

Tv with DVD and communal aerial. Wir...

Casablanca - Seaview

7130, Juelsminde

Holiday appartments/rooms only 50 meters from the beach. Nice furniture, comfortable beds and bathroom. Television and wireless internet connection. Large appartment with covered terrace and a view of...

Engbo Farm Shop

7140, Stouby

We are selling all kinds of meat, honey, homemade vegetables etc.
All our products are organic.
It is possible to experience the life of our animals.


© Liniepavillonen

Liniepavillonen, Juelsminde

7130, Juelsminde


Here we put quality first. The food is simple, honest and respectful of the good ingredients. The menu takes naturally based on the Danish food season.

We make everything from scratch, and do not ...

Juelsminde Church

7130, Juelsminde

(1912-13) The church and the parsonage were donated by the landowner E.V. Schou, Palsgaard. The altarpiece is painted by P.A. Schou from the original by El Greco.The nave is an original model of "The ...


7130, Juelsminde

Bicycle Hire
  1/2 day:   Dkk    60,-
     1 day:   Dkk    85,-
   1 week:   Dkk   300,-
   2 weeks:  Dkk  500,-
   3 weeks:  Dkk  700,-

Children's seats Dkk 20,- per day and Dkk 75,- per wee...


7130, Juelsminde

Very nice sandy beach situated near the marina, the town centre, the camp site and the youth hostel.

Blue Flag Beach...

The Stagsrode forest

It is an interesting stretch of forest, with trees and plants gathered from many different countries, e.g. rare orchids.

The beach forest on clay feet" is the Danish nickname f...

Hyrup Glashytte

7140, Stouby

Hyrup Glashytte is a small and very nice glass studio between Vejle and Juelsminde.Glas and unika....

Klakring Church

7130, Juelsminde

Romanesque church from the 12 th. century. Rebuilt in 1860's. Romanesque granite-font with rope-ornamentation. The pulpit is dated 1625. Pamphlets in the church. ...

Juelsminde Bed & Breakfast

7130, Juelsminde

Nice and centrally located in the centre of Juelsminde. Beach, marina and shopping facilities nearby....

Palsgaard Manor Park

7130, Juelsminde

The park layout is mainly due to the efforts of Holger Christian Reedtz, the Danish diplomat who was Lord of the manor in 1835-57. In 1850-51, he was the Foreign Minister of Denmark and played a part ...

Tønballe Forest

7130, Juelsminde

Tønballe forest is fantastic with its mosaic of salt marches, natural woodland, woodland pastures and meadows.There is a rich animal and bird life, which can be seen in the woods themselves ...

Ejnar Schous Allé 5

7130, Juelsminde

Nice room situated in the heart of Juelsminde. There is a small kitchenette withmicrowave and refrigerator.   ...

Bjørnsknudevej 1

7130, Juelsminde

Nice holiday appartment situated in a quiet area.



7130, Juelsminde

The Hjarnø ferry

Small ferry between Snaptun and Hjarnø. The ferry also transports cars.

It only takes 5 minutes.

Info on Hjarnø!...

We have holiday homes to suit every taste and every pocket, from guite simple houses without modern facilities to cosy individually-designed family homes equipped with modern facilities or luxury hous...

© FergusonMuseum

The largest private collection of Ferguson tractors in the north

The collection consists of more than 100 tractors from the period between 1940 and 1965 where the little grey Ferguson tractor was a r...

Hyrup Inn

7140, Stouby

Welcome to Hyrup Kro. Our cosy restaurant offers delicious food....

På Havnen, Juelsminde

7130, Juelsminde

Sitated by the beautiful marina in Juelsminde. Terrace. Parties all year through. Music in the summertime. In July jazz every sunday from 1 pm. - 4 pm....

Holiday apartment/rooms for rent in all sizes situated in the centre of Juelsminde. Bo Bedst holiday apartment has its own large and undisturbed patio and is ideal for holiday and weekend stays or jus...

Hjarnø Camping

7130, Juelsminde

A charming little camping site located near the middle of the island. There are six cabins and the site can house a total of approx. 200 visitors. Good playing facilities and a convenience store selli...

Hedensted Golfklub A/S

8722, Hedensted

18-hole course in beautiful surroundings with the scenic streams, lakes and wood.Rich in challenges and experiences, as we also have an abounding and varied wildlife.Exiting 9-hole golf course.Hedenst...

Rårup Church

7130, Juelsminde

The biggest church in the municipality of Juelsminde and the district of Bjerre. Beautifully situated near a deep ravine with traces of an old holu source; Sct. Annas source. A classic church from the...

Løgballe Camp site

7140, Stouby

The scenic area around Løgballe Camping is ideal for biking and hiking. On the  undisturbed beach nearby you can either go swimming or fishing. We recommend excursions to the Rosen...

Vrigsted Church

7140, Stouby

(1130-1150) The tower was built at the same time. Frescos from the same period. The romanesque granite-font is placed under the tower-arch. The church was restored 2000/01 and the frescos can now be s...

© Visitjuelsminde


7130, Juelsminde

Welcome to the Juelsminde Peninsula, with one of the most beautiful and varied stretches of countryside in Denmark.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at the Tourist Information Office for further i...

Juelsminde Fishbistro

7130, Juelsminde

The fish shop has always fresh fish and freshly smoked fish from their own smokehouse.Sea-food bistro with delicious specialities.During the summertime barbecue and outdoor service....


Showing 1 - 50 of 317 entries