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8250, Egå

Scancharter is a Danish company which hires out charter yachts in Denmark.
The charter yachts in Denmark are all approved for charter.
We set our standards high in order to offer our guests the very...


5800, Nyborg

Peacefully situated, newly restored old farmhouse. Large quiet garden. 150 m to beach.Facilities:Farm without animals9 bedsSingle room DKK 250,-Doub...

Stævnegården Bed & Breakfast, © Stævnegården

Located near the church, duckpand and woods. The large garden has a bonfire ring, playground equipment, and pets you can stroke. Go for a walk in the fields and woods, relax in the garden and sample t...


5300, Kerteminde

Ice-cream house with a large selection of ice, soft-ice and old-fashioned Danish ice cones. You are witnessing the work with the "production" of the ice-cream right from making the cone to the finishe...

Boris' Fiskerestaurant

5300, Kerteminde

Is situated at "Jollehavnen" on the southern part of the harbour.Enjoy fresh fish with a great view of the harbour.Opening hours:- 2nd of june: friday, saturday and sunda...

Søren Hillerup Vaag

5390, Martofte

Graphic, drawing, acrylicEducation: the Funen Academy of fine Art, school of graphicStudy tours: Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Italy, USA, Fiji, Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Nor...

Kaare A Harhorn

5370, Mesinge

I am a trained goldsmith, and produces unique specimens in gold, silver and bronze. And produces gladly jewellery according to wishes from the customer.My workshop is open after appoint...

Kirsten W Rasmussen

5330, Munkebo

I gladly open my atelier after appointment.The nature is my big source of inspiration. Both from the close surroundings and from foreign travels to Caribbean, California, South Africa and Gr...

Helle Fabricius

5380, Dalby

Ceramics Organic forms and the sprouting life in the decays complexity is the starting point of my sculptures. Executed in stoneware – burned in electric oven or in a raku oven. The sub...

Eva Mahony

5290, Marslev

My gallery is open all year, however only after telephonic appointment.My pictures are spread over a wide variety in colors and stile. I throw myself out in everything I want to, and there a...

Anne Berit Brogaard

5350, Rynkeby

The Funen artist Anne Berit Brogaard resides in Rynkeby by Kerteminde.

Here you can visit a unique artist's home in a half-timbered house and garden environment, and a gallery with a permanent exhi...


5390, Martofte

Langøvej 2725390 MartofteKarl LarsenGlentevej 71 st. tv.5000 Odense CE.mail : kelarsen@galnet.dkPh. +0045 23 62 45 99

Shelter Jøvet Fynshoved

5390, Martofte

The site is placed in a hollow at Jøvet close to Fyns Hoved. You nead permission from Fyns Statsskovdistrik in order to use the site. Together with the permission you receive a description from the si...

Hverringe Gods

5300, Kerteminde

Hverringe became an entailed estate in 1768. The current manor buildings, with their lovely tree-winged formation, were built in about 1790 by Hans Rudolf Iuel. He is well-known for his efforts during...

Kerteminde Cherry Festival

5300, Kerteminde

- Watch, listen and taste

The theme was cherries when Kerteminde in 2005 successfully joined the numerous festival towns of the world. The sweet, beautiful, attractive cherry has inspired composers, ...

Kerteminde south beach

5300, Kerteminde

It is a little bit less known compare to the Nordstranden in Kerteminde. Sydstranden (The South Beach), as the name implies, the beach is in the south part of the city. The beach is, just as the Nords...

Kerteminde north beach

5300, Kerteminde

Nordstranden is the most popular beach in Kerteminde. People from far and near flock to the beach to enjoy the fresh seawater from Storebælt. The beach is primary sand, while the beach further up towa...

Janet Solvang

5300, Kerteminde

Glass, PaintingGlass workshop, painting school and gallery with paintings and more.Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday from 10:00-17:00. Not open in July.I work with oil painti...


5300, Kerteminde

Cosy bar at the fishing harbour, where you can enjoy the harbour atmosphere.Her you can enjoy freshly smoked fish and every Tuesday afternoon local musicians entertain you....

Restaurant Marinaen

5300, Kerteminde

The Restaurant and Cafeteria Marinaen is situated right next to the North Beach with a fantastic view of Kerteminde Marina. The cafeteria offers a cosy environment and a relaxed atmosphere where you c...

Camp Hverringe

5380, Dalby

Funen is fun and so is Camp Hverringe. Here, the entire family can explore one of Denmark's most sunny areas - on land and at sea. With the estate "Hverringe" as the owner of the camp ground, the surr...


5300, Kerteminde

Filled with all sorts of goods from floor to ceiling, the shop in Trollegade propells the visitor back into the beginning of the 20th century. The Høkeren is not one of todays stylish ships, but rathe...

© Ard Jongsma

Fjord & Bælt

5300, Kerteminde

Fjord&Bælt is an exciting experience- and research centre for both children and grown ups, and for you who wish to learn more about the wonderful world below the surface of the sea.Exper...

Munkebo Sportscenter

5330, Munkebo

In the swimming bath you find activities for every age.

We are offering baby swim for our small guests, Wild Times where children and youngsters may have fun with toys in the water, and a quiet eveni...

Kerteminde's marina is one of Funens largest with approximately 700 berths. Even the most fussiest sailors will find all their needs satisfied. Because of its location in the middle of Kerte...

Restaurant Kerteminde Sejlklub. Family restaurant with a cosy atmosphere and the possibility to enjoy the food inside or on the covered terrace with a fantasic view of the marina and Kerteminde b...

Revninge church

5300, Kerteminde

The church consists of chancel and nave, originally Romanesque, but strongly rebuilt in Late Gothic time, where also the western tower and the southern porch are built. Of the Romanesque bui...


5300, Kerteminde

Allegedly the oldest taproom in Denmark. Situated in a well-preserved merchant´s house-Muusgården- from 1829. Here you find the "true" local atmosphere and you can bring along your own ...

Kerteminde Camping

5300, Kerteminde

Kerteminde Camping is placed in beautiful surroundings - 25 meter away from Kerteminde Beach and close to the town. So you will be able to find something for every taste. You can enjoy life ...

Marslev church

5290, Marslev

The present sengonian monk stone building is from the early 1500, but some roman plinths reveals, that there probably has been an older church the same place. And it is nearby to guess that it has bee...

Ole Vedby Jørgensen

5300, Kerteminde

Paintings, drawing, graphicOnly visit after appointment.The nature is the starting point in my pictures, and the landscape makes a great impression. I work with oil painting, paste...

Makiah Mianna Larsen

5300, Kerteminde

PaintingsMakiah Mianna Larsen, multi alternative painting creator. Paints non-figurative expressionism to figurative simple-mindedness decoratism.Mikiah belongs to the acknowledged...

Kirsten Christensen

5390, Martofte

The nature, the life, the colours and the people on Hindsholm gives me inspiration to my pictures “Hindsholm – my way”, paint with acrylic on linen, canvas, plastic among others. In periods I work wit...

Måle beach

5300, Kerteminde

Måle Strand is mostly known by the locals and with its remote location also used by naturists. On the beach there are many areas with grass and bushes.The beach is primary with sand and with...

Den røde Pimpernel

5300, Kerteminde

The local discotheque with two bars, larbe dancing floor and the possibility of karoke. Every day you can buy traditional Danish food between 17:00-21:00.Come and meet Kertemindes youth....

Café Ilskovs Gård

5300, Kerteminde

Café Ilskovs Gård is decorated in an old alderman yard, which can take back its history to 1608, where it was built. The building was restored in 1994 and in 1995 it received the preservation award, b...

Kerteminde Bed & Breakfast

5300, Kerteminde

Bed&BreakfastKerteminde Bed & Breakfast Hotel is located in the former and unique seaman's home and has been completely renovated into a standard which lives up to the most quality c...

Gallery KiK

5300, Kerteminde

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 13:00-17:00, except every other Friday.
Weekends: 11:00-17:00

Galleri KiK is situated in the heart of Kerteminde in historic and charming surroundings. Every year about 10.00...

Cosy half-timbered farm in the outskirst of Munkebo with nostalgic harm and wonderful sea view. Kitchen and garden with grill. Possibility to watch workshop and gallery.

6 beds


5380, Dalby

Experience the beautiful and new-restored family farm with personality and tasteful decoration in the original style. The farm is situated in peaceful surroundings with a view of fields, bogs and the ...

Restaurant Rudolf Mathis

5300, Kerteminde

Restaurant in atmospheric surroundings with direct access to the water in the heart of Kerteminde and with a view of Kerteminde Harbour.Indoor it has been chosen to cherish about the rich ma...


5300, Kerteminde

On the Møllebakken next to the Johannes Larsen Museum towers Svanemøllen that functions as a symbol of Kerteminde. It has its name after the weather cock - a beautiful swan situated on the top of the ...

Fyns Hoved Camping

5390, Martofte

Fyns Hoved Camping was established on the beautiful Hindsholm peninsula in 1962. The campsite is placed directly on the coast in the midst of rolling hillls, bays and small islands. It is surrounded b...

Stubberup church

5390, Martofte

Earlier called "The white virging". The oldest part from Romanesque time is to be seen outside with frieze of round arches. Later (1500-1600) enlarged towards east and west. The tower is com...

Rynkeby church

5350, Rynkeby

The chapel towards north is built in 1560 as a tomb for the Hardenberg to Skovsbo family, however the family was never laid to rest there, which 16 empty coat of arms testifies about.The church is esp...

Kølstrup Church

5300, Kerteminde

Kølstrup church is beautifully situated across Ulriksholm Castle at Kertinge Nor. Built in Romanesque style around the year 1100 and contains of chancel and nave, Late Gothic tower and buria...

Kerteminde Church

5300, Kerteminde

You find the Sct. Laurentius Church in the middle of the market place in Kerteminde. The church is a three-aisled long-house linked under one enormous roof. Traditionally said to have been built in 14...


5300, Kerteminde

Toldboden at Strandgade is Kertemindes exhibition hall. Here the museum exhibits its culture historical special exhibitions, alternating with different exhibitions arranged by Kerteminde Art Associati...


Dalby Church

5380, Dalby

Dalby Church is called “Saint Peders Church”. The oldest part is from roman time. Later (15-1600) it is extended towards west. Tower and porch are also extensions. The church is known for it’s beautif...

Mette Christine Rudniak

5300, Kerteminde

Practicing textile and photograph designer, which-      Makes exhibitions-      Welcomes tasks and orders-  &n...


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