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Teaterbygningen - Køge's music venue No. 1 - with a wide range of musical events and entertainment. 

Centrally located. 

Close to public transport facilities....

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Double room with private bath and toilet

Close to the centre of town, harbour, beach, bus and train

Train to Copenhagen every 20 minuts

No smoking and no animals...

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Search for old local information...

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Hugos Kælder - Køge

4600, Køge

Restored medieval cellar from 1300 with well preserved floors and monastery brick walls.Charming atmosphere with traces of the merchant family who lived here in 1592.Specialised in...

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Køge Bio

4600, Køge

Køge Bio is a charming cinema in the centre of Køge. 

Wide selection of the newest films. 

The films are shown in the original version with Danish subtitles. 

Køge Bio is fully digitalised, and fil...

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Køge Golf Klub

4600, Køge

Køge Golf Club

- an oasis close to downtown Køge

The club has two courses, the 18 hole South Course, established in 1969, and the North Course with 9 rated holes from 1997, both of them very high qu...

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From the car park, you can follow asphalt and gravel footpaths down to the harbour pool and the beach.There is a bathing jetty from the beach – a sleeper path connects the jetty with the footpath.The ...

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Danmark's cosiest tea shop with more than 200 different tea sorts, luxury coffee beans, chocolates, wine, spices, sugar-free candy and much, much more.

Different types of handicrafts.

Designed chris...

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Vollerslev Church stands on a slight elevation in Vollerslev village.
The church is a long house comprising a Romanesque nave from the 12th or 13th century, a Late Gothic choir and two Gothic addition...

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 Private rooms in villa near central Køge.

2 rooms, bath and kitchen. It is possible to hire both rooms or just one of them.

Coffee and tea available for free during the entire stay.

Rooms are read...

Centralhotellet is a small charming hotel situated in the city centre, with resonable prices. You vill always feel welcome at Centralhotellet, where we will do our best to make your stay in Køge a ple...

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Akebia B&B - Køge

4600, Køge

2 bright, attractive rooms with living room in townhouse set in a romantic garden.
Coffee and tea for free.

Within walking distance of city centre, beach and wood.

Parking possible - a...

Bookings are not possible, just turn up and use the camp if it is vacant.Ejby Mose is divided into minor plots registered in Ejby By. The municipality owns 5 to 6 of these plots, and the remaining are...

Kimmerslev Lake (Sø) offers various activities along its shores.You can take a walk or run round the lake. The path follows the lake shore – except in one place where it takes a turn up to the road.He...

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The parkour track is located behind Gule Hal (Yellow Hall) and is intended for beginners as well as more experienced daredevils.The parkour track was established in 2013, comprising town and harbour e...

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Opdagelsen (Discovery)Opdagelsen is a live workshop and hangout on the South Harbour (Søndre Havn).Opdagelsen includes a covered outdoor kitchen, benches, a hop wall, harbour bees, a stone hill, a pol...

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8250, Egå

Scancharter is a Danish company which hires out charter yachts in Denmark.
The charter yachts in Denmark are all approved for charter.
We set our standards high in order to offer our guests the very...

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Accommodation available in two cosy double rooms with access to kitchenette and a new bathroom. 

The garden includes several charming spots to enjoy breakfast or supper from the Weber barbecue or gas...

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Nice accommodation in a private little house of 34 m2. Own bath/toilet and kitchenette. Own entrance and terrace.

Near the centre of town.
Near the S-train to Copenhagen.
Price per night for 2 person...

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At the beginning of the 17th century a number of inexpli-cable events took place in the house at the corner of the market place and NoerregadeThey were called 'Koege Huskors' The a...

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Kjøge Mini Town

4600, Køge

Visit Kjøge Mini-By where a historically accurate replica of the town of Kjøge AD 1865 is built on the scale of 1 to 10.  

You are welcome to follow the entire working process in our workshops and to...

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Køge Tenniclub

4600, Køge

Price per hour dkr. 125,- dkr....

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Lellinge Church is a Late Gothic building from c. 1450.

The church was originally built as a long house including just the nave and chancel, and with three high recesses in the western end wall.


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Accommodation available in two cosy double rooms with access to shared kitchen and bathroom.

Everything is new after a recent total renovation of the entire house.
There are seating facilities for m...

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Køge Museum

4600, Køge

Køge Museum is history experience for the whole family. Whether age 7 or 97, you will be in for a great experience when visiting newly renovated Køge Museum.

Accommodated in a former merchant’s house...

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Minigolf at Køge & Vallø Camping...

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Gørslev church - Køge

4100, Ringsted

Gørslev Church is a late Romanesque church built in large medieval bricks, probably in the 13th century.
The nave and the choir have been preserved from the original church.
As usual in this region, ...

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Visiting Kaffekælderen (Coffee Cellar) you can always rely on an irresistible, personalised and charming service. Come and enjoy our wonderful courtyard garden where you might imagine y...

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Cosy, large (105 sq.m) basement flat with own entrance.

2 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, bar room and large lounge with B&O TV, WIFI throughout the house/garden.

There is plenty of room for 4 persons, - i...

© Lars Nielsen

Bike rental in the heart of Køge.

We help you adjusting the cycle to ensure optimum benefit from your tour. VisitKøge sells a cycling folder with 8 tour suggestions, ranging in length from 6 to 45 km...

The bird tower stands in the conservation area between Nordstranden beach and Ølsemagle Revle. The bird tower offers an impressive view of the lagoon lakes on one side and Nordstranden beach on the ot...

Both children and adults can go hunting for controls on the exercise trail, which is a combined ”Find Your Way” route and ”Heart Path”. The trail leads you through Tangmose Forest and Køge Marina, alo...

Dyndet Bathing Lake is beautifully located in the southwestern part of the municipality. It is a bogland area formerly used for peat digging. Today the area has a rich flora and fauna.Beach numbersOn ...

Køge Marina Harbour Pool is located at Køge Marina. From the car park, follow asphalt and gravel paths down to the harbour pool and the beach. The harbour bath is equipped with a platform from which t...

If your dog is to run free off its lead, you can use one of the munipality’s paddocks for dog walking.Dog walking area in Ølby Lyng, see more about the paddock.Dog walking area at Boholte, see more ab...

Margrethe Path is a former church path that was reestablished in 2009 by the joint efforts of the Village Guild, The Green House and Køge Municipality.Margrethe Path has an unbroken green course, runn...

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Tidsrummet on Søndre Havn (South Harbour) lends itself to play and activity – and to deeper insight into the plans for the arising development.In connection with South Harbour Day 2014, Køge Kyst open...

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Hedeland Recreational Resort

2640, Hedehusene

Hedeland is a large natural resort of 15 m2 created in former gravel pits. The area runs through three counties (Høje-Taastrup, Greve and Roskilde) with a landscape varying from lakes and canals to pl...

Hotel Niels Juel

4600, Køge

Welcome to the Niels Juel Hotel in Køge, a new up-to-date hotel located at idyllich Køge Harbour, within a five-minuters walk of the center of Køge, and only about 30 minutes by car from Copenhagen an...

Restaurant Quintus

4600, Køge

Welcome to Restaurant Quintus. ...

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Sandy beach in Køge Bay between Køge and Copenhagen.

Mosede Fort was raised in 1913-16 as part of Copenhagen's fortification.
The fort history can be studied inside in an exhibition and items.


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Gallery with different exebitions

100 meters from Hundige S-Train Station...

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The interior is characteriesed by a classic, ideally balanced design.

Classic church interior with white walls and a high ceiling.

The tapestries were created by weaveress Vibeke Gregers and

© Greve Kommune

Member of the Free Port Arrangement.

The kiosk is open from 1 May-31 August.

Payment required for electricity, water and bath with a special card, on sale by the harbour master, or at the kiosk whe...

Danmark's cosiest tea shop with more than 200 different tea sorts, luxury coffee beans, chocolates, wine, spices, sugar-free candy and much, much more.Different types of handicrafts.

Gjorslev Park

4660, Store Heddinge


Gjorselv Park.

Gjorslev Castle is 600 years old, this is Denmark´s only inhabited medieval castle.
It is built of limestone from Stevns Klint and of large bricks. Gjorslev Estate covered t...


Solgardsparken in Stroeby Egede.

Between Koege Bugt and Tryggevaelde river lies Solgardsparken, which in early times had a lot of money spent on it. In 1904 the authoress Karen Bramson built...

Valloe Castle park.

4600, Køge


Valleo Castle Park is open to the public.

The Park was originally brought home in the 18th century. Shortly after construction it was converted to the current open English garden style.

At ...

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Mrs Hansens Chocolates - Køge

4623, Lille Skensved

Fru Hansens Chokolade (Mrs. Hansen's Chocolates) is a creative chocolate workshop producing exclusive hand made chocolates as in the good old days, focusing on the ingredients and lack of hurry.


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Ejby Kirke - Køge

4623, Lille Skensved

Ejby Church is an old medieval church, its Romanesque nave from c. 1150–1200 was extended to the east in the Gothic period, and in the late Gothic period (c. 1500) three extensions were added, i.e. to...


Showing 51 - 100 of 154 entries