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© Luddes Hus

Luddes Hus

9940, Læsø

It is a good idea keep an eye open for the flags in front of Luddes Hus - the flags greet the public throughout the season, when Læsø Kunstforening opens the traditional house for temporary exhibition...

© visitlaesoe

Læsø Turistbureau

9940, Læsø

Tourist Information about Læsø.
Ferrybooking to Norway and Sweden.
Flybooking with Copenhagen Airtaxi....

© Læsø Mohair

Læsø Mohair

9940, Læsø

Stocking, wool & rug...

© Læsø Camping & Hytteby

Rent a bike...

© Vesterø Kirke

Vesterø Kirke

9940, Læsø

The church is built appr. 1200 and is a Romanesque villagechurch. Gothic tower , altar (triptych) with statuettes or reliefs. The church is wellknown for its frescoes in the chancelvaultings. Schoolcl...

© Rønnerne


9940, Læsø

Rønnerne: an area of wetlands v. extensive seaside meadows & heaths. A large number of aquatic birds live in the area or rest here when migrating. The area has Ramsar status. Guided tours available: i...

© Storedal strand


9940, Læsø

Storedal has a fine sandy beach, wich towards the east turns into a stony beach at Lilledal. The seabed falls relatively sharply. After a heavy storm you can be lucky and find amber here. The Forest a...

© Vesterø Strand

Vesterø Strand

9940, Læsø

Vesterø Strand which stretches south from Vesterø Harbour, is very suitable for families with children. The water is shallow and warm, so small children can freely bathe and play without being knocked...

© Lilli Jensen

Lilli Jensen

9940, Læsø

Holiday apartments 200 m from beach ...

© Østerby Kirke

Østerby Kirke

9940, Læsø

Østerby Church in Hals parish was built in 1867.
The baptismal font is from Hals Church. The murals and the altarpiece were made by local artists....

Juul's Gårdbutik

9940, Læsø

High quality meat products from cattle, lamb, goat and pig. "Farm gate to dinner plate", production with own abattoir, meat processing section and farm shop offering a wide range of superior quality h...

© Fædrelandet


9940, Læsø

Trips are arranged throughout the year and they are tailored to your wishes and riding experience. Experienced riders can rent a horse and go exploring the island on their own Furthermore, we can orga...

© Kong Knud's

Kong Knud's

9940, Læsø

Kong Knud's...

© Læsø Rhododendronpark

Læsø Rhododendron...

© Østerby El-Service ApS

Electrician business...

© Læsø Fiskesø - put and take

Læsø Fishing Pond open all year ...

© Huset i skoven

Huset i skoven

9940, Læsø

Private accommodation ...

© Østergård B&B

Østergård B&B

9940, Læsø

The standard is high, the atmosphere relaxed, there is plenty of outdoor room for our guests. Situated in the middle of the island, Østergård is the ferfect starting point for cycling rides. Gu...

© Læsø Taxi

Læsø Taxi

9940, Læsø

8 Pers.


© Gitte Worm

Gitte Worm

9940, Læsø

Body massage
Reiki Healing
Kranio sakral...

© Læsø Glaspusteri

Læsø Glaspusteri

9940, Læsø

Læsø Glass Studio is located in the centre of the island in quiert and peaceful surroundings.
Here you can follow the creation of the beautiful glass up close.
The shop is in a light, high-ceilinged...

© Elly Krogh's Behandlingscenter

In Elly Krogh's world there is peace, pampering, well-being and joie de vivre with the 5 senses in focus.


Physiurgic massage
Infrared room and ionised steam bath
Stone massage
Thalasso bath...

© Danzigmann


9940, Læsø

Danzigmann: an impressive sight, named after a ship from Gdansk wrecked here in 1741. ...

© Vesterø Havn

Vesterø Havn

9940, Læsø

The ferry link to Læsø has been routed via Vesterø Harbour since 1872. The harbour is a meeting place with plenty of atmosphere. It can accommodate 150 pleasure craft and is the home port of 10 fishin...

© Jarvis Cykler


9940, Læsø

Rent a bike....

© Byrum Auto ApS

Byrum Auto

9940, Læsø

Rent a car...

© Museumsskibet FN 162 Ellen

The FN 162 "Ellen" is a Danish seiner which was built in 1906 in Dolmer's shipyard in Vesterø.
Sails only sommer.
It is possible to get on board when she is in the harbour....

© 2 timers hestevognstur til Floden

Horsedrawn carriage

We drive a horse-drawn carriage like in the old days, across Rønnerne, where the water for the Læsø Salt is collected. The driver likes to tell about the birds, animals and the ...

© Museumsgården


9940, Læsø

Large parts of the wood construction of Museumsgården clearly reveals their origin wreck timber from ships that were stranded on the shores of Læsø.
The seaweed roof, however, is the most characteris...

© Hotel Nygaard

Hotel Nygaard

9940, Læsø

All rooms have bath. ...

© A/S Læsø Fiskeindustri

A/S Læsø Fiskeindustri, is the world’s leading producer
of scampi...

Becks Murerfirma ApS

9940, Læsø

Masonry and tile work  ...

© Min Købmand

Min Købmand

9940, Læsø

The local grocery in Østerby Havn ...

© Home

Home Læsø-Sæby

9940, Læsø

Estate agent...

© Ferielejligheder i Østerby

Private accommodation ...

© Finn Jensen


9940, Læsø

Private accommodation...

© Anemonevej 1, Vesterø


9940, Læsø

Holiday home...

© Gammelgaard Feriecenter, Pilegaarden & Ferieannekset

Holiday and relax in high-quality surroundings with peace and quiet and a lovely, stress-free atmosphere, as well as friendly staff and a higt standard of hygiene in all areas.
We offer large, tastef...

© Rønnergården Rideferie

Riding Holiday on icelandic Horses
Weekendstay with riding tours
3 days ride around Laesoe

The Icelandic horse is very common on Læsø. With its special gaits and its
pleasant nature, the horse is ver...

© Visitlaesoe

You can enjoy the day and relax in Læsø Kur
There is a possibility of different treatments on Læsø Kur


© Læsø Helseklinik

Læsø Helseklinik

9940, Læsø

Medical Certified massage therapist...

© 1-dags cykeltur

The day is entirely your own and you can explore Læsø at your own pace. We recommend a route, which goes past the Saltworks, Museumsgården and exciting craft shops. When you get hungry, lunch is waiti...

© Lyngfeldts Restaurant


9940, Læsø

The hotel includes a very nice, atmospheric restaurant with room for 80 dining guests, and an outdoor terrace with a large barbeque, in which will be used as far as the weather allows it. There is a f...

© Læsø Kur

Læsø Kur

9940, Læsø

Out in the middle of the Kattegat Læsø appears on the horizon. The first sight of land is the church tower in Vesterø. In the shelter of the tower Læsø Kur is ready to welcome you with luxury and well...

© Carlsens Hotel

Carlsens Hotel

9940, Læsø

Enjoy the beautiful natural view over the harbour and beach, and let yourself be tempted by our exciting menu.The inn and restaurant are open all year round, and we have rooms at reasonable rates...

Stokken, Sdr. Nyland

9940, Læsø

You can wade out to Stokken & Sdr. Nyland, where you can collect mussels. Stokken's western end is a reserve between 15/4 - 15/7. Car-free, family beach. Shallow, nice sand, sandy bottom. Faciliti...

© Færgeselskabet Læsø K/S

Visit Læsø, and enjoy a lovely cruise at the same time.
The Margrete and Ane Læsø sail between Frederikshavn and Læsø.
On board enjoy delicious food from the bistro, the salty air on an open deck an...

© Læsø Seaside Golf- & Badehotel

22 well equipped apartments, 4 - 6 person....

© Team Læsø

Team Læsø

9940, Læsø

Holiday homes for every taste, all over the island, all year...

© Strandgaarden Badehotel

Siutated on its own white sandy beach within walking distance of the harbour. 20 rooms, 15 with shower. Gourmet restaurant in a 1727 setting.
Sea kayaks, bikes.
Winner on Tripadvisor in 2015...


Showing 51 - 100 of 202 entries