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Struer Golfklub

7600, Struer

Struer GolfklubThe golf course is laid out in a area of natural beauty with view of Nissum Bredning, Oddesund and Venø.The course is varied by forest, lake, burail...

Stark, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Stark in Lemvig.

Stark in Lemvig has a wide selection for everything for construction and housing. The selection consists of well-known brands in different price ranges so there is something for ever...

© Venø Fish Farm

Venø Fish Farm is located on the beautiful Limfjord island Venø. Here, the company Venø Fish Farm produces the famous oysters "VenOyster” and fry like flounder and turbot for release and further breed...

Primitive site Egely

Primitive site in the woods. No drinking water. Access for dogs on leash. Area for horses.

Book online: http://www.skovognatur.dk/Ud/Adgang/Booklejrplads/

Do you have any quest...

Bæks Bus

7620, Lemvig

Bæks Bus by Henrik and Jørgen Bæk.

Bæks Bus is owned by Henrik and Jørgen Bæk who both have many years of experience as bus and coach drivers.

The home address of Bæks Bus is in Ramme close to Lemvi...

Venø Havnehotel - Struer is located in the old merchant's house and is centrally situated in Venø Town with view to Venø Harbour.

The first floor is a (wedding-)suite for two with spa.

The old outho...

Holiday by the Limfjord is a great experience for the whole family. There is nice and child-friendly beaches with pure and clear water and a lot of attractions for both kinds and adults.  
The Nature ...

Murerfirmaet Jens Vinderslev A/S - Struer is a competent bricklayer company who does all kinds of building and bricklaying. ...

Fitness square - StruerThe fitness square offers a large range of outdoor fitness equipment which gives you the possibility of weight training, circuit training and tra...

© Sparekassen Vendsyssel

Sparekassen Vendsyssel - Thyholm gives personal service and counselling....

Kunst på Lille Torv of Thomas Bang and Ole Broager - Struer

The sculpture elements are rooted in the history of Struer. There are elements from Gimsing Church, the Struer girl and Johs. Buchholtz etc...

© Grethe Hjortkjaer, Lemvig

Grethe Hjortkjær

Grethe Hjortkjær has always painted. She gets her inspiration everywhere for example in the local area.

Naturepaintings and flowerpaintings. 

Open only after previous appointment....

© Matas, Lemvig

Matas, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Matas in Lemvig

Matas is a nationwide chain that has a broad assortment of products for personal care and wellness. The selection is a mix of well-known brands within various price ranges.

In Matas...

Annes Keramik, Holstebro

7500, Holstebro

Annes Keramik in Holstebro

Anne is a ceramic artist, who has her shop at her permanent address in the basement.

You can see a large selection of glass- and applied art....

© Dyrelægegruppen Vestjylland, Lemvig

Treatment of cats and dogs. 24-hour service, emergency aid for animals. Please call in advance. Contact also our department in Struer: Bödkervej 1C, 7600 Struer. T: +45 97 85 45 66....

© Engbjerg Kirke, Lemvig

Engbjerg Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Engbjerg Church between Lemvig and Harboöre

High above the flat foreland close to the edge of the cliffs of the Stone Age coast line lies Engbjerg Church surrounded by the cemetery west of the manor ...

© Struer Turistbureau

Toftum Bjerge(Hills) with their 15 km of coastline are located near Humlum, roughly 7 km north of Struer. At the highest peak, Toftum Bjerge rises 50 meters above the sea. The outstanding landscape wi...

Bed and Breakfast for garden lovers in a romantic hut. The hut is brand new and is placed in Mrs. Pedersen's garden. Toilet is in Mrs. Pedersen's house.

The house has a single room for two people. Ch...

Spring of St. Mauritius

The Holy Spring of St Mauritius at Serup Strand. Reestablished in 1998. Walk along Lavbjergvej towards the beach and walk about 100 m on the beach....

H.C. Andersen, spor 42

7620, Lemvig

H.C. Andersens footprints from Fjaltring to Lemvig

In 1859 H.C. Andersen undertook his great journey around Jutland, wich resulted in the words of the song "Jutland between two seas"- The first part ...

Explore  the Limfjord Region by bike including luggage transfer and hotel stays. The route starts in Struer, the home of B&O, and continues across the small island Venø to Lemvig, along the westcoast ...

Venus, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Venus by Louise Pallestoft.

Venus by Louise Pallestoft in Lemvig has a wide seolection of women's wear. The store sells different well-known brands including Villa and Cream.

Visit Venus in Østergad...

The camp is situated next to an old mill from 1864 which is being renovated. The mill sticks up over the roofs of the village so the area is easy to find.

Shopping: 6 km...

© Stesima


7620, Lemvig

Welcome to Stesima

Here you will find handmade horn products, handicraft products, sheepskin from animals born and raised locally, various products made from secondhand materials and things found on ...

Jegindø - Thyholm

7790, Thyholm

Jegindø - Thyholm

At one time, Jegindø was two small , low-lying islands separated by a stretch of water just south of Jegindø Church. This stretch of water is now a low meadow running across the isl...

Holstebro Badeland

7500, Holstebro

Aqua Dome and Swimminghall. Exercising room with spinning. Turbo Switchback water massage - water fall - bouble zones. Steam bath.
No time limit on the entrance fee.


© Strejf fra verden

Strejf Fra Verden

7600, Struer

Strejf Fra Verden - Struer - go exploring in the shop, which stock applied art and crafts, clothes, bags, scarves and jewellery with unique and timeless designs from all over the world....

© Vinladen

Vinladen - Struer offer you a different wine- and food experience. Come and see and taste all the delicacies which are produced local. Vinladen - Struer import wines themselves and we are not affraid ...

Brødtang camp school in Lemvig

Brødtang camp school in Lemvig has room for 30 persons, and its open from March to December.

The camp school is for unions and schools only.  ...

© Solhjem

Solhjem B&B - Struer offers light and cosy rooms on first floor with view to the garden.
Enjoy a walk in the parklike garden.

No smoking/No animals
Not for people in a wheel chair


© Klosterheden, Lemvig

Dog forest in Klosterheden

The dog forest at Sønderby in Klosterheden is a fenced-in area of about nine hectares. Here the dogs can play without a leash but always with a companion.

There is a larg...

Draget at Lyngs

7790, Thyholm

"Draget" at Lyngs - Thyholm

Draget, the stretch of land connecting Thy and Thyholm, was formed after the glacial period by a combination of uplift of land and the deposition of gravel from Nissum Bre...

© Mønsted Kalkgruber, Stoholm

Mønsted Kalkgruber, Stoholm

7850, Stoholm Jyll

The greatest calk mine in the world have more than 60 kilometres of walking tours, multimedia shows with history and movies about bats and geology.

The mine train departs from the factory, passes hug...

Lemvig Railway, VLTJ.

VLTJ runs every day between Vemb, Lemvig and Thyborøn. Among other things, VLTJ is known for the VLTJ song made several years back by the local band Tørfisk.

The train is also ...

© Fiskehallen, Thyborøn

Eating place & fishmonger’s.

Visit the restaurant of the Fish Hall on the first floor from where you have a lovely view of the Old Harbour of Thyborøn or enjoy your food outdoors on the square in fro...

© Vinkelhage strand, Lemvig

Vinkelhage Beach in Lemvig

Vinkelhage is a Familybeach and also suitable for persons with a disability....

© Lidl

Lidl - Struer

7600, Struer

Lidl, Struer - quality is not necessarily expensive....

Voldhøj Church - Struer

Voldhøj Church, Parkallé, Struer, is a wooden church built by the Church Foundation. The architect was Palle Rydahl Drost.

It was inaugurated in 1988 as a district church an...

Vestjysk Bank - Struer

7600, Struer

Vestjysk Bank is located in the pedestrian street of Struer. 

The bank has an outside automatic cash point....

Toftum Bjerge Camping

Nice camp site with cottage rental. Close to the Limfjord. Family friendly camp site with a large playground.

The café is open in the summer time where you can relax and enjoy ...


Showing 1 - 50 of 493 entries