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MH Willow and Wickerwork

9670, Løgstør

MH Willow and wickerwork

In the year 2000 Marianne Hansen from Overlade planted 375 cuttings in 15 different varieties, which has since then turned into 21 different varieties.

Marianne is a handwo...

This monument was raised in honour of the former citizen of Løgstør, Jørgen Christian Jensen. The monument was unveiled on November 11th, 2006 at 11 AM. The precise time was chosen in order to mark th...

Lerkenfeld River Valley & Storholm

During the Ice Age Lerkenfeldt River Valley was a stretch of fiord all the way to Louns Bredning (Broad). When the glaciers melted, rivers of melted water created a...

Malle Church

9681, Ranum

Surrounded by burial mounds, situated on a hill and dating back to the 12th Century, you see the church of Malle.

On the outer wall - towards east and north - are carved heads. One of the heads is in...

Farsø Church

9640, Farsø

In the days of Catholiscism the church was dedicated to the Holy Mother. It was built around 1180 and consists of chancel, nave, a late-Gothic west tower and porch to the north.

The inside of the wal...

Hvalpsund FærgehavnHarbur with good bathing facilities.Safe bathing beach for children.Bikes for rentNatureprotected area with walking routes

Camp school on Livø

9681, Ranum

Livø - Vesthimmerland
On the island of Livø we offer camp schools in idyllic and quiet settings.

All camp schools have the opportunity to rent a camp school folder on 162 pages.
Here you will find e...

Sason Restaurant

9600, Aars

Sason Restaurant is a relaxed Restaurant where mum and dad, young people an olders, family and buisness people can experience good food and vine in wonderful surroundings.
It is situated in the middle...

Testrup Church

9620, Aalestrup

The Church of Testrup and its surroundings is a place of exciting and interesting history. Until 1748 a hospital church was situated here. Today only the chancel and a single piece of the nave remain....

Wood carving art, The stories of Himmerland...

Næsborg Church

9670, Løgstør

From the church of Næsborg you have magnificent view of the Limfjord. The altarpiece is a triptych from the late 16th Century and has paintings from 1635 showing the dramatic events of Easter. On the ...

© Galleri Alstrup

Arts and CeramicsGallery Alstrup is located in the beautiful scenery of Western Himmerland in the village Alstrup – approximately 5 km from Hvalpsund.The Gallery i...

Sports hall Strandby

9640, Farsø

Strandby Hallen

Sports hall


Water art

9640, Farsø

The water art is about 2,5 meters high with column that surround a ball of granite....

"Cyklus" Vater art

9640, Farsø

Water art in Norwegian stone Blue Pearl granite.Artist: Flemming Holm...

Louns Church

9640, Farsø

The outer walls of the church overlooking the broad of Louns Bredning are made of large medieval bricks, the inner walls are raw fieldstones.

The church dates back to around 1300 and in spite of its ...

Digital Limfjordsfortælling Borremosen - Vesthimmerland...

Tales of the Limfjord

9670, Løgstør

Guided tour on Frederik the 7th Canal.

For centuries the area around Løgstør has been a central junction for trafic on the Limfjord. With its shallow waters Løgstør Bredning has been a natural hindra...

Løgstør Bio

9670, Løgstør

Løgstør Bio - LøgstørLocal cinema run by volunteers.In general, we show a new movie each week. Please check our website

The church of Aars

9600, Aars

The original Romanesque church of Aars was transformed into a cruciform church of considerable size in the year 1921. The ancient walls from about the year 1200 were penetrated and a new main nave was...

Den Jydske Rosenpark

9620, Aalestrup

Den Jydske Rosenpark

15.000 roses, 225 sorts. This flowering tourist attraction was established in 1967 close to the river "Simested Å". A garden without roses, their beauty and colours is hard to im...

Very nice and child-friendly beach. The diving tower offers challenges to the bigger children. Always a lot of guests. Very good access. The parking area is close to the beach. Good sanitary condition...


9640, Farsø

Car ferry between Hvalpsund and Sundsøre Phone: 20 60 95 00...

In the church of Skivum you find a carved figure of The Virgin Maria and Her Infant. It dates back to a Catholic altarpiece from about the year 1475. The altarpiece is a wingtablet from 1590, which ha...

Aars Teater Bio

9600, Aars

Aars Teater Bio...

Kanalfogedens Køkken - Anneks...

Bathing beach Illeris

9640, Farsø

Illeris Strand

Bathing beach

Nice beach with good access. Parking areas right by the beach.
The bottom consists mostly of sand with a few stony areas. Very child-friendly since you go far before th...

Vitskøl Kloster

9681, Ranum

Vitskøl Kloster is one of the oldest monasteries in Northern Europe. The building is something of a historical gem and has, over the past ten years, been sensitively restored.

Today, the monastery s...

Kornum Church

9670, Løgstør

On the altar you see a crucifix from 1891, designed from a drawing by H.B. Storch.

The pulpit dates back to about the year 1600 and has paintings from the 18th century. One of the paintings shows a ...

Dronning Ingridhallerne


In the western part of "Farsø Sø Anlæget" is a memorial column for the farmer and member of the parliament, Jens Vestergaard, that the inhabitants of Farsoe erected in 1907, 2 years after his death in...

Løgsted Church

9670, Løgstør

South of Løgstør in the village of Raunstrup you find the church of Løgsted, which was the parish church of Løgstør until 1893.

At the western entrance to the graveyard you see a big stonebuilt holy...


Ertebølleruten - HalkærrutenThe Ertebølle route – regional cycling route no. 36 is 45 kilometres long and connects Hvalpsund in the south with Aggersborg in the north

Hos Tetzlaff Løgstør

9670, Løgstør

Hos Tetzlaff Løgstør...

The Planet track

9600, Aars

The Planer track has been made in order to illustrate the huge porportions of the solar system. The track starts with the sun at the busstation in Aars and from there on you can walk, or go by bicycle...

Flejsborg Church

9640, Farsø

The Norman granite ashlar church is build on a foundation with sloping edges. One of the north-facing ashlars depicts a lion figure.

A runic stone uneathed in the site of the bell frame can be seen i...

Vater art by Ullits school.The stones used for the water art come from a levelled long barrow that was located in the outskirts of Ullits....

Rønbjerg Fiskehus

9681, Ranum

Rønbjerg Fiskehus...

Aars Bibliotek

9600, Aars

Vesthimmerlands Bibliotek Aars...

Hvalpsund Lystbådehavn

Yacht Harbour

Fishing in the Limfjord. 

Bicycles for rent

Natureprotected area with walking routes

Flee market in week 28

Jazz  thursdays in July and august...

© Aars Turistbureau

Cykleudlejning - Aars - Vesthimmerland...


9681, Ranum

Livø - Vesthimmmerland
You arrive at Livø with the ferry from Rønbjerg. In 2007 the ferry operates between April 15 and October 21. There are no cars on Livø and because of the wildlife dogs are not p...

Kahytten Handycraft

9640, Farsø

KahyttenA nice store where evrery corner is filled with surprises and where is is easy to forget all about time and where you are.You can find homemade designer elves, ...

Østerbølle Church

9620, Aalestrup

The church "Østerbølle Kirke" dates back to the 12th century....

Livø Feriecenter

9681, Ranum

Livø Feriecenter
Please contact us for booking apartments and cabins.

We also have conference facilities....

Marina Cafeteria

9640, Farsø

Marina Cafeteria, HvalpsundCafeteria restaurant, also with view over the yachting harbour. The restaurant serves ordinary Danish food.Motel with 6 rooms with a view ove...

Limfjorden - Inlet

9640, Farsø

Fishing in the Limfjord

One of the best places to fish in Denmark.

Trout, eel, perch, pike and garfish.

If you are between 18 and 65 years old and you want to fish in the Limfjord, you have to buy ...

Løgstør Church

9670, Løgstør

The church of Løgstør was built in 1893 but had a thorough renovation in 1993 implemented by Arne L. Hansen, who created an entirely new and very inciting church room.
On the gables of the pews he di...


Showing 101 - 150 of 193 entries