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Flejsborg Church

9640, Farsø

The Norman granite ashlar church is build on a foundation with sloping edges. One of the north-facing ashlars depicts a lion figure.

A runic stone uneathed in the site of the bell frame can be seen i...

Foulum Church

9640, Farsø

The church of Foulum is considered one of the oldest Danish stone churches. it was bulit in Norman style of raw fieldstones. The exterior of the church, particularly the foundation wall, makes us beli...

Wood carving art, Nordic and Greek mythology...

Monument the Polish & English aviators. ...

Huge painting with inspiration from the stories of Johannes V. Jensen ...

Wood carving art, The stories of Himmerland...

Bycicleroute Ertebølleruten nr 36 local + nr 12 national

Fossil hunting

Beach with Blue Flag

Good surfing posibilities



Monument for the Nobelpriswriter Johannes V. Jensen.The relief on the western side of the stone represents migrating herds of animals. At the top, the weakest animals that march towards the ...

Fishing at Sjørup Lake

Natureprotekted area

Good bathing lake.

If you are between 18 and 65 years old and you want to fish in Sjørup Sø, you are have to buy a national fishing licence. You can buy...

The lake is situated near Trend within reach of the camping ground and the summer cottage area. The 7.000 m2 large lake is established in 1999. A service building with living room, toilets, cleaning f...

Louns Church

9640, Farsø

The outer walls of the church overlooking the broad of Louns Bredning are made of large medieval bricks, the inner walls are raw fieldstones.

The church dates back to around 1300 and in spite of its ...

Hvalpsund Lystbådehavn

Yacht Harbour

Fishing in the Limfjord. 

Bicycles for rent

Natureprotected area with walking routes

Flee market in week 28

Jazz  thursdays in July and august...

The sckulpture is a gift from the frends of the hospital....

Cycling route no. 29 – the nature parth Nibe – Hvalpsund is roughly 55 km long. In the late 1970’s the Forest and Nature Agency acquired most of the old railway ...

The Stone Establishment in MyrhøjThe stone establishment is presumed to have been built in the Bronze Age – roughly 1000 BC.It is not known what the stone setting has been used f...

Sports hall Strandby

9640, Farsø

Strandby Hallen

Sports hall


Lerkenfeld River Valley & Storholm

During the Ice Age Lerkenfeldt River Valley was a stretch of fiord all the way to Louns Bredning (Broad). When the glaciers melted, rivers of melted water created a...

Alstrup Church

9640, Farsø

The church of Alstrup lies to the west of the village of Alstrup overlooking the beautiful broads of Louns Bredning.

The church dates back to the early 13th centry. It is made of granite ashlars with...

Bird sculpture

9640, Farsø

A monolith with motive of birds is situated at the new churchyard in Farsoe. The work was purchased in 1981 by the parochial church council. The stone is put on the burial plot of the unknow...

Bathing beach Illeris

9640, Farsø

Illeris Strand

Bathing beach

Nice beach with good access. Parking areas right by the beach.
The bottom consists mostly of sand with a few stony areas. Very child-friendly since you go far before th...

Limfjorden - Inlet

9640, Farsø

Fishing in the Limfjord

One of the best places to fish in Denmark.

Trout, eel, perch, pike and garfish.

If you are between 18 and 65 years old and you want to fish in the Limfjord, you have to buy ...

Livø Kro

9681, Ranum

The inn is open daily from 11.30 to the last ferry departure - or later if arranged beforehand.

Overnight guests can order a dinner menu, either to be delievered at one of the houses (hired out by Li...

Livø Feriecenter

9681, Ranum

Livø Feriecenter
Please contact us for booking apartments and cabins.

We also have conference facilities....

Livø Harbour

9681, Ranum

Livø Harbour
On Livø there is a cosy little harbour with room for approx. 50 yachts.

There are restrooms in the harbour area, but showerfacilities can be found at the school - approx. 400 meter.


Rønbjerg Harbour

9681, Ranum

Rønbjerg Harbour
120 places for sailboats.

Ferry to Livø.

See for schedule...

Livø Campsite

9681, Ranum

Livø Campsite - Vesthimmerland
Cosy campsite with good toilet- and bath facilities as well as a small cooking area.
There are also several outdoor fireplaces where it is possible to do some simple c...


9681, Ranum

Livø - Vesthimmmerland
You arrive at Livø with the ferry from Rønbjerg. In 2007 the ferry operates between April 15 and October 21. There are no cars on Livø and because of the wildlife dogs are not p...

Malle Church

9681, Ranum

Surrounded by burial mounds, situated on a hill and dating back to the 12th Century, you see the church of Malle.

On the outer wall - towards east and north - are carved heads. One of the heads is in...

Ranum Church

9681, Ranum

In 1909 the church of Ranum was built as a cross-shaped church with a copper spire in the middle of the cross.

However, 20 years after the church was built it was discovered that the way in which the...

Vitskøl Kloster

9681, Ranum

Vitskøl Kloster is one of the oldest monasteries in Northern Europe. The building is something of a historical gem and has, over the past ten years, been sensitively restored.

Today, the monastery s...

Gallery Livøvej 41

9681, Ranum

Gallery Livøvej 41 - Rønbjerg - Vesthimmerland
Changing exhibitions within painting, glass, ceramics, jewellery and much more.
During the summer months there are additional exhibitions – frequently tw...

Camp school on Livø

9681, Ranum

Livø - Vesthimmerland
On the island of Livø we offer camp schools in idyllic and quiet settings.

All camp schools have the opportunity to rent a camp school folder on 162 pages.
Here you will find e...

In May 2008 a new put and take lake opened in Hvalpsund.

The lake is 4200 sqaremeters and will be followed by an even larger lake at 8600 squaremeters. Both lakes have a max depth of four meters in t...

© Galleri Rønbjerghus

Galleri Rønbjerg Hus

9681, Ranum

Galleri Rønbjerg Hus...

MH Willow and Wickerwork

9670, Løgstør

MH Willow and wickerwork

In the year 2000 Marianne Hansen from Overlade planted 375 cuttings in 15 different varieties, which has since then turned into 21 different varieties.

Marianne is a handwo...

Rønbjerg Fiskehus

9681, Ranum

Rønbjerg Fiskehus...

Plantagestien- cykelrute 118...


9681, Ranum

The Vilsted Route – regional cycling route no. 38
The Vilsted route is a cycling route from Rønbjerg in the vest to Store Ajstrup/Sebbersundkloster Forest in the east.

Near Rønbjerg  the route connec...

Naturstien Nibe - HvalpsundHistorieNaturstien følger delvis forløbet af den nedlagte privatbane Nibe – Hvalpsund. Banen blev som mange andre jernbaner påbeg...


9681, Ranum

MiniLine - Rønbjerg - Livø...

Kjærs Gårdbutik

9640, Farsø

Kjærs Gårdbutik - Strandby - Vesthimmerland...

© Galleri 6, Hvalpsund

Galleri 6, Hvalpsund

9640, Farsø

Galleri 6 - Hvalpsund - Vesthimmerland...

Ranum Kro

9681, Ranum

We would love to welcome you to the new Ranum Inn

We can offer gatherings at the inn, catering, take away and a restaurant with many different and exciting dishes.

You can find inspiration at www.ra...

Galleri Billedhuset

9670, Løgstør

When the monks started building the Monastery of Vitskøl in the 12th Century it was meant to be the largest church in Scandinavia and one of the biggest in Northern Europe at the time.

The work start...

Aalestrup Vandrerhjem

9620, Aalestrup

Aalestrup Vandrehjem - Vesthimmerland...

Hytter på Trend Camping

9670, Løgstør

Hytter - Trend Camping - Vesthimmerland...

Farsø Bibliotek

9640, Farsø

Vesthimmerlands Bibliotek Farsø...

Løgstør Bibliotek

9670, Løgstør

Løgstør Bibliotek...

Aars Bibliotek

9600, Aars

Vesthimmerlands Bibliotek Aars...


Showing 101 - 150 of 152 entries