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The West Coast Route (Vestkystruten) is a 560 km north-south long cycle route following Danish Jutland’s west coast. Along the route, you will experience huge landscape differences - from the flat mar...

© Hjørring City Bike

City Bike Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

City Bike Hjørring

City Bike Hjørring offers free cycles to loan in different parts of the municipality. Apart from Hjørring, there are also City Bikes in Hirtshals, Lokken, Lønstrup, Tversted and al...

Camping Rolighed

9480, Løkken

The Campsite

Here you can meet "tame"red deer, goats and hens who would like to be fed and talk to.

All in beautiful surroundings, where you can camp in peace and quite. The site has plenty for both...

© Bent Pristed

Unika Kunst

9480, Løkken

Unika schulptures in bronze.

Bent Pristed style is best described as abstract,
but strongly influenced by the human anatomy and all other of natures creations and shapes.

His most influential inspi...

© Ejlif Kristensen


9493, Saltum


300 m2 modern art: paintings, ceramics, glass art, sculptures and artifacts. 2 exhibitions in 2015.

Also open on Holidays and when the Danish Flag is placed by the entrance.

Open house on ...

© Løkken Bryghus

Løkken Bryghus

9480, Løkken

Løkken Bryghus is a local brewery in the middle of Løkken, where you can see how the beers are brewed.

Guided tours by appointment.

Further information on

© Stenhuggergården/Klaus Unger

German stone mason.
Open workshop with sculptures, fountains and decorative pieces. Everything made in natural stone.

Stone mason courses, activities for children. Brochures in Danish and German....

© Lyngby Kirke

Lyngby Church

9480, Løkken

A beautifully decorated village church
The nave is made of concrete and the altarpiece is a fresco painting by Joakim Skovgaard, who was a student of Ernestine Nyrup. Parts of the old church was moved...

© Gamle Klitgård og hytteby

Modern family camp site
In a quiet and open location, the site is about 6 km from the centre of Løkken - located between Løkken & Lønstrup, adjacent to the lovely North Sea & beautiful scenery. Luxury...

© Vrested Kirek

Vrensted Church

9480, Løkken

The Roman church built in granite
The church was built in the 12th century. However, the tower and porch were built in stone in the 16th century. On the northern wall of the nave is a beautiful and ra...

© Nordvestkysten Feriehusudlejning

450 holiday-homes well situated for rent in the following places: Løkken, Blokhus, Lønstrup, Hirtshals and Tversted.
Local rental agency - with personal service and low prices....

© Løkken El service

Løkken EL-service

9480, Løkken

Authorized electrician in the centre of Løkken....

Café Frandsen

9480, Løkken

Cosy café in the heart of Løkken
In daytime the café offers a wide range of café menus. During summer, the café is a popular place to meet up with friends in the evening and at night.

Extended openin...

Løkken Fishpond

9480, Løkken

A unique natural fishing area
The two lakes are attached by a broad channel as well as a fishing pond for the kids. The area is in a natural valley surrounded by forest.

There is a shop in connectio...

© Aldi


9480, Løkken

Discount supermarket on the outskirts of Løkken. ...

© Jøb Smykker

JØB smykker

9480, Løkken

The location of the workshop is in Nr.  Lyngby, a small village north of Løkken. Exiting designs and jewellery, in nature materials ranging from amber, stone, wood and silver to gold.

Please contact ...

© Jelstrup Kirke

Jelstrup Church

9480, Løkken

Roman village church from 1600

The church is open to the public and the entrance is free. See more  www.rubjergknudesogne.com  -  www.sogn.dk and www.korttilkirken.dk...

© Løkken Idrætscenter

Sportscentre with swimming hall, hot water swimming pool, 20 rooms and a gym.

Opening hours: visit the website....

© Peter Bådsmand

Cosy maritime restaurant with a carefully selected menu
Peter Baadsmand is one of the oldest but still the most popular restaurants in Løkken. It is placed in the centre of Løkken - in an old building...

© kop og kande

Glas, porcelain, kitchen equipment and modern applied art. ...

© Feriepartner Løkken

Feriepartner Løkken

9480, Løkken

Top service and competitive prices
All 500 homes are very well looked after and are privately owned by Danish families. For those who are looking for a local partner with accommodation in the area of ...

© Løkken Klitcamping

Løkken Klit Camping

9480, Løkken

Modern family camp site 
Løkken Klit Camping is one of the most attractive family camp-sites in Denmark. Activities include 2 brand new playgrounds, a big heated, outdoor waterpark with 2 exciting wat...

A.D. & T. Ussing

9480, Løkken

First floor apartment with own entrance in the center of Løkken. Living room with south-facing balcony. Fully equipped kitchen, private bath/WC, and 2 bedrooms with accomodation for 5 persons.

© Kajoli

KAJOLI is a felt workshop combined with a shop.
Various felt making courses are offered. The shops sells felt products, felt kits and materials for felting.
Appointments: Anja Bruun Sørensen +45 24 ...

© Mejeriet


9480, Løkken

Cosy fast-food snack-bar at the market place in Løkken. You can enjoy the food inside as well as outside.

Extended opening hours during the high season. Please call for more information....

© Løkken Museum

Løkken Museum

9480, Løkken

Step into Løkkens history
Løkken Museum focuses on commerce, history, craftsmanship and tourism. The museum is arranged in a former boat house from 1860.

The house was build by captain Thomas Grønbe...

© Furreby Kirke

Furreby Church

9480, Løkken

Norman Style village church
Furreby church was built about 1200 A.D. in a typical Norman style (Romanesque style) of granite ashlars on a profiled plinth.
The bell, which hangs in a small wooden tower...

Marthins Taxi

9480, Løkken

Taxi and transporation to hospital.
Our quality - your safety....

© Bombæk Lys

You find Bombæk Lys in an old farmhouse near the village Borup in the middle of the charming nature. The old farmhouse from 1801 with its thatched roof is admired in particular. Since 1969, the Bombæk...

© Vrejlev Kirke

Vrejlev Church

9760, Vrå

Vrejlev Church was built after year 1215. It was built as a church for Vrejlev Abbey. Some of the church was removed in appr. year 1400. Renovated in 2008. In the church you can view Christian symbols...

© Action house

Action House

9480, Løkken

If you like bowling, then Action House is just the place for you!
On or 8 bowling lanes you can score strikes all day long. With fully automatic children's rails, children and adults can compete on th...

© Action House

Action House - Paintball

9480, Løkken

Paintball is a shooting game
In Action House you can play Capture the Flag - The winning team captures the opponents flags first. We don't use paint - we use rubber balls, which can result in bruise m...

© Kallehavegaard Badehotel

Kallehavegaard Badehotel

9480, Løkken

Kallehavegaard Badehotel is a cosy hotel in the south end of Løkken. 800 m to city centre and 400 m to the beach. Rooms with private facilities and balcony.

Breakfast is included in the price.

© Family farm fun park

Chihuahua dog show

9480, Løkken

Chihuahua Dog Show at the Family Farm Fun Park in Vittrup near Løkken. Meet Mickey and Stumpi and whatch them perform and do various tricks. Free of charge once the entrance is paid. The park offers l...

© Løkken By Camping

Løkken Mini golf

9480, Løkken

Try the miniature golf course at Løkken By Camping. It's a 12-hole course with differing degrees of difficulty. The course is at the campsite, but is open to everyone. For those of you not interested ...

© Løkken Turistbureau

Hotel Litorina

9480, Løkken

App. 5 minutes’ walk from Løkken Strand beach. Free Parking. Fårup Sommerland Amusement Park is only 15 km away.

Hotel Litorina’s apartments have an electric cooker and tea/coffee facilities. A dinin...

© Løkken Turistbureau

Warning signal

9480, Løkken

Previously used to warn fishermen at sea on landing conditions in Løkken....

New Years Event

9480, Løkken

New Years Event. We meet at Signalbakken in Løkken....

© Løkken mole

Løkken Pier

9480, Løkken

You can fish all year round from the pier in Løkken. Possible catches from the pier include; plaice, cod, mackerel, garfish, eel, dab, and flounder.

Renovation of the Pier
Løkken Pier is being renova...

Memorial stone in Bornholm granite. Builder Packness, inscription by author Thomas Olesen Løkken. Erected in memory of 3 lifeboat crew members who, 9th. June 1929, gave their lives while doing their d...

© Nybæk plantage

Nybæk plantation

9480, Løkken

You enter the plantation 1 kilometer south of Løkken - right after you pass Nybæk - on the the east side of the road.
The plantation is for everybody who loves nature, a cosy place to go for a trip a...

Open By Christmas

9480, Løkken

The shops are open to 9 pm....

Easter Party in Løkken

9480, Løkken

Easter Party in Løkken. On Thursday Peter Bådsmand will open up for the traditional Eater Party. The Party starts in the morning and lasts all day. It marks the opening of the tourist season in Løkken...

© Den gamle Smedie

Den gamle Smedie

9760, Vrå

Restaurant in very cosy surroundings in a former smithy, just across the street from Børglum Kloster, an former monestary. Restaurant during the summertime and a lovely place for events during the win...

Løkken Sports centre has a modern heated swimming bath -located just 200 metres from the beach and the city. The swimming bath has 2 pools, a whirl-pool and a sauna. In addition, you can exercise in t...

ICV SleepWell

9760, Vrå

I the heart of Vendsyssel this brand new and modern hostel opens in the summer of 2013. ICV Sleepwell offers 14 well-equipped and comfortable double-/family rooms.

Free access to professional gym and...


9480, Løkken

The campingsite Vestkystcamping is situated quietly, app. 600 m from a nice sand beach. Group and guests who arrive by bike or on foot are also welcome.
There is also one cabin for 3- 4 person for ren...


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