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© Vrå Kirke

Vrå Kirke

9760, Vrå

Built before the year 1170. Tower and porch are from appr. 1400.
In Vrå Church visitors can view Christian symbols, architecture, art and history. The christian architecture in the churc dates back to...

© Vejby Kirke

Vejby Kirke

9760, Vrå

Roman church. Sct. Villads holy spring is near the church.
Built in appr. year 1200 by the munks from Børglum....

© Vrå turistinformation

The touristinformation in Vrå is situated at the library. Agents for: Best Travel, Color Line and Stena Line. Opening hours:
Monday 13-17.30, Thursday 13-17.30 and Friday 10-15.


© Action house

Action House

9480, Løkken

If you like bowling, then Action House is just the place for you!
On or 8 bowling lanes you can score strikes all day long. With fully automatic children's rails, children and adults can compete on th...

© Action House

Get close to Formula 1 on Denmark's 3rd largest go-kart track!We begin with an introduction, followed by a 5 minutes warm up, then then 10 minutes qualification where the grid is decided for the subse...

Action House- Lasergame

9480, Løkken

Lasergame. Today you are free to shoot your mum, dad, boss, colleague or who ever else dares to join you! You want be punished! 300m2 and three storey high laser course! Room for 26 players at the tim...

© Action House

Action House - Paintball

9480, Løkken

Paintball. Real Life shoot 'em up. You won't die if you get hit, but it'll hurt! At Action House you can play for instance, Capture the Flag - The winner is the the team that captures the opponents fl...

© Action House

Action House Restaurant. At Action House restaurant you can get something to eat while you're taking a brake from one of our numerous activities.We serve everything from burgers & fries to buffets and...

© Action House

The Perfect Action Day. Bowling, go-kart, laser game, paintball & play center - choose the perfect action day from one of our many package deals, whether you want a childrens birthday party, team -bui...

© Action House

Diskotek New York - Action House. One of DK's  most attractive discos. Laid out with 4 neighbourhoods: China Town, Harlem, Manhattan & Little Italy with police cars & yellow cabs protruding from the w...

© Action House

Northern Jutland's huge indoor amusement centre has opened a new indoor playground for the youngest members of the family. The 300m2 play area includes a multi-level play pen specially constructed and...

© Action House

Action House - Gokart

9480, Løkken

Great fun for the entire family! Actions House' indoor go-kart track is one of the best, longest & fastes go-kart tracks in Denmark. With a capacity of 16 karts on the track at the same time. We also ...

© Bolcheriet

Bolcheriet® in Løkken

9480, Løkken

Old fashioned, fully-functioning sweet factory open to everyone with a sweet tooth. See how a sweet is created from start to finish by professional sweetmakers.

Bolcheriet® specialises in such produc...

The West Coast Route (Vestkystruten) is a 560 km north-south long cycle route following Danish Jutland’s west coast. Along the route, you will experience huge landscape differences - from the flat mar...

Today's visitor at Børglum Kloster may wonder why this remote hill was chosen as a centre of power in the Middle Age. However, here was a royal residence, which was raised to an episcopal residence in...

© Børglum Kloster

Memorial stone for Capt. Rottbøll who led and organized the Danish Resistance during the war. The Boerglum monastery was built from 1035 to 1220 by Augustiner munks. Later it was the Praemonstratenser...

© Family farm fun park

Chihuahua dog show

9480, Løkken

Chihuahua Dog Show at the Family Farm Fun Park in Vittrup near Løkken. Meet Mickey and Stumpi and whatch them perform and do various tricks. Free of charge once the entrance is paid. The park offers l...

© Family Farm Fun park

Pony riding

9480, Løkken

Pony riding at Family Farm Fun Park is for every one - small children are however only allowed to ride with a grown up at their side.
Price: DKK 10,- when the entrance is paid. 
Time: 12.00 (and 15.00...

© Billeder fra aktøren


9480, Løkken

Visit Family Farm FUN PARK and meet our own "Lyngby Lake Monster" when going on an exihiting tractor ride to the lake! 

For everyone - small children however only along with an adult. 
Price: Free, w...

© Family Farm Fun Park

Focus on the rabbit

9480, Løkken

Focus on the rabbit - an arrangement at Family Farm Fun Park. Learn the basics about the rabbits (only in Danish), take part in a rabbit jumping competition and rabbit feeding afterwards. 

For everyo...

© Børglum Kloster

Børglum Monastery - the historic centre of Vendsyssel with impressive 13th century cathedral. Access to 3000m2 historical and artistic exhibition on Stygge Krumpen and Chr. Michael Rottbøll. In 2011 t...


9480, Løkken

Attractive sculpture by Bodil Dam that depicts a small group of people watching the sunset. the solstice column shows where the sun sets on the summer and winter solstices respectively...

Internet access at Løkken Turistoffice.
Please notice: no possibility for prints....

© Løkken By Camping

Løkken Minigolf

9480, Løkken

Try the miniature golf course at Løkken By Camping. It's a 12-hole course with differing degrees of difficulty. The course is at the campsite, but is open to everyone. For those of you not interested ...

© Kallehavegaard Badehotel

Kallehavegaard Badehotel - Café - Restaurant - Hotel. Kallehavegaard Badehotel is a cosy hotel in the south end of Løkken. 800 m to city centre and 400 m to the beach.

Rooms with private facilities a...

© Løkken Turist bureau

The white town

9480, Løkken

Every year, from may to september,littel wihte houses located right on the Løkkens beach, are available....

© Løkken Turistbureau

Warning signal

9480, Løkken

Previously used to warn fishermen at sea on landing conditions in Løkken....


9480, Løkken

Old sign for ships at sea to show that you are out of Løkken...

The water tower was built in 1917 and contained 140000 litres of water, wenn it was used. Nest to the water tower you will see the pillar of Solstice, which marks the sunset at summer and winter solst...

Visit visittoppen.com and get a quick overall picture of more than 800 lovely holiday homes and holiday apartments.

The dwellings are rented out by the local tourist offices in Løkken, Lønstrup, Hir...

© Nr.Lyngby strand

Nr. Lyngby strandfiskeri

9480, Løkken

It is possible to fish from the beach at Nr. Lyngby all year. Good chances for catching cod and sea trout....

© Den Gamle Bydel

To the west of the marketplace in Løkken: the old fishermen’s houses, where the gables face east and west. Many of the houses are joined together in terraces of up to 4 houses.

The tour starts from ...

© Den velbevarede kiskermiljø

The unique picturesque fishing environment with boat berths, buoys, tar pit and lifeboat station is still intact in Løkken.Throughout the 20th century, Løkken was a fishing town with boats t...

© Action House

Gokart Grand Prix at Action house for kids!

Learn to drive like a formula1 driver. What the flags mean and how to take the fast lane. Fun gocart tutorials for kids who like racing.

Children from 8- ...

© Kystfiskerimuseum


9480, Løkken

Fishery and maritime museum with rescue and fishery as the main themes with the coastal fishing boat Bent the second as the main attraction. The collection at the museum covers the 19th and 20th centu...

© Lunden


9760, Vrå

A beautiful area (3 km long) next to the city Vrå. ...

© Løkken Feriehusudlejning

Løkken Feriehusudlejning has about 120 holiday cottages and holiday apartments for rental in Løkken, Furreby, Nr. Lyngby, Grønhøj and Saltum. All on the beautiful west coast of Denmark and Northern Ju...

© Løkken Turistbureau

Get a look behind the scenes of the danisch TV-channel TV2's production of the Advent calendar tv-series "Ludvig & Santa Claus", in which Børglum Abbey was the setting. The Rottbøll family, who own ...

© Børglum Kloster

Børglum Kloster has the pleasure of being able to present:
the fabulous costumes for Anne Marie Helger's solo shows, designed by Lars Andersen.
The costumes are on display in "Hestestalden", where you...

© Løkken miniby

Løkken Miniby

9480, Løkken

In the workshop miniature houses in Løkken in the year 1900 is made out of small bricks and tile in the scale 1:10.
Come and visit this cosy workshop and see how this exciting attraction is growing in...

© Løkken mole

Løkken Mole

9480, Løkken

Fish all year round form the pier in Løkken. Possible catches from the mole are plaice, cod, mackerel, garfish, eel, dab, and flounder....

© Børglum Kloster Mølle

Børglum Kloster Mølle is an old mill, situated on Bodilshøj 53.78 m. a.s.l. It is a so-called Kælderhollænder Mølle, built 1860, restored 1963. Top section & hat made of wood, wing span 11 m.


© Markedspladsen/Legepladsen

Playground in Løkken with plenty of play ground equipment. ...

Memorial stone in Bornholm granite. Builder Packness, inscription by author Thomas Olesen Løkken. Erected in memory of 3 lifeboat crew members who, 9th. June 1929, gave their lives while doing their d...

© Nr. Lyngby Strand

Nr. Lyngby Strand

9480, Løkken

Nr. Lyngby beach is surrounded by steep dunes. The 9 km beach has nice sand, and a Blue Flag as the one in Løkken. Due to the westerly wind the beach is good for surfing. Cars are permitted to drive a...

© Møllehøjen


9760, Vrå

Near Børglum Kloster, the episcopal residence in Vendsyssel during the Middle Ages: Børglum ‘Møllehøjen’, a grave mound & the site of the holy well of Sct. Bodil. At the top: a view of the entire ...

© Nybæk plantage

Nybæk plantation

9480, Løkken

Entrance to the plantation is located only 1 kilometer south from Løkken - right after you pass  Nybæk - on the the east side of the road.
Plantation is there for everybody who loves nature, and it i...


Showing 101 - 150 of 214 entries