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One of the finest stretches of countryside on the east coast runs from Sæby to Lyngså. Dune heaths w. pine woods, heather & juniper bushes. Blueberries, junipers, rosehip, elder which birds &...


Saeby Touristoffice

9300, Sæby

Sæby Tourist agency is an authorised, year-round bureau.
Have a look at 100 nice holiday houses in the Sæby and Lyngså area.
The houses are available through Sæby Tourist office.

In addition we are...

The covered bird tower provides a view of the shallows and the jetty out into Kattegat. To the north is Stensnæs Wildlife Reserve, where waders, ducks, snow buntings, common eiders, dark/pal...

Voerså canoes & Room

9300, Sæby

24 beds available in 8 nicely appointed non-smoking double rooms with Satellite TV and views of the stream.

Voerså lies on the coast some 15 km south of Sæby, facing out towards the Kattegat. A peac...

Lyngså Strand

9300, Sæby

Fishing: between Sønderklit & Stensnæs.

Parking. Toilet. Disabled access....

Lyngså Kirke - Sæby

9300, Sæby

In 100 years, Lyngså church remained on the hill just south of town.The beautiful red building appears to tower, nave and chancel as a harmonious whole. Distinctiveness contributed by striving pi...

Lyngså Strand

9300, Sæby

Dune landscape.
Good opportunities for finding amber after a south east wind.
Interesting things wash up on the beach, like razor shells, pelicans-foot, red whelk, crabs and conches.
Suitable for w...


9330, Dronninglund

Book a holiday home here

A holiday home close to the child-friendly east coast is one of the best bases for a great holiday.

Sæby Tourist Office covers the area around Sæby & Lyngså. More than 100 ...

Bog myrtle and water mint to the snaps. In Stengsholt Mose you find raspberry and blackberry as well as bog myrtle. More seldom is however water mint, which is found in this wet area. The mint ha...

Glassworts:In the dunes north of Stensnæs oraches are growing. The sees from these oraches are very important food to the birds in the winter. The nourishing sees from the oraches were also used by th...


Enjoy a hike along HJERTESTIEN

The hike is 3,8 km.

Please note that the event will be in danish.

Bring water or other beverages.

Tourleaders: The Civic Association of Lyngså.

Meeting point: Cult...

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Lyngså Strand Feriehuse, by dunes and beach.
11 houses for 4-8 persons.
Private rooms.
Close to the grocer's, mini golf, launderette, cycle hire, playground and grill bar....

The beach is located between Sæby and Lyngså.Good opportunities for finding amber after a south-easterly wind. Razor shells, pelican's-foot, red whelk, crabs and conches wash up on...


Showing 1 - 16 of 16 entries