Jul i Middelfart, JUl i Laden, Julemandsrace, Julle og Tulle

Christmas in Middelfart

Christmas cheer – decorations – gifts – candles – sweets – fairs – elves – stars – music and carols. Concepts that we all associate with our traditional Christmas. With room for Christmas cheer and togetherness. There is ample opportunity during November and December - Look here at the many Christmas events taking place in Middelfart and surrounding area. If you want to see Christmas events from across the country take a look here: Christmas in Denmark

Spring in Middelfart and Fredericia

Spring in Middelfart and Fredericia

Plenty of springtime activities in and around Middelfart. Below you can see what activities we have to offer for both adults and children.

Hindsgavl Halvøen, Ferieoplevelser i topklasse. VisitMiddelfart, træklatring, naturoplevelser


Enjoy eating lunch al fresco? Then Middelfart is the place for you. Choose one of the scenic beaches, a hilltop overlooking the sea or a picnic bench in a tranquil woodland setting.



Top 10 attractions in Middelfart

Middelfart offers a wide variety of attractions: museums, water sports, nature experiences and excellent shopping options – not to mention Bridgewalking, where you can see it all from the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge.
The following is a top 10 list of attractions in Middlefart. 
Fleur Blomster Middelfart

Specialty shops - Non-Food

A new knitted sweater, flowers for the lady at home or perhaps a new guitar? These are just some of the things you find in Middelfart’s specialty shops within the category "Non-Food". View specialty shops with food here.

Middelfart has many specialty shops. That is why the Middelfart Trade Accosiation call themselves for "Town of Specialists ".

Opticians in Middelfart


Below you will find a list of opticians in Middelfart. Experienced opticians are ready to help with glasses, eye tests and guidance in the shops.

Nielsens Middelfart

Fashion - for him

Fashion boutiques for men and boys who want fashionable clothes of a high quality and with a professional guidance.

Middelfart’s fashion boutiques are located a short distance from the waterfront with a beautiful view, and still in the center of the town.

Esmeralda Middelfart

Fashion - for her

Go shopping in Middelfarts many fashion boutiques. You will find fashion for women and girls of all ages here.
Take the girls on a shopping spree to Middelfart, and enjoy the pedestrian zone which goes parallel to the town’s waterfront promenade. The perfect setting for a girls day out - shopping "for her", a beautiful view over the water, and maybe also a café visit.

Galleries in Middelfart


Middelfart has a variety of fun, creative and inspirational galleries, each with their own character. Buy paintings, handicraft, jewelry and other interesting effects in the individual galleries.

Middelfart Strand masser af sommeroplevelser i juli og august

Summer experiences in Middelfart and Fredericia

Below is a selection of summer activities. See all the events here: Events in Middelfart or go to our online booking, where you will find loads of fun water sport activities, boat trips, cultural events and much more: Online booking.

Dog Park

Dog woods for both the two legged and four legged. Here your dog can run free without a lead, but it is your responsibility to control your dog.

Hotel Borgmestergaarden med udsigt over Lillebælt


Conference facilities

• 2 meeting rooms, 10-12 people each
• 4 group rooms
• Breakfast Cafe with seating for 18 people

Lillebælt Sport & Kultur

Conference facilities

We offer bright and lovely rooms in different sizes with different options for setting up tables/chairs. Hall A can accommodate 1,600 participants, when the chairs are set up in congress style, or up to 1000 diners. Hall B has room for 850 participants in congress style or up to 550 diners. Our restaurant and cafeteria has room for 150 diners and the room can be divided into 4 smaller rooms.


Fænø Gods

Conference facilities