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Edward Hundevad is residing in the scenic area, Estrup near Støvring.
He grew up in Nørre Tranders and had an early interest in nature, drawing, painting and ceramics.
Later he worked with carving,...

Guldbæk Vineyard

9230, Svenstrup J

Visit the exciting and beautiful family-run winery in the scenic area near the village Guldbæk in Himmerland.

Guldbæk Vineyard is located near the village Guldbæk, ca. 20 km south of Aalborg. The vin...

© Alice Nielsen

Hødalen Bed & Breakfast

9530, Støvring

Hødalen Bed and Breakfast

is a real gem, situated in the beautiful area of Himmerland, only 20 km south of Aalborg and not far from Rold Skov (forest) and Rebild Bakker (national park).
There are ...

Støvring Taxi

9530, Støvring

Payment per kilometer, per day or per week....

© Shell Motel

Shell Motel and Restaurant

9530, Støvring


Shell Motel is located in Støvring (city) close to exit 30 on highway E45.

Shell Motel & Cafeteria has a lot to offer. Whether you need a quick meal, a place for your party, well made food for you...

Shell Cafeteria

9530, Støvring

Shell Motel is situated in Støvring (town) – close to highway exit 30 (Støvring N).

Shell Motel and Cafeteria has a lot to offer. Whether you need a quick meal, a place to throw a party, well made fo...

HK Glass

9530, Støvring

HK Glass is an exciting gallery, where you can see changing exhibitions.
We have a wide range of paintings and pictures, decorative art and glass-art from our own workshop. This can also be made by pe...

Gerda Dalsgård

9530, Støvring

Painting and watercoulor...

Angling in Mastrup Søerne

9530, Støvring

Mastrup Søerne (lakes) in the middle of Støvring - a suburb to Aalborg -are ideal for a picnic and anglingtour. Here you can fish trout, roach and eels. During the wintertime sea trout draws into the ...

© VisitRebild


9530, Støvring

The vacation rental home ”Kirkely” is situated between Støvring (town) and Skørping (town) in the area of Buderupholm. We have an amazing view over Lindenborg ådal (valley) and Rold Skov (forest).



Horse-drawn tours of pace with driver Ejgil Nielsen and his faithful Norwegian fiord horses Vocal and Pegasus. With Ejgil Nielsen by the reins, you are in safe hands. He has since childhood years b...

Hanne Hjortnæs

9530, Støvring

Hanne Hjortnæs is a painter. She loves to play with colours and shapes. ...

Karsten Hallberg

9530, Støvring

Throughout my life I have been encouraged to draw and paint. When I look back, the piece of paper, I have not drawn on does not excist.My paintings are sensuous landscapes with textured brus...

Hornum Lake

9530, Støvring

Hornum Lake is located south of Aalborg about 7 km from the suburb Støvring. Here you can catch pike, perch, roach, and eels.  
The north-eastern part of the lake is owned by Rebild Municipality, and ...

Stubhuset in Støvring

9530, Støvring


"Stubhuset" in Støvring hosts a myriad of exciting musical events,exhibitions and other performances through the hole year....

Center for Jewelry Design

9530, Støvring

Center for Jewelry Design by Karen Hørman

I work with jewelry as a form of expression, and uses different materials, with emphasis on precious metals, where I am particularly concerned by the spaciou...

Sørup Taxa

9530, Støvring

You can hire a taxi or a bus, also for disabled....

Nihøje Pottery & Glass

9530, Støvring

Nihøje Glass and Ceramics was established in 1997 by Lena Gade Christensen.

The workshop produces unique glass and ceramic art with a wide selection of glass and ceramics for the home / business / o...

Glass Art

9530, Støvring

Britta Madsen and Søren Gørup
are welknown glass-artists and they have had many excibitions in Denmark as well as in other countries.
They have made decorations for among others:
Hjørring Kunstmus...

Støvring Swimming Bath

9530, Støvring

Støvring Swimming Bath is relatively new and is mostly used by the scool's pupils. Public opening times please see under details.

25 m sports pool (6 lanes) with 1 - and 3-meter springboa...

Borremosefæstning - VesthimmerlandSome of the ruins were used as a place of refuge for the Cimbrians and were constructed in The Bronze Age and used as such up until approximatel...

St. Binderup Kro

9600, Aars

In the year 1871 Store Binderup Kro was set up in the present buildings, which also housed a bakery and a grocer's shop, but the Inn's history dates all the way back to the year 1617, and it received ...

Zimmerart by Susanne Zimmer

9520, Skørping

The gallery has focus on the contemporary art with paintings, photography, ceramics and stone. The permanent exhibition is replaced 3 to 4 times a year by special exhibitions where we introduce artist...

Terndrup Inn and Hotel

9575, Terndrup


Terndrup Kro (inn) is situated in the middle of Terndrup (village).

The inn is continuously renovated and appears modern and tempting with a cosy atmosphere and a great kitchen.

The inn both has ...

Tine Lilholt

9520, Skørping


- Musician and artist
I have my own occupation, where I work with music and paintings. Both individually and in combination.

I've been so lucky to have always worked with my musical side. Ever sin...

The Orchard in St. Brøndum

9520, Skørping

The Orchard is a mature and idyllic plantation, which emphasizes the very best taste.
Therefore, we include a focus on the newest apple and pear varieties, where juice quality and taste is in focus.

Rebild MTB Guides

9520, Skørping


Rebild MTB Guides offer

Individually arranged guided MTB tours in Rold Forest.
We customize each trip based on your wishes. 
We create tours for both companies and individuals.
The guides are you...

Vacation apartments in the middle of Himmerland

The apartments are situated just 200 m from first class golf facilities at Volstrup Golf Center and even closer to Volstrup Fiskepark (fishing park)....

Kjeld Thomsen

9520, Skørping

I've always been fascinated by the black and white image.Finding the opening in the individual images.In the classical interpretation a photograph is truth proof, but with digital techn...

Since 1996 I've worked with creating/ molding and expressing things in clay with my hands.Visualizing human communication,  till a new angle is created, that is the angle I like.

Culture Centre "Kig Ind"  is situated in a former furniture store, and serves as a host for cultural and popular activities...

Denmark's oldest marionette theater

Visit marionetteater.dk and read more about the puppet theater's history and principles of manufacture of dolls.
Here you will also find an introduction in englis...

Angling Lerkenfeld stream

9620, Aalestrup

The Stream "Lerkenfeld Å" rises at Mejlby south of Rold Skov and after a course of about 30 km through a typical and very beautiful landscape in Himmerland it flows into Louns Brednin...


9520, Skørping

A very special, small Cinema.For further information, look at our website....

The Boldrup Museum is a small holding from the year 1900.The physical settings are narrow, but with a well-run farm it was possible to provide for an entire family.The house of the small holding, the ...

Rold Skov Adventure

9520, Skørping

We offer
> High Rope course
> Climbing
> Mountainbike
> Virtual treasure

Specially for you
Everything is made to fit your wishes.

We use the nature
Rold Skov Adventure is responsible and ecological ...

Kenneths Taxi og Minibus

9520, Skørping

Payment per kilometer, per day or per week...


9520, Skørping

Get inspiration for your holidays, vacation, personal or perhaps family outing. We have a lot of information about our region.We are always ready to help, therefor, You are welcome to visit or contact...

The Peoples festival in Terndrup is a recurring annual event.
The Festival is always held at Pentecost.
There is music, parades, markets, amusement park, dance and the festivities conclude with firewo...

Terndrup Taxa

9575, Terndrup


Payment per kilometer, per day or per week.

A guide can be booked by contacting the touristoffice in Rebild
Phone +45 99 88 90 00

Handicapbus is here available....

Nordic Studio

9520, Skørping

Gallery Nordic Studio

For the past twenty years "Nordic Studio" has worked with the production of pictures, paintings, illustrations, posters, brochures, etc.


Rebild Hus

9520, Skørping


Rebildhus is a cosy restaurant with a lot of nice traditions. It is situated right at Rebild Bakker (national park).

Rebildhus opens everyday at 12 pm. However, Wednesday evenings most days are cl...

The Witch from Rold, Denmark´s only living "genuine" witch.
A knowledgeable person who mixes an incredible knowledge of nature with superstition, mysteri and magic....

Rebild Bed & Breakfast

9520, Skørping


Rebild Bed & Breakfast

At the top of Rebild Bakker (national park) with direct access to the tracks of the biggest forest in Denmark, Rold Skov, and the famous springs, you find inexpensive overni...


Frode Jensen is the only charcoal burner in Jutland.
Please contact Frode Jensen and make an appointment....

Bed & Breakfast at Rebild Bakker by Benthe Handberg

The house is beautifully situated nearby Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov. The area is a very famous recreational area with good walking paths, museums ...

© Hannah og Henrik Henriksen

Rosenvang Bed & Breakfast

The rooms are situated in one of the small towns (Blenstrup), that borders on Rold Skov (forest) and the scenic area around Rebild Bakker (national park).

You can borrow tw...

Rebildløbet (Running)

9520, Skørping


A local sports event.


Rold Skov Skilaug

9520, Skørping


Rold Forest Ski Club is a newly established Ski club under Danish Ski Federation. The main interest is cross-country skiing.

Cross country in Rold Forest
We probably have  the best cross-country e...

© Marianne Have


A picture is a story without words ...

To many, being photographed is loaded with difficulties.
I place great emphasis on humor and a relaxed atmosphere during shooting.

Many of my photo shoots ...


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