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Aalborg: Denmark's laid-back city

Nature awaits, all day every day

Læsø salt
  1. Stand in two seas at once at The Branch (Grenen), Denmark’s northernmost point
Læsø salt

All of nature's best

Hilly landscapes

Sea islands

On the island of Læsø out in the Kattegat, you can access large stretches of untouched nature and the island is almost entirely circled by wide beaches, with seal colonies and other wildlife. 

North Jutland

Where two seas meet

Prehistoric Denmark

Denmark’s first people

There is a little journey in every oyster. Once you open and smell them there is a fresh breeze on your face from the sea and the wild. The Romans brought the flat shelled oysters from the Atlantic region of Europe back to Italy packed with in ice, snow or in barrels with sea water.


Showing 11 from 11 marked with "North Jutland"