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We have since 1968 made our own candles of highequality to a fair price. We have candles in many sizes and colours. Every tuesday in july and august between 10.00 and 17.00 you can come and see our wo...

Alanya, Brovst

9460, Brovst

Pizzaria ...

Horse riding

9480, Løkken

Horse riding at VROR Rideskole - please contact us at tel. +45 40963509....

Gift to Struer from a former holiday maker from Holland.Size: hight 0.54 m, base 0.16 m....

Rødhus kirke

9490, Pandrup

Rødhus Church is known as "The Church at the end of the world". It is the newest and the smallest church in the area.The church was built in 1913 and the cost was dkr. 12,767.The n...

© Fårup Sommerland

Faarup Sommerland

9492, Blokhus

Fårup Sommerland

Close to the beach and yet all the way in the forest you will find the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland. In 2014, Fårup Sommerland was elected as both Denmark's Best Summer Holiday A...

© Birgitte Nielsen

A room at Bratskov is made like a schoolroom from the begining of the 20. century....

Sports centre, cultural centre, centre of excellence…
We have the capability and capacity to handle practically anything and over the years we’ve hosted all sorts of sports events ranging from events ...

Gaaser Put and Take lake

9362, Gandrup

Gaaser fishing-lake is close to the small idyllic town of Gaaser. In scenic areas of the farm 'Nygaard' you can catch large rainbow trout, rent horses and spend the night in tents, shelters or apartme...

© Jimmi Lind

Spøttrup Lake

7860, Spøttrup

During the 19th century, the lake was drained so as to cultivate the land, but in 1994 Spøttrup lake was reestablished. A rich bird life and otters can be observed by the lake....

Kulturcenter Limfjord

7800, Skive

Day, evening and weekend conferences are always a pleasant experience in our well equipped conference rooms. We are very flexible and manage meetings only a few people as well as congress meetings wit...


7742, Vesløs

The Rainbow is an umbrella organization that deals with the tasks of common or special interest, in the Hannæs and North Thy area.
The group backed by residents associations, from Amtoft, Bjerget, Frø...

© Hirtshals Turistbureau

Eurospar Hirtshals

9850, Hirtshals


Round Viborg by bike

8800, Viborg

On this cycle trip (12 km) you can see the exciting historical and green spots of Viborg. This trip is short with many memorable experiences hat await you in the old city of Viborg, where homage had t...

Den Sidste Turist

9900, Frederikshavn
© Spøttrup Middelalderborg

Herb garden by the castle Spøttrup Middelalderborg. Open all year round from sunrise til sunset. Free admission. The herb garden is one of the locations on "Snapseruten" - see also

© Restaurant Bakken

Restaurant Bakken

9940, Læsø

We prepare almost everything from scratch here, and we do not compromise on quality.
On our savoury menu you will find lobster pizzas, unconventional burgers, juicy steaks or choose your own toppings ...

Restaurant Hyttefadet

9990, Skagen

Hyttefadet offers classic and modern tasty dishes can be enjoyed in pleasant and relaxed surroundings.

Skagen is a magical place where nature and adventure play together. Weather permitting, is serve...

Foreningen Frederik

9900, Frederikshavn

Trade organization Frederik.See member shops and events

Thank You Sindal from Israel.A symbolic Sculpture by Roda Reilinger....

Bøf og Vin

9000, Aalborg

At restaurant Bøf & Vin (Steak & Wine), focus is on fresh ingredients, kind and efficient service and a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant. Bøf & Vin is centrally located at Østerågade,...

Flat stone with turbot...


9800, Hjørring

Clothing shop in the center of Hjørring which sells fashion clothes for women 25+

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11.00 AM - 05.30 PM
Saturday - 10.00 AM - 02.00 PM


If you prefer to stay in the same hotel every night, our Star Route is the perfect choice for you. You can stay for two to four nights and cycle some or all of the five different routes in and outside...

Ceste Træ - Nykøbing Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

DIY centre and timber merchant....

© henny hansen

The Coastal Route on Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

The Coastal Route is a unique opportunity to spend one or more days in natural beauty, sleeping in shelters. The coastal route is the only place in Denmark where a coherent network of shelters allows ...

© morsø turistbureau

Ejerslev Havn

7900, Nykøbing M

A cosy and modern marina with good facilities. The marina is also home to a number of local fishermen who ship out from the marina fishing for herring, eels and lobsters. There is also a great possibi...

© Højriis Slot

Creaking doors, fluttering curtains and dripping blood in the basement. You have arrived at an old castle where a crime has been committed.

Fingerprints on the old gramophone and lipstick on the aban...

Læsø Færgen

9900, Frederikshavn

The Ferry Company Læsø K/S was founded on August 1 2007 and makes sure you can get to the mainland with the two ferries Ane and Margete Læsø, that depending on the season sail between four and up to s...

Bed & Breakfast - Aurora

9000, Aalborg

Situated only 10 minutes from Aalborg city center and with a view of the Limfjord lies Aurora Bed and Breakfast. The house is big and rustic and has 2 newly decorated rooms with access to shower and k...

© C.M.Damgaard

C. & M. Damgaard

9480, Løkken

"Mini" apartment with two rooms (living room and bedroom). Private bathroom and kitchenette. Suitable for 2 adults with a child on the couch.

Own entrance from lovely secluded garden with BBQ.

Bed l...

Q-Park Kennedy Arkaden

9000, Aalborg

With over 350 parking spots and a central location, the parking house above Kennedy Arkaden is ideal for quick and easy parking in the centre of Aalborg. The parking house if open 24 hours a day and h...

© Lille Vildmose centret

Café Soldug

9280, Storvorde

Very good café with rustic food...

Restaurant & snack bar Carl Frederick is a popular place at the Hals harbour. The restaurant is well-known for its Danish dishes, and it includes danish courses, fastfood and old-fashioned ice cream. ...

Ulvelys is a factory, that is specialized  in handmade candles in a variety of colors. The factory is opened for visitors. At special events you can make your own candles. Drop by in july or august an...

Davinci Ristorante

9560, Hadsund

In Davinci Ristorante in Hadsund are we always
looking forward to welcome you. We offer
delicious and creative Italian menus that are
always made with fresh ingredients. We like
to offer you a real It...

Drive In and Shanghai Grill

9850, Hirtshals

Shanghai Grill is a takeaway place in Hirtshals....

Restaurant Købmandsgården

7760, Hurup Thy

Restaurant and Cafe...

Rebild is the name of a little village approx. 25 km south of Aalborg.

The Rebild Nationalpark is a part of Himmerland consisting of hills covered with heather, purchased in 1911 by a group of Ameri...

© Galleri Vita

Gallery Vita

9870, Sindal

Gallery Vita, Tolne, Sindal

See the exciting art displays.

Get experiences for several of your senses, it gives inspiration to life and opens up the World. Visit artist Hedvig Brix and have a chat a...

© Skagen Strand

Skagen Strand

9990, Skagen

Modern appartments with all kinds of facilities as well as a large sportscentre which can be used by all members of the family, and where tournaments are frequently arranged. A sportsorganiser is avai...

© Bondehus på Læsø

Farmhouse on læsø

9940, Læsø

Farmhouse on læsø...

P: Snævringen (N 56° 30.073’, E 8° 54.026’)L: 1,6 kmMarking: YellowSnævringen is the narrowest place at the lake Flyndersø. You reach the parking place via quite a long unpaved road. At Snævringen the...

P: Rettrup Kærvej (N 56° 33.681’, E 8° 53.447’) or Rønbjergvej (N 56° 33.496’, E 8° 55.455’)L: 7 kmMarking: YellowThis route goes through the 43 ha large Hvidbjerg Plantation with a rich birds life. I...

27. Håsum Enge

7860, Spøttrup

P: At Håsum Church (N 56° 34.792’, E 8° 50.867’) or Lægårdvej (N 56° 34.380’, E 8° 50.046’)L: 10,3 kmMarking: YellowThere are information boards at several places along this route, and at the outskirt...

© Hotel Havnebakken

Hotel Havnebakken

9940, Læsø

Less than 50 meters from the Kattegat lies Hotel Havnebakken formerly the Sailors' home in Vesterø, which has beeen carefully renovated.Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, unique view over the sea a...

© Lærkely

Idyll, Harmony and Vitality.In the middle of Læsø, in beautiful natural surroundings close to forrest and beach, and in the lee of the larch trees, you'll find Lærkely. Lærkely is a sma...

Loenstrup Smykke Design

9800, Hjørring

Jewelry Designer Nynne Kegel manufactures and sells high quality jewelery.

The jewelery is inspired by the area's stunning scenery, and is crafted in her own workshop where quality is a key word. 


© VisitJammerbugten

Tranum Strand

9460, Brovst

Beach ...


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