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© Rebild Vandrerhjem


9520, Skørping
© VisitDenmark

Sol og Strand Skagen offers charming holiday homes, genuine Skagen houses as well as holiday apartments in Skagen and Gammel Skagen. Here you are always close to the pedestrian street, the cosy marina...

Frydenstrand Camping

9280, Storvorde

Frydenstrand Camping is situated not far from the city of Aalborg and directly by the sea. This is the ideal place to relax in beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the view over the Limfjord with the busy tr...

Gallery Havgaarden

9280, Storvorde

All ready in 1965 Leif Lindstrom exhibited as sculptor for  the first time. In the years up to 1972, he concentrated on his sculpture work. In 1987 he continued this work.  During the break, he worked...

The tentsite is situated nearby the bike path at the former railway of Hadsund, surrounded by hilly country and open fields. There are two shelters at the site and there is a place for a bonfire....

Urskoven Teltplads (pitch)

9520, Skørping

This tentsite is situated in one of our biggest forests close to the famous Rebild Bakker (national park) and not far from Rold Storkro (inn). To get to the tentsite, follow the forest road about 1 k...

Feldingbjerg Church

7850, Stoholm Jyll

Originally, the church was built in the period 1220-1250, but it has been changed and rebuilt to such a degree that it is impossible to establish its exact history.

© Vera's Vine

Vera's vine Ca'del Vino, Harken

Experience genuine Italian atmosphere. In our attractive Italian wine bar, Ca'del Vino, we offer a wide range of Italian wines and specialities of the highest quality....

Nørager Library

9610, Nørager

Nørager Bibliothek ist Teil des Kulturzentrums Look Into.
Die Bibliothek ist die Gemeinde die erste Self-Service-Bibliothek, der betyder bei Mellom Stunden. 09.00 zwei 21:00, alle 16 Jahre sogar sperr...

Venø Bussen - Struer

7600, Struer

Venø Bussen - Struer is a bus rental company which is drivning at home and abroad.

Modern busses - from 10 - 64 persons...

Camp Kompedal East

8620, Kjellerup

Camp in the eastern part of "Kompedal Plantage" (plantation), situated about 250 m east from the main road A13. The walking path "Hærvejen" (old military road) close by.Contact: Feldborg Sta...

© Vendhuset Park Vendia

Vandhuset - Hjørring Park Vendia, Hjørring

Vendsyssel's northernmost swimming pool. Water depth can be regulated according to the activity. Aqua complex with 50-m pool 120-180 cm deep. Fun section wi...

The gallery Goggelrok is situated centrally in attractive Tolne and is also my workshop. The paintings are my own works in oil.

I like to work on the basis of inspiration from my own life and my exp...

Gaaser Naturcamping

9362, Gandrup

Goose Naturcamping is situated close to the Limfjord in the idyllic small town Gaaser.Gaaser Naturcamping is a part of the farm "Nygård", which is a paradise for horse riding and fishing.

On this tour (47 km) you bicycle around the Hjarbæk Fjord which is an important resting area for water birds. The landscape around the fjord has a rich wildlife and in 1967 Hjarbæk Fjord was designate...

© Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard

Market at Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard.

For more information:

Thorningegnens Friluftsspil

8620, Kjellerup

Amateur theater - plays the musical "Anni Get Your Gun" in 2016....

© Clausen

The house is located in a quiet neighbourhood within walking distance to beach and town center.

For rent: 2 double rooms with an extra bed in one.

Shared bathroom and kitchen for simple cooking.


© Skagen Turistforening

Skagen Farvehandel

9990, Skagen

Skagen Farvehandel offers ideas and inspiration - right on top - to your home.

Paints - wallpaper - wood - roller blinds - blinds - baskets - art supplies - car- and boat-paint....


Emmersbæk Kirke (church)

9850, Hirtshals

Emmersbæk church was built in 1982/83.The first church was a church for the tavelling people. Built in 1972.The new building was designed by the architectfirm Friis & Moltke, Å...

Aalestrup Campingplads

9620, Aalestrup

The camp site "Aalestrup" - Vesthimmerland
is situated near the river "Simested Å" where you both can swim and fish. A cosy and family-friendly camp site with playground and free entrance to "Jyske Ro...


9600, Aars

An intact stone coffin from 2500 B.C. from a period in time, where people were buried in a single grave, instead of in traditional mass graves.The internal measures of the coffin. Length: 3,9 met...

Sports hall Strandby

9640, Farsø

Strandby Hallen

Sports hall


The private accommodation "Overlundbakkens Pensionat" is situated in the Eastern part of Viborg, close to the city centre and the golf course (1 km), shopping centre, the Viborg lakes with walking pat...

Welcome to The Chocolate Basket. 
We are a cozy chocolate shop in the heart of Thisted. We specialize in selling chocolates and gift ideas for to private and business customers.
Our range consists of...


9800, Hjørring

Welcome at Blomsten ( The flower )

In our shop you can easily order bouquets, flowerpots and flowers for funerals. You can either collect it or have it delivered.

We do all in flowers and decoration...

Fishing in Trend small river

If you are between 18 and 67 years old and you want to fish in Trend Å, you MUST have a fishing licence. You can buy the licence at Visit Vesthimmerland in Farsø and Løg...


9881, Bindslev

Snedsted Church

7752, Snedsted

On a small hill, surrounded by boulder dikes, is the church - in beautiful harmony with the rectory. Four-leaf clover-shaped granite. Cemetery with exceptionally high-stem planting.

Church is very we...

Stagstrup Church

7752, Snedsted

The church is a "Roadside Church" - Open to visitors throughout the year from Monday to Sunday. 8-17.

In the tower room is a desk with a bible, hymnbook and guestbook.
There is also a postcard with p...

SuperBrugsen is a grocery shop which is placed in the center of Sindal. 

Openning Hours:
Mondag - Sonday: 8.00 AM - 08.00 PM


Vojel Vig

7884, Fur

In the Stone Ages, Fur was divided into four small islands. The island has risen since then, so you can now ride over Vojelkær, which was once a Stone Age sound. Today, Vojelvig cove is all that remai...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Restaurant "Den Blå"

9560, Hadsund

Orientalsk restaurant....

The Sarpsborg Girl at Struer Harbour was made by the artist Kåre Orud.The sculpture was presented by the Norwegian town Sarpsborg to Holstebro-Struer Harbour in 1948 in gratitude for the foo...

In the summer of 2011, the new Water Pavilion by the Danish artist Jeppe Hein was inaugurated in the Sculpture Park of the art museum KUNSTEN, for the visitors to explore and to have fun with. The scu...

© Christian Larsen


9440, Aabybro

Vildmose gate - a regional and adventure center in Store Vildmose.
You can experience one of the old stables farms, as it appeared in 1949.
The old red wooden barn now houses the exhibition "Marsh Wom...

© Hotel Havnebakken


9940, Læsø

Restaurant with sea view. ...

Hjørring Camping & Fritid offer primarily new and used caravans and awnings. Furthermore we have a selection of caravanning and camp equipment. We have also a repair.

Opening Hours: 

Monday– Friday:...

Venø Kro - Struer

7600, Struer

Venø Kro

In the West of Venø, in areas of natural beauty - close to the Limfjord and only 5 km north of the ferry landing and 200 m north of the Harbour lies Venø Kro (Inn).  Veno is rich in nature, ...

The Utzon Park

9000, Aalborg

The Utzon Park on Aalborg's new water front constitutes a beautiful frame for the architectural pearl, The Utzon Center. The Utzon Center, as well as the unique concrete benches that characterize the ...

© Kaj Fjendbo

Spøttrup Cirklen

7860, Spøttrup

Association of local craftsmen in the Spøttrup Area....

© m.Galleri

m. Galleri

9990, Skagen

Beautiful Art Gallery in Kandestederne (just before Raabjerg Mile) with art from Denmark, Netherland, Russia and Iceland.

Paintings, sculptures, ceramic and photography....

© Alice Bank Danielsen

The sculpture “Jordens Største Lykke” was made by Joanna Mallin-Davies as a tribute to the bright poet Jens August Schade, who was born and raised in Skive. Mallin-Davies, who is originally from Wales...

© Ørnevejens B&B

Family holidays at Ingrid & Svend.
Children are welcome. Holiday apartments and rooms for 2 - 5 persons with private bathroom and kitchen facilities, large garden, close to the beach. See the website...

Bird sculpture

9640, Farsø

A monolith with motive of birds is situated at the new churchyard in Farsoe. The work was purchased in 1981 by the parochial church council. The stone is put on the burial plot of the unknow...


Showing 5901 - 5950 of 6674 entries