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The Playgrond by cultural center Kappelborg, right in the middle of the city, is made in line with the Skagen colors and coastal location, as the rubber surfase is shaped like dunes and sea blue and s...

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Rosenbeck frilandskø

9330, Dronninglund

Sales of pork and beef from their own animals.

You can also visit the webshop www.frilandskø

Restaurant Bone's

9800, Hjørring

Bone's, Hjørring

In the centre of Hjørring you find Bone's. The restaurant is American inspired and serves spareribs, steaks, BBQ chicken, salad bar and much more. Bones has also take-away. The resta...


9492, Blokhus

Novasol/dansommer is your local and global business partner when you want to rent or rent out a holiday home. We are firmly anchored in the community and at the same time represented with local office...

Shelters in Bjergby

9800, Hjørring

The shelters are located just by the road.

There is a fireplace....

Shelters in Astrup

9800, Hjørring

The shelters are located in the countryside, not far from the manor Baggesvogn. A trail system takes you around the area.

The site is located on Tolneruten - Cycle Route 62 between Sindal and Astrup....

Cottage and primitive toilet in the forest. Price of accommodation in the cottage: 20, -. per person. per night. Contact Per Halskov, Fjelstedvej 160, 9870 Sindal, phone 29 89 66 31 for informations a...

Fjord marathon 2014

9000, Aalborg

Sunday, September 7, 2014, you are invited to the most spectacular run in Northern Jutland, when the Fjordmarathon once again signals the start-off for thousands of runners. Everyone can join in the f...

Løgstør Parkhotel & Wellness ....

Bislev Church

9240, Nibe

Bislev Church was build around year 1200. The aisle and chancel are build in a Romanesque style. Above the door, you will find a stone image set in the wall, showing fighting warriors. Today, this ima...

Koncert med Sara Grabow

9610, Nørager

Friday the 12. September 2014 at 19:00

Concert with Sara Grabow and two musicians.
The evening starts with dinner.

Entrees are sold through Himmerlandsbilletten.

Price: DKK 250, - 


Family on the go!

9610, Nørager

Friday the 24th October 2014 at. 19:00

Viggo Sommer with his own orchestra.
Love for music and humor will shine through.
The evening starts with dinner.

Tickets available through Himmerlands ticket....

Butik Søstrene B&B

9240, Nibe

Welcome at the old school in Veggerby, where guests have been pampered since 1995. The location of the B&B in rural idyll and the feel of the old school makes this a cozy and relaxing place to stay, c...

Ole Glerup Ceramics

9240, Nibe

Bislev old dairy houses Ole Glerup Ceramics. There is exhibit, shop and workshop. Ole Glerup Ceramics works with stoneware used for lamps, water art, garden lamps, etc. All items can be used both indo...

Farstrup kirke

9240, Nibe

Farstrup Church has a romanesque nave and chancel as well as a Gothic extension of the nave towards the West, and the Church tower and porch to the North. The Church was inagurated in 1473. 

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Guidet cykeltur

9900, Frederikshavn

The Beach Boys

9900, Frederikshavn

The Kilkennys

9900, Frederikshavn


9900, Frederikshavn

The 2014-edition of The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards takes place on the 27th of September 2014 in Musikken Hus (the House of Music) in Aalborg. TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Prince Mary award fo...

© Sanne Brocks

Number of beds: 12, Dormitory room with bunk beds and regular beds. Toilet and shower trolley.

Simple kitchen facilities. Sales of food for breakfast.

Price: 75 kr. night It is recommended to call o...

Signe Svendsen with Band

9530, Støvring


Thursday, October 9, 2014 at. 20:00

Signe Svendsen has a team of the best musicians, who acts as her regular band.

Musically, you can designate the concerts as storytelling pop based on interna...


"Thursday, September 25, 2014 at. 20.00

"The love of music"

Alex Nyborg Madsen, Ivan Pedersen, Nina Forsberg, Sascha Dupont & Søren Jacobsen. 

Tickets: DKK 200, - / Unit-holders: DKK175, - (i...


Friday the 12th September 2014 at 20:00

Moonjam - "In Words and Music"

Moonjam comes to Stubhuset.

Ticket price DKK 225, - bought through billetnet

Enjoy you, ladies and gentlemen!

Die Herren

9530, Støvring


Friday the 3rd October 2014 at 20.00

The best songs of U2 - the best audience - the best band - the best concert!

Tickets: DKK 225,- - can be bought through billetnet...


Exclusive opportunity: Thursday the 30th October 2014 at 20:00

Frankly - Discover Joey Moe - acoustic

Tickets: DKK 250,- can be bought through billetnet.


Friday the 7th November 2014 at 20.00

Look forward to a great evening.

Admission: DKK 225, - bought through billetnet....

Back in Black

9530, Støvring


Friday the 14th November 2014 at 20.00

BACK IN BLACK "Allmost the real thing"

Admission: DKK 200, - Tickets are available through billetnet. ...

Come to Klitmoeller and Cold Hawaii (read more here):

Read more about the event here.

What is the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?

Answer: The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is a windsurfing competit...

© Pilegården 2

Pilegården 2

9940, Læsø


City walk in Hals

9370, Hals

Hals city has a long and exciting historical background, which can be found in all of Hals through different monuments and land marks, such as the whale jaw bones and the Redoubt (Skansen).

The city ...

The city walk starts at 7pm at Hals Skanse (Redoubt)

Price: 20,- DKK per person - children under 12 are free....

Rent a bike at Agger Holiday:

Agger Feriehuse 
Ålumvej 28 Agger
7770 Vestervig

Tel. +45 97 94 14 72

Monday - Saturday: 10-12

2 days DKK 150/1 week DKK 450

The annual exhibion theme at Løkken Museum 2014 is "Food and Drink in Løkken". It tells the story of the fx. Løkken Badehotel and Klitbakken in Løkken, but also the story about the first places in Løk...

© Gitte Boye Hansen

Gitte Boye Hansen

9850, Hirtshals

Private Rooms.

10 beds. 5 rooms with shared kitchen-living room and shared bathroom. Access to patio / garden. Possibility for breakfast. Located in Tornby - 4 km south of Hirtshals....


Showing 6501 - 6550 of 6724 entries