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Vinderup Y's Men's Club

7830, Vinderup

Every Thursday 5-6.30 pm.
and the last Saturday every month 10-11.30 am....

The Savage Rose

9000, Aalborg

The latest album from The Savage Rose, ”Roots of the Wasteland”, is getting terrific reviews. The album is number 24 from The Savage Rose, and after 40 years in the spot light, The Savage Rose is stil...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Pension Paradis

Stay in a lovely house, situated at the small fishing village Stinesminde. The house has 3 twin rooms, one of the rooms on the 1st. floor offers an extra bed on request. The house has...

City walking tour - the tour is guided in danish - But please contact Skagen Tourist Office for ordering a guided city walking tour in english.

A guided tour will take you along the harbour, which is...

Bogstavjagt i Skive

7800, Skive

Have you ever tried geocaching with a GPS? It is a game for the whole family. It is up to you to decide where to go and for how long. On your way you will learn a lot about the locality of Skive, and ...

Geo-caching i Skive

7800, Skive

Have you ever tried geocaching with a GPS? It is a game for the whole family. It is up to you to decide where to go and for how long. On your way you will learn a lot about the locality of Skive, and ...

Brogården Skive

7800, Skive

Who was the builder, how old is the building and what has been the purpose of the building in the past? You can find all the answers at the local history collections of the area....

Gaaser Horse Rental

9362, Gandrup

On the riding ground at Gaaser you can easily spend a day with both Put'n'Take and horseback riding. Take an afternoon off and spend it in the beautiful country side.   

In the riding arena at Gaaser...

Fish'n'Fun Boats

9370, Hals

If you have a license to sail a speedboat, you can rent a boat and go out on the fjord - either on a fishing trip, waterskiing or just a pleasure trip.

At BilligLeg in Havnegade, Hals, you can rent a...


7884, Fur

Every summer you can participate in the fossil hunts in the moler (silica) pits on the island Fur. Imagine suddenly discovering af small fossiled fish which hasn't seen the light of day in 55 million ...

The concert of the evening with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra is in the wonderful presence of the Danish world-famous conductor, Michael Schønwandt, who is enjoying great recognition in Denmark and abroa...


9000, Aalborg

Concert with the Danish band L.I.G.A. 

The concert is in Danish. 

Read more about L.I.G.A at Skråen in Aalborg......


9000, Aalborg

Experience an abundance of sensory perceptions and meet the teasing of nature. Follow in the human beings’ footsteps when facing the unknown and try out the art of re-creating famous objects in distor...


9000, Aalborg

Erasmus Montanus

9000, Aalborg

Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre welcomes you to come and experience the Det Kongelige Teater’s (the Royal Theatre’s) performance of the Danish writer Ludvig Holberg’s comedy about the (too) erudit...

Swan Lake

9000, Aalborg

You now have a chance to experience one of the greatest ballet classics of all times, when Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre presents Swan Lake performed by the Portuguese ballet company, Quorum Balle...

Come Together

9000, Aalborg

Experience the theatre concert ”Come Together” with interpretations of the famous and lovely Beatles hit song in Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre, when a total amount of 32 Beatles songs is on the ...


9000, Aalborg

Concrete (‘beton’ in Danish) is everywhere – in the music houses, villas, at the harbours, and in our gardens. It is hard to miss when you look around – especially in Aalborg. For that reason, Aalborg...

Experience the Danish female jazz singer Caroline Henderson, at an exquisite and exclusive concert at Aalborg Theatre, and experience Caroline’s amazing voice, accompanied by her regular pianist, Niko...

Livet med døden

9000, Aalborg

We like to talk about all kinds of parts of the human existence; self-realisation and the journey towards personal, inner values. But the phenomenon which more than anything defines the very same exis...

© Helga Exner

Meet the designer Helga Exner in Kunstbygningen in Vrå, on Oktober 18.-19. and November 8.-9. Helga Exner will take you through her exhibition "Erindringer" with jewellery design from the last 50 year...

Ginman og Eivør

9000, Aalborg

Ginman/Eivør is the name of the orchestra the contrabassist Lennart Ginman and the female singer Eivør Pálsdóttir have created. You now have the chance to experience a fascinating musical meeting betw...

© Kulturhus LøkkenStrand

Come and listen to the young upcoming artist Rikke Noor on November 21. 2014 at 19:30 o'clock - Kulturhus LøkkenStrand.
Rikke Noor has won different songcompetitions with her own songs, she has played...

Sidsel Storm

9000, Aalborg

Experience a wonderful combination of the best from jazz and pop, when the Danish singer Sidsel Storm visits Huset in Aalborg. At the concert, Sidsel will perform a number of her songs from her latest...

© M/S Sea Hawk

Board the M / S Seahawk and go sea fishing in the autumn holiday. The trip takes you along the coast to some great places for wreck fishing.
From Monday to Friday offers M/S Sea Hawk an early trip out...

A Night in Vienna

9000, Aalborg

A collaboration between the House of Music, Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra. Listen to the seductive operetta tones of the two Danish singing stars, Bo Skovhus and Hen...


Showing 6501 - 6550 of 6761 entries