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The Fjord Town

9000, Aalborg

In the western part of Aalborg, also known as Aalborg Vestby, close to Skudehavnen (harbour) is Fjordbyen. This small part of Aalborg is right by the Limfjord and is a large number of small, self-made...

The pianist Jens Elvekjær is very active as a soloist and chamber musician.He is the first Danish pianist who was appointed Steinway Artist in 2005, and together with the sisters Hong (Trio con Brio C...

Potato Festival

9440, Aabybro

Potato Festival 2015 in the Great Moor - Farm number 18 in Store Vildmose....

Lukas Graham

9000, Aalborg

They took Denmark by storm with their debut record in 2012, and since then, people have been singing along at their concerts. Now, Lukas Graham is ready with a new album and is going on a tour, bringi...

© Galleri Kirk /VisitAalborg

One of the old silos at Eternitten has been decorated by the international Dutch artist, Guido Van Helten. The motive is a portrait of a former worker at Dansk Eternit, and the silo creates the settin...

Shaka Loveless

9000, Aalborg

After a wonderful summer, Shaka Loveless is ready with a new album and a tour – and this brings him to Aalborg.

The concert is in Danish.

Read more about Shaka Loveless at Skråen in Aalborg…...

El Mac - Annebergvej

9000, Aalborg

El Mac is one of the greatest international street art performers and is a genuine superstar in his field.

Among other things, he has made an album cover for the pop-rock band No Doubt, and he has al...

Djämes Braun

9000, Aalborg

Concert with the popular Danish reggae/hip hop band Djämes Braun.

The concert is in Danish. 

Read more about Djämes Braun at Skråen in Aalborg......

Halløj på falderebet

9000, Aalborg

Satirical theatre performance about the upper class society. 

The performance is in Danish.

Read more about Halløj på falderebet at Skråen in Aalborg......

Missing Bell Brewpub

9000, Aalborg

A church disguised as a brewery. How often can you not decide, if you want to go to church and see a prayer sermon, or go to a brewery to enjoy a delicious beer? Aalborg is one of few places in the wo...

Open workshop - Dorte Visby

9800, Hjørring

Dorte Visby demonstrates and explains how her fascination of Lønstrup cliff affects her unique forming techniques and shows how she wraps her pots in closed containers prior to the firing process....

© lis sørensen

Lis Sørensen

7900, Nykøbing M

Abrahams Børn

9000, Aalborg

Experience a new travel tale about faith, doubt and religions when Hans Rønne does a terrific one-man show. The story of Abraham’s Children seeks to build a bridge between religions and has had tremen...

Join the workshop and experience how jewel designer Nynne Kegel transforms nature into locally inspired jewellery. The jewels are made from precious metal in a private workshop. The inspiration comes ...


9000, Aalborg

If you are a fan of ballet of international format, Tornerose (Sleeping Beauty) will surely fit your taste. Last time the ballet was performed in Aalborg it was hugely popular and received five stars ...


9000, Aalborg

The first part, Rush, is a brand new performance, which is inspired by the world of handball and depicts the adrenaline, the ecstasy, and the titillating incitement before losing one’s temper. The sec...

Romeo vs Julie

9000, Aalborg

Experience this epical rendering of Shakespeare’s popular tragedy, which includes the biggest international hits by, among others, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Queen and Phil Collins.

The show is a ...


9000, Aalborg

Danish comedy show with the Danish comedian Michael Schøt. He will, among other things, focus on politics and the freedom of speech (Danish: Ytringspligt).

The show is in Danish. 

Read more about Yt...


9000, Aalborg

This youth performance puts life into perspective in a time of digitalization and displays the importance of personal contact and relations; a topic of great relevance to the youth of today, who lives...


9000, Aalborg

NOAH is currently one of the most successful pop artists in Denmark. The Danish duo had their breakthrough with hit songs such as ”Alt Er Forbi” and ”Over Byen”, and they have just released their firs...


9000, Aalborg

Kesi recently released his first album 'Børn af Byen' and is now ready to go on tour. 

The concert is in Danish. 

Read more about Kesi at Skråen in Aalborg......


9000, Aalborg

Denmark’s most popular DJ, Kato, is back with a new album, “Now”, and after a long break from performing live-shows, he starts an extravagant tour, partying with the audience in Denmark this autumn.


DR Ultra Galla

9000, Aalborg

The Dansih children’s channel DR Ultra is touring the country with lots of music, dance and comedy in a galla show called “D’ Nice at være Nice”, and here in Aalborg, you can see the show at Musikkens...


Showing 6501 - 6550 of 6628 entries