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© Hillerød Kunstdage

Art Days in Hillerød

3400, Hillerød

Hillerød Art Days will be back next year 11 - 13 March 2016.
Programme will follow.

Hillerød Art Days is an art event over 3 days, where you can experience art exhibitions 13 different venues in Hill...

Lovely farm shop with courtyard cafe, fresh strawberries, raspberries and much more....

Santiago pilgrimage route's path through Denmark is currently about to be marked by the Association of Danish Santiago pilgrims. The North Zealand has a leg of the route leading from Elsinore via Esru...

Cannonball Friday

3300, Frederiksværk

Cannonball Friday in Frederiksværk.
Tonight you will have a party in Frederiksværk. All the shops are open untill midnight. There are music, good food og drinks, shows and so much more to see....

Kattegat Kitefestival

3360, Liseleje

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Kite show. Kite workshop for children...

Krudtværks Festival

3300, Frederiksværk

Gunpowder Works Festival in Frederiksværk....

HERRING DAY at Hundested Harbour.
Come and have a wonderful day at Hundested harbour. There will be activities, music, food and good local beer.


Vejby Church

3210, Vejby

The original church at Vejby was built for the nobility around 1100 in the Anglo-Saxon/Norman style and is thought to have been in swedish sandstone. The original tower was partially demolished early ...

Søly Feriebolig

3480, Fredensborg

Well-equipped holiday home with all modern conveniences. 70 sqm  for 5 guests....


Bike route no. 47

3390, Hundested

The North Coast route - Route 47 stretches from Hundested in the west to Elsinore in the east. On one half of the distance between Hundested and Gilleleje you will among others drive past Knud Rasmuss...

© Henriette Engom Larsen

Kvickly Helsingør

3000, Helsingør

Kvickly is a well-assorted supermarket with everyday commodities and non-food, centrally situated in Helsingør. Post office on 1. floor. Bakery opens at 8 a.m....

Since 1952 the citizens from Frederikssund have stepped forward as true vikings when both adults and children pull on their viking costumes and perform the annual viking play. When the darkness falls...

© Finn Jørgensen

Lille Rørbæk Landsby

3600, Frederikssund

(Lille Rørbæk Village)A small village with farmhouses nestling around the village pond....

© Søren Wesseltoft


3600, Frederikssund

Skyllebakken is an old part of the town of Frederikssund that came into being around 1800. The area had, for a while, a distinctive character, one example being that residents did not pay tax on their...


3630, Jægerspris

(The Gerlev Rose Park)Experience the beauty and scent of the roses and a wide variety of trees in Gerlevparken.A park and nature belt of about 10 hectares containing, among other things, The Dani...


4050, Skibby

 (The East Forest) Beautiful woodland scenery with salt meadows....

© Søren Wesseltoft


3600, Frederikssund

(The Fjord Path)Go out for a walk, get on your bike (or on one you can hire from the Tourist Information Centre) and venture out along the pathways and quiet roads of the area around th...

© Vikingeboplads

Frederikssund Vikingeboplads

3600, Frederikssund

Frederikssund VikingebopladsThe Frederikssund archaeological settlement is a historically accurate, reconstructed village showing how the Vikings worked, rested and played. Sunken houses, a ...

Vellerup Vig - IsefjordA charming spot for fishing with a rich occurrence of sea trout. Dinghys are available for rent.  ...


3460, Birkerød

Slotssø Palæet

3400, Hillerød

The Castle Lake Mansion

The ballrooms of The Castle Lake Mansion are uniquely seated in the heart of Hillerød with a panoramic view over the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle Lake and the baroque garden...

Cleopatra Design

3390, Hundested

Cleopatra design's necklaces and bracelets are made in some of nature's finest materials in our own workshop in Hundested: Horn, bone, coral, turquoise, agate, onyx, freshwater pearls, antique glass b...

© Dansk Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseum

Store Dyrehave Forrest

3400, Hillerød

Orienteering, mountain bike, or just a walk in the woods, the forest Store Dyrehave is the obvious choice.

The Danish king Christian 4th established the forest south of Frederiksborg Castle, and in 1...

SuperBrugsen Fredensborg

3480, Fredensborg

Highly well assorted supermarket with both food und non-food.

For more information: and facebook

Hansens Flødeis

3630, Jægerspris

Hansens Ice CreamHans Hansen started producing ice cream in Hillerød in 1922. As the business grew, Hans Hansen's son moved into the premises of the old co-operative dairy Horn Herreds ...

© VisitNordsjælland

Tourist inspiration sites are locations where there is a wide selection of local and regional printed holiday material for visitors. These locations are based on self service, so you may not expect an...

© Til Tops

Til Tops tree climbing

3100, Hornbæk

Til-Tops is the new treetop climbing park in the North! It is challenge and experience for body and soul. Come To the Top and strengthen your balance and selfconfidence in nature while you get a fun e...

Christmas market at Soelager....

Christmas market in Torup

3390, Hundested

Christmas market in Torup....

© Karen Folker

Restaurant Dansk

3000, Helsingør

Restaurant offering traditional Danish hot food and Danish-style open sandwiches....

A Tourist inspiration is a place where many people are already coming, and where there is a reasonably large selection of printed local and regional materials to use for the holidays. It is also a pla...

Blomster Cafeén

3300, Frederiksværk

Nice flower shop in the heart of Frederiksværk....

Beautiful gallery on a scenic location in the wood between Fredensborg and Hillerød placed in an old picturesque farm house from 1902.

In the gallery Birgitte Sandvik exhibits abstract, colourful pa...

Asserbo Pizza & Grill

3360, Liseleje

Asserbo pizza & grill serves Italian food....

© Kulturværftet

The Musical Hamlet 2B 16

3000, Helsingør

2016 will be the big Shakespearean year and naturally the yearly Youth School Musical will be based on the famous tale of Hamlet. This is a new interpretation, which is based on our contemporaries, bu...


Fredensborg By Handel

3480, Fredensborg

Welcome to the city of Fredensborg with a cosy and friendly shopping area and nice restaurants.

A lovely nature with Esrum Lake and the park of Fredensborg Palace is surrounding the city.


Byens Pizza

3390, Hundested

Pizzaria, located in Nørregade in Hundested...

Chicken & Burger

3300, Frederiksværk
© Café Kystgården

B and B Kystgården

3250, Gilleleje

Newly furnished rooms for rent. 1 double room with sea view and 4 rooms with one bed. The rooms all have private bathroom and are furthermore equipped with deskBreakfast is included in ...


3390, Hundested

Small ferry between Hundested and Rørvig....

© Jacob Poul Skoubo

The 1660's interior of the palace chapel of Frederikborg Palace was saved from the big fire in 1859 and is therefore original. This also applyes to the Compenius organ, which can still be played today...

© Mette Schjønning VNS

Gillelejes new art and culture centre, The Joinery, is the first phase in the development of Culture Harbour Gilleleje and the geginnings of af lively and attractive town centre.

The Joinery has unde...

Restaurant Sepp

3520, Farum

Restaurant Sepp plays a large roll when it comes to experiencing Hotel FC Nordsjælland, the restaurant has a high quality international kitchen, Restaurant Sepp is reknown for its high standard and un...

© Antik og Vintage

Antique and Vintage

3250, Gilleleje

Antik Blå Olga is an antiquity store where you can buy different kinds of antique furnitures, china, linen, tablecloths, jewellery etc.   ...

© Frederiks Værk

Frederiks Værk is a museum with a focus on the industrialization.

The museum covers several departments The archive and arsenal, The gunpowder plant and Knud Rasmussen's house in Hunde...


Showing 101 - 150 of 1956 entries