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Built in 1937, but carefully modernized.  A children's playground, as well as well-stocked shops selling everything from food and clothing to beach gear and amber are within a distance of 300m. A fisc...


6880, Tarm

Once upon a time the widow of the house made a living by making hats… Today the little house is a cosy museum. In the garden you can see various sorts of old herbs and herbaceous perennial. ...

© Nymindegab Bed & Breakfast

Nymindegab Overnatning

6830, Nørre Nebel

Nymindegab Overnatning....

© Golf Park West

Golf Park West

6830, Nørre Nebel

Golf Park West - minigolf and other activities for both children and adults....


Merete Vigen - Kultur- og naturformidling...



6854, Henne

Filsø. Previously the largest lake in Jutland, but from 1852 and onwards most of the lake was reclaimed for cultivation. The remnants of the lake have, however, always attracted large flocks of restin...

© Bork Legeland

Bork Legeland

6893, Hemmet

Bork Legeland - lots of activities - if you are seeking excitement or fun.

Opening hours on

© Kløvergaarden

Kløvergaardens ferielejlighed

6830, Nørre Nebel

Kløvergaardens holiday appartment....


Henne Strand Centrum

6854, Henne

Henne Strand offers beach activities, shopping, accommodation and lots of activities for the childen. There is a wide range of shops with everything from brandname clothing to Georg Jensen Christmas d...

Panorama cycle route: Nymindegab – Bork Havn – Nørre Nebel (42 km)

This cycle route leads you between peaceful Danish fjord and the unruly North Sea. You will find an oasis of peace and rich birdlife...

© Henne Kirkeby Kro

Kroens Brasserie

The inn & the garden

Henne Kirkeby Kro has, since 1790, been the neighbour of the church, within the hamlet, only a few minutes drive from Denmark’s West coast.

Right nearby lies t...

© Strandvejen 82

Strandvejen 82

6854, Henne

Strandvejen 82 is a small cozy shop in Henne, where you can buy Danish specialties and delicacies. We have locally produced beer, organic soft drinks, homemade ice cream, handmade chocolates etc. All ...

© Filsøgård


6854, Henne

Filsøgård. Enjoy a wonderful area in West Jutland. Fantastic view on Filsø situated only 6 kilometres from Henne Strand and 7 kilometres from Børsmose Strand. 300 metres to Kærgård Plantage, 4 kilomet...

Bork Havn – Nr. Nebel - Nymindegab

This cycling route will take you to the sea and the fjord, past idyllic and untamed nature, along the dunes and meadows and to places where you’re in for an adventu...

© ProVarde

Henne Stationskro

6854, Henne

Henne Stationskro....

© Klitgaarden

Klitgaarden is located at Henne Beach on the Danish west coast close to one of Denmark's best beaches. Here there is great opportunity to experience the beautiful and unspoiled nature. The apartments ...

© Axelgaard Bed and Bath

Axelgaard Bed and Bath

6855, Outrup

Axelgaard Bed and Bath in Outrup offers private accommodation in lovely newly renovated rooms with access to shared fully equipped kitchen, TV room and bath. Axelgaard has three double rooms on the gr...

© ProVarde

Nørre Nebel

6830, Nørre Nebel

Nørre Nebel. Shopping....


Showing 51 - 70 of 70 entries