“Smoked lamb culotte with garlic served with speltotto and strawberry salsa”

Hotel Falster

Hotel Falster is a family run hotel and restaurant, located in the heart of Sydhavsøerne (the “South Sea Islands” just south ofZealand), more specifically in Nykøbing Falster. The hotel’s pleasant restaurant offers Danish/French seasonal cuisine and a relaxed, informal atmosphere in which to enjoy the food and drink.

“Lamb from Knuthenlund in a bitter setting”

La Comida

La Comida is Spanish for “the meal”. The beautifully decorated cellar restaurant in Nykøbing Falster serves simple gourmet food made from quality ingredients, preferably from the local area. Inspiration is drawn from all overEurope, with the emphasis on seasonal and organic produce, sustainability – and wine!

Byhuse i Nykøbing F.

The Market Town bike route Lolland-Falster

We have put together this 4-day tour, which is suited for summer as well as winter. The tour starts in Stubbekøbing in the northwest corner of Falster close to the train station in Nørre Alslev. It ends in Nykøbing Faster and is therefore easily accessible by public transport where you can bring your bike.