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Bejsnap Church

6870, Ølgod

Bejsnap Kirke is built in 1892. The altarpiece from 1915 has a painting of " The Good shepherd " by Joakim Skovgaard. The first organ was bought in 1917 and is in an organ loft o...

Ølgod Put and Take

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Put and Take: Licens can be bought at:StatoilØstvej 146870 Ølgod75 24 42 59Sportigan Ølgo...

Adsbøl Sø

6870, Ølgod

Adsbøl Sø: Licens can be bought on the spot. Reduction for children under 15 years.4 appartments for 4 persons for rent situated near Adsbølgaard....

Ølgod Svømmehal

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Svømmehal: The outdoor swimmbath is open from June15th - Sept. 15th....

© Ølgod Camping

Ølgod Camping

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Camping ist ein schöner Platz mit gutem Shelter.
Hütten mit Küche m/Geschirr für 6 Personen, Kaffemaschine, Töpfen und Pfannen ausgestattet.
Bettwäsche und Bettzeug kann geliehen werden....

Mejerimuseet Hjedding Andelsmejeri: The first co-op dairy in Denmark was founded the 10th of June 1882.The constitution that was written on this dairy became the basic principle in ma...

Ølgod Museum

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Museum: The 600m2 exhibition in the Culture House displays what the museum has collected, registered and preserved over the past 55 years from the Ølgod district´s...

Strellev Church

6870, Ølgod

Strellev Church: Romanesque with late medieval tower and porch. The tower was heightened in 1918. ...


Ølgod Church

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Church: Built in the Romanesque style - presumably as a manor church - around 1200. The tower is from ca. 1500. The south wall is whitewashed bricks. The altarpiece from ...

© Bunger Keramik

Bunger Keramik

6753, Agerbæk

Bunger Keramik is a shop full of wonderful ceramics in beautifull shapes and colours.Specialle colours and dekorations in new modern styles.The shop is combined with  a...

© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd

Varde Å

6800, Varde

Varde Å: Angling is allowed from the village Sig to Janderup church. About 20 km. Pay attention to signs....

Skolemuseet Hodde Gamle Skole: A law passed in 1814 by King Frederik VI, regarding education for children in the countryside, this small thatch red school was founded in 1831. As time...

Hodde Kro

6862, Tistrup

Hodde Kro is an old royal privileged inn, which offers good traditional cuisine in rual surroundings, which is safe for children.Hodde Kro has 4 newly refurbished double bed...


6862, Tistrup

Assenbækmølle is beautifully situated in wonderful nature close to a lake. ...

Tistrup Church

6862, Tistrup

Tistrup Chuch: The original Romanesque ashlar church was presumably built in the 12th century. In Medieval times it was extended westwards, and the late Medieval tower and porch were ...

Hodde Kirke

6862, Tistrup

Hodde Church is an almost unique example of a long nave, built in early Gothic style about 1300. The tower and the porch were added in late medieval times and the whole building ...

© Magne Andersen

Nørholm Vandmølle

6800, Varde

Nørholm Vandmølle....


Janus Bygningen: Art museum and art gallery for modern pictorial art, sculpture and handicraft.Various special exhibitions from the big collections of figurative art, Nordic...

© Varde Fodboldgolf

Varde Fodboldgolf

6800, Varde

Varde Football Golf: Football-golf is an amusing game for the whole family, regardless of age and previous football knowledge.

Spiked shoes are not allowed on the course.

See opening hours, prices e...

© Bed & Breakfast Tistrup

Bed & Breakfast Tistrup

6862, Tistrup

Bed & Breakfast Tistrup on a nice farm 1 km from Tistrup.This modern B&B is 40 minutes’ drive from Legoland and Billund Airport. Each room has a fridge, tea/coffee f...

© Birkevang

Birkevang, Varde: Private rooms placed in beautiful country side surroundings, close to the city of Varde.

Rooms for rent with nice facilities. There is television, free internet, barbecue and a nice...

© Ansager Hotel

Ansager Hotel

6823, Ansager

Ansager Hotel - lovely situated in a nice village.



6823, Ansager

Mosedal - private rooms and apartments.The farm is called Mosedal, and is situated just a few km from Ansager, in a wonderful nature. 2 km to the great fishin...

Skovlund Church

6823, Ansager

Skovlund Church was concrated Oct. 1910. Inspired by Danish Medieval architecture. The chancel is apsidal. The tower is in the west end....

© Ansager Hytteby

Ansager Hytteby

6823, Ansager

Ansager Hytteby has 10 chalets with room for 4 persons.

Prices from DKK 500,- per day....

Pandekagehuset "Kvie Sø"beautifully situated close to Kvie lake. You will find this nice and cosy family restaurant, where the speciality is homemade pancakes of all kinds.

© Skovlund Ismejeri & Gårdbutik

Skovlund Ismejeri & Gårdbutik - homemade icecream....

© Lisbeth Hagting

Toftegaard, Ansager

6823, Ansager

Apartment and 3 rooms in Ansager.

200 DKK per person per night

250 DKK per person per night - breakfast incl.

Children under 6 years half price.

Linen and towels are included.


© Solvang


6823, Ansager

Solvang is a modern farm with 110 cows. Here you can experience the daily life on our farm including milking and feeding the cows.

The surroundings are idyllic and cozy and nearby it is possible to b...



6870, Ølgod

Ølgod is known as an enterprising town with good shopping and numereous jobs in agriculture, industry, trade and commerce....

© Skærbæk Mølle Golfklub

Skærbæk Mølle Golfklub. Golf course situated in Ølgod....

Hjedding hotel

6870, Ølgod

Hotel Hjedding is situated in the middle of Ølgod. Good food and accomodation.All the rooms are with private facilities, TV and telephone....

© Smagsgalleriet


6823, Ansager

Smagsgalleriet i Ansager - lots of different whiskies and rum....


Ansager Fisk

6823, Ansager

Ansager Fisk. Fresh fish....


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