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5953, Tranekær

For further information please contact the landlord....

Visit North Funen's Viking past! The Glavendrup Stone is a Runic stone containing the longest runic inscription (210 runic letters) ever found on a stone in Denmark. The Glavendrup stone was erected a...

Allé Gården

5471, Søndersø

Allégården is a farm shop which sales their own products as well as products from other small farmers.Allégården is also co-operating with a local butcher.The farm is based on poultry-breedi...

Nordfyns Turistbureau - Bogense is situated at the old harbour - a beautiful place full of restaurants and shops. Come visit us!

We offer:
Tourist services
Brochures from all of Denmark
Suggestions ...

Nørre Sandager Church

5400, Bogense

Nørre Sandager Church was built on the remains of a Roman church.

The sacristy and nave is supposedly from the Gothic period, tower and chapels from the Renaissance period and the porch from the 19th...

© hasmark Strand Camping

Hasmark Badeland

5450, Otterup

Hasmark Badeland - The water park at Hasmark Strand Camping is the largest water park at a Danish campsite. There's an indoor tropical swimming pool and an outdoor swimming pool designed in the Viking...

Klintebjerg Baadeleje offers a dinghy with a 4 HK outboard motor and some kayaks for rent incl. all necessary equipment.
The dinky is ideal for 1 to 4 adults or a small family and requires no license....

Otterup Hotel

5450, Otterup

Welcome to Otterup Hotel....

Otterup Museum

5450, Otterup

Otterup Museum shows you how people lived on North Funen 100 years ago. It's a small but very nice museum, absolutely worth visiting. The building is the oldest secular house in Otterup, built 1722 as...

Flyvesandet offers a varied coastline with stones, shell banks, sand and vegetation. The depths are varying with small groynes on part of the long stretch of coastline.
Spectacular sea trout fishing, ...

Angling on Enebærodde

5450, Otterup

You can catch a lot of fish at Enebærodde, and the area is excellent for fly-fishing. From the eastern parking ground at Hasmark Strand, there is a 7-km stretch with waters full of sea trout, eastward...

Fishing lakes in the village Krogsbølle near Otterup. The lakes were established in an former gravel pit.

Lake 3 is the best lake where you can catch lots of trout.

Remember to bring your fly fishin...

Krogsbølle Church

5450, Otterup

Krogsbølle Church in Northfunen was built around the year 1200. Originally the church was built by granite ashlar in the romanesque style. At first the church was dedicated to St. Nicolaus (the guardi...

Nørre Højrup Kirke

5450, Otterup

Nørre Højrup church is one of the smallest churches on Funen.
The church was built in the century and renovated in 1955. 
The church is not open and therefore only to be seen from the outside....

Lunde Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Lunde was built in the 11th century.
The tower was added in ca. 1500 AD
The church was renovated in 1938.

Worth a look:
- A series of paintings of the clergymen at the church from 1844 ...

© Ole Thrane

Norup Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Norup was built in the 11th century and has been rebuilt and extended many times since then. The tower was built at the end of the Middle Ages. The porch was used for many years as a sto...

Nørre Næraa Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Nørre Næraa dates back to the 12th century. It is built in granite boulder.
The church was restored in 1883-84.

There is a runic stone in the wall. The stone was found on the churchyar...

Otterup Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Otterup was built in 1150, but it has been rebuilt and extended since the Middle Ages.
The tower was built about 1500 AD.
The most recent building is the chapel, which was built in 1914....

Skeby Church

5450, Otterup

Skeby church was built in 1150.
The first 100 years, Skeby church was called Saint Anna Church, named after Saint Anna, the mother of Virgin Mary and the patron saint for housewives, single mothers, s...

Uggerslev Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Uggerslev was built in the 11th Century.

• Communion table and alter-piece from the 18. Century
• The pulpit is from the 16th Century
• The tower was erected in 1700 AD
• Usually, the c...

Østrup Kirke

5450, Otterup

Østrup Church used to belong to the manor house Østrupgård. The church was built in the 11th century.
A new choir was made in 1595 by the owner of the manor house at the time, Morten Skinkel.
In the...

The sculpture of "Midgårdsormen" - the Midgard Serpent - on Torvet in Otterup is made by the Sculptor Jørgen Meier-Larsen, Bårdesø, with help from the stone-cutter Hans Kelbøl.

The sculpture's 9 hump...

The potato is from South America, and it was brought to Europe in 1537 by the Spanish soldiers who also stole the Inca gold.
It did not come to Denmark until the 18th century, and it was not at all po...

Tørresø beach, Otterup

5450, Otterup

Tørresø beach is a nice, sandy beach, perfect for children, as the water is low.
It is not allowed to drive by car on the beach.
Surfing is possible (bring your own equipment).
You can also go angling...

Egensedybet - Otterup yacht harbour is a small private harbour, situated in the part of Odense Fjord called Egensedybet. In the summertime the harbour is marked so that...

Enjoy a delicious meal at Otterup Bowling & Idrætscenter. Here you can go bowling or try the slot machines as well. The centre offers 8 bowling lanes so you have plenty of room for a good game. You ca...

Toni´s Pizza

5450, Otterup

You can taste the real Italian pizza at "Toni´s Pizza". The pizzas are mostly sold as take-away....

© Viggo Lind


5450, Otterup

Enebærodde is beautiful and full of great nature experiences. The beaches are isolated and peaceful, the forest is gorgeous and calm, and the moor is an amazing sight.From Enebærodde, you have a great...


5450, Otterup

The building was situated on a former island connected with the main land 1756. It is surrounded by Odense Fjord and low fields.
For several generations, the Hofman-Bang family owned the manor until t...

Hasmark Grill & Minigolf

5450, Otterup

Hasmark Minigolf is a very special mini golf course. Here you will find copies of large buildings and attractions in Denmark, e.g. a copy of the Big Belt Bridge. The length of the course is 20 metres,...

Hofmansgave Museum

5450, Otterup

The small museum at Hofmansgave shows sketches and sculptures by the Hofman-Bang sisters who were the last inhabitants of the manor house.
The sisters were gifted artists.
The museum is situated in on...

Bederslev Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Bederslev dates back to the year 1200, however the church got its present look in 1896 when it was renovated.
In 2000 came a new altar-piece, and in 2002 the church was painted in bright...

Gerskov Kirke

5450, Otterup

The church in Gerskov was built in 1925.

This was plan number two to get a church close to the Gerskov village, after the locals abolished plans about moving the 800-year-old church in Skeby to a mor...

© Ole Thrane

Hasmark Church

5450, Otterup

The church in Hasmark was built in 1892.
It was the owner of the Hofmansgave estate, Niels Erik Hofman Bang, who got the idea to build the church, and he was able to get the support of the church and ...

Hjadstrup Kirke

5450, Otterup

Hjadstrup church was built ca 1100 AD.
The tower was erected in the 16th century.
The church was dedicated to St Michael, the Archangel who defeated Satan and ejected him from Paradise.

The church w...

Nordfyns Turistbureau - Otterup is situated in the centre of the town, next to the library.

The tourist office offers:
Tourist services
Information from all Denmark 
Accommodation service
Tennis cou...

© Ole Thrane

Flyvesandet Beach

5450, Otterup

The beach at Flyvesandet is one of the best beaches on Funen.
It's a very child friendly beach with sand, dunes and shallow water, and it's the only beach on Funen that actually has large sand dunes....

Go bowling and find out how good you are compared to your friends and family. There are 8 bowling lanes where you can have fun and get some exercise. You can also try the slot machines or enjoy a nice...

DCU Flyvesandet Strand-Camp is situated on top of Funen in unique scenery, dunes and a broad sandy beach, one of Funen's best beaches. The campsite is also close to the bird sanctuary Agernæs.


Hofmansgave Park

5450, Otterup

The beautiful Hofmansgave park is always worth a visit.
In the park, you will find rare plants, flowers and trees from all over the world. 
The Hofman-Bang family were scientists and botanists who col...

© Ken Grossman

Hasmark Beach, Otterup

5450, Otterup

Hasmark Beach is one of the very popular beaches of North Funen. The water is low and perfect for children of all ages. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag every year from 2012 to 2015 as a symbo...

© Ole Thrane

The local archive for Otterup and the surrounding area is situated in a wing of the library.
Here you can find documents, photos and maps from the 9 parishes in the former Otterup municipality.

The a...

Pizza Mamma Mia

5450, Otterup

You can enjoy your food in the pizza place, but mostly it's served as take-away. There are many different pizzas on the menu. Pizza Mamma Mia is placed in the centre of Otterup....

Fuglsang Beach

5450, Otterup

Nice beach in the beautiful Fuglsang area near Tørresø. 
The nearby large recreational area offers sunbathing sheltered from the wind and invites you to a ball game, a nice picnic or a barbecue supper...

Hasmark Strand Camping

5450, Otterup

Hasmark Strand Feriepark is situated in Hasmark just 100 m from one of the best beaches on Funen. The camp site is built in a viking theme. Here you will also find Hasmark Badeland, the largest water ...

'Christiansholm' offers you 2 cosy rooms with shared bath and toilet on the 1st floor of an older farm house. The rooms are nice and bright. (One room for 1 person and one room with a double bed) 


On the "Lovers Lane" in Otterup, you will find the figures from the fairy tale "The Tinderbox" by Hans Christian Andersen - cut in old elm trees.
Tradition has it that on this path, lovers used to wa...

Monoliths, Otterup

5450, Otterup


"..and he was buried and a monolith was set up." This is a not unusual utterance from the Islandic Chief, writer and historian Snorre Sturlason finishing his narrative of a ren...

Restaurant Freja is part of the large viking complex at Hasmark Strand Camping. The cozy restaurant has both indoor and outdoor service, offering a fantastic a la carte menu. 
During the summer, the h...

Flyvesandet is the only area with dunes on Funen, and furthermore one of Funen's best and most child friendly shallow beaches.
The area is a nature sanctuary, and you can try to spot all the different...


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