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Dalbyover Kro og Motel

8970, Havndal

Dalbyover Kro and Motel is an evocative, old village inn from 1886 with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The inn is situated in a small village close to woodland and fjord. 

The inn has 6 double ...


8920, Randers NV

In connection with Fussingø Skov (Fussingø Forest), you will find Fussingø Slot. Fussingø Slot is an old estate mentioned as early as 1540 which was private property untill 1945. Today, the castle is ...

Hvidsten Kro

8981, Spentrup

Hvidsten Kro is one of the oldest inns in the country. The oldest building parts at Hvidsten Kro originate from the time of King Christian IX. The inn was built in 1634 at the old Mariager road - in t...


Showing 1 - 3 of 3 entries