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Støvring Taxi

9530, Støvring

Payment per kilometer, per day or per week....

Gerda Dalsgård

9530, Støvring

Painting and watercoulor...

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9530, Støvring

The vacation rental home ”Kirkely” is situated between Støvring (town) and Skørping (town) in the area of Buderupholm. We have an amazing view over Lindenborg ådal (valley) and Rold Skov (forest).


Hanne Hjortnæs

9530, Støvring

Hanne Hjortnæs is a painter. She loves to play with colours and shapes. ...

Karsten Hallberg

9530, Støvring

Throughout my life I have been encouraged to draw and paint. When I look back, the piece of paper, I have not drawn on does not excist.My paintings are sensuous landscapes with textured brus...

Stubhuset in Støvring

9530, Støvring


"Stubhuset" in Støvring hosts a myriad of exciting musical events,exhibitions and other performances through the hole year....

Sørup Taxa

9530, Støvring

You can hire a taxi or a bus, also for disabled....

Vacation apartments in the middle of Himmerland

The apartments are situated just 200 m from first class golf facilities at Volstrup Golf Center and even closer to Volstrup Fiskepark (fishing park)....

Kjeld Thomsen

9520, Skørping

I've always been fascinated by the black and white image.Finding the opening in the individual images.In the classical interpretation a photograph is truth proof, but with digital techn...

Rold Skov Adventure

9520, Skørping

We offer
> High Rope course
> Climbing
> Mountainbike
> Virtual treasure

Specially for you
Everything is made to fit your wishes.

We use the nature
Rold Skov Adventure is responsible and ecological ...

Rebild Bed & Breakfast

9520, Skørping


Rebild Bed & Breakfast

At the top of Rebild Bakker (national park) with direct access to the tracks of the biggest forest in Denmark, Rold Skov, and the famous springs, you find inexpensive overni...

Bed & Breakfast at Rebild Bakker by Benthe Handberg

The house is beautifully situated nearby Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov. The area is a very famous recreational area with good walking paths, museums ...

Nature Team

9520, Skørping

Nature Team is all about team building, health, welfare, job satisfaction, and events primarily for businesses. We have built the company after the way we work and always seek to create successful exp...

Anne Mette Welling

9520, Skørping

Photography occupies a large part of my life.

It's not just about taking the good picture, but about understanding the story I face and transform it into a photo that can be read and understood.

To ...

Goldsmith Dorte Lausten

9520, Skørping

Dorte Lausten creates ornaments and altar silver in the field of tension between the rustic and the sophisticated.

She is educated by goldsmith Bent Exner, who shared his inspiration and skills of ar...

Michael Sasserson

9520, Skørping

Michael is a trained blacksmith, educator, and has attended art school for 6 years.Michael has throughout his life, used painting and drawing, as his way of communicating his view of life and the...

Rebild Canoe Rentals

9520, Skørping

Experience nature from a different angle. A trip in a canoe down Lindenborg Å is a fantastic experience in a unique nature.

You can go about 5 hours - 14 kilometres down the stream from Rebild to Hå...

Swimmingcenter Terndrup

9575, Terndrup


25m swimming pool, therapy pool and sauna

Look for opening hours here......

Rold Horses Stay

9520, Skørping


Bring your own horse on holiday / weekend and experience the Rold Forest's many scenic areas on horseback. Rold Horse Residence is located in the Rold Forest at the foot of Rebild. For horse owner ...

Angling in Lindenborg Å

9520, Skørping

Lindenborg Å - probably the most famous angling water of area Himmerland - is well known for  it's  large Sea Trout's. Nearly every year Sea Trout's of more than 10 kg is catched.

The angling for th...

Restaurant Røverstuen

9520, Skørping


”Røverstuen” is a very unconventional restaurant situated in the middle of Rebild (village) right next to the official entrance of Rebild Bakker (national park).

The restaurant believes that good ...

Rold Forest Golfclub

9520, Skørping


Rold Skov Golf Club welcomes you to a fantastic golfing experience at one of the most beautiful runways, which will maybe remind you of the Scottish Highlands.
The original farmhouse now work's as...

Rold Skov Orienteering Club

9520, Skørping

Rold Forest Orienteering Club have their own control post's in forest "Rold Skov". The club has released a "Tour-bag" containing information maps, instructions and post descriptions, control card and ...

Skørping Taxa

9520, Skørping


Payment per kilometer, per day or per week...

Roldhøj Kunst (art)

9520, Skørping


Roldhøj Art Shop has existed since 1960 and today houses unique art gallery with changing exhibitions, Italian fine wines, exclusive Italian shoes and handbags and ladies clothing primarily produce...

Rold StorKro welcome you at our new Adventure MiniGolf course. The course is designed as a miniature version of a "real" golf course with 18 holes of varying severity (par 3 to 5).
The course is loc...

Rørbæk Church

9500, Hobro


Village church

This church was built around 1200.
Earlier the church had a tower as well as a porch, but they have both been removed during the 19th century. In 1892 a small spire was built upon ...

Støvring Church

9530, Støvring


Village church

This church is quite new, as it is built in 1907.
It was built as a replacement for the church in Buderup (now abandoned).
Some of the furniture and equipment from that church was ...

Veggerby Church

9240, Nibe

Village church

The church was built around 1200 on the highest point in the area.

Standing 17 meters it is a long church for that time. The tower was added 200 years later. The church was changed ...

Sønderup Church

9541, Suldrup

Village church

The church was built in 11-1200 and a tower was added later on.

The altar from late 1600, was earlier in the church in Hobro. You can see stones of several owners of the manor “Rebst...

Gerding Church

9520, Skørping

Village church

The smallest church in the Himmerland area. It is dedicated to Saint Georg.

The choir and ship is from Romanesque times, while the porch wasn’t added until 1893. A small tower – a ri...

Fræer Church

9520, Skørping

Village church

A Romanesque church from the 12th century.
The church bell is equally old.

The tower was added around 1500.
In the southern wall of the choir you can see a stone formed as a funnel ...

Stenild Church

9500, Hobro


Village church

The church was built 1150-1200 with a tower added in the 15th century.
The tower was torn down in 1873. In 1960 the old church bell (from 1651) was placed in a niche in the tower r...

The fort of Borremose

Some of the ruins were used as a place of refuge for the Cimbrians and were constructed in The Bronze Age and used as such up until approximately 125 B.C. In the Iron Age, they...

Blåhøl (Spring)

9520, Skørping

Blåhøl (spring)

The spring ”Blåhøl” is situated west of Skindbjerg (village).

The water flow is at 140 liters of water per second all the year round. The spring is not very well known, and it is di...

The Airmen´s Stone

9610, Nørager

Monument from the 2nd World War.

A Liberator crashed here on the 20th of April 1945. None of the 11 pilots survived. They were burried at the place by the Germans, but in 1947 they were brought to ...

Campfire - Klodholm

9520, Skørping

On the camp fire site at Klodholm - pl to showeraced in Rold Skov- you find dry wood, stumps for table and chairs.

There is no access to shower, toilet or drinking water.

All hikers and cyclist ar...

The Cimbrians

9520, Skørping

The Cimbrian Stone

In memory of the Cimbrians a stone is set up. The Monument, made by the sculptor Anders Bundgaard with the characteristic Cimbrian bull and the inscription:

"The Cimbrians march...


Tentsite at a big lawn between fruit trees and hardwood trees. Approximately 1 km to the stream.

To get to the tentsite, follow the bike path “Skivumruten” towards the west about 2 km to Hyldal Mø...

Røverstuen,The Robbers

9520, Skørping

Røverstuen – one of the soil holes in Rold Skov (the Rold Forest) situated in the part of the wood called Hesselholt Skov (the Hesselholt Forest) – is approximately 12 meters deep with a diameter of ...

Langmosen (Long Marsh)

9520, Skørping

The area is called the Longbog - approx 27 ha large - and it approx. 7000 years old.

You find the bog west of Madum Sø (lake) and the area is preserved.

Around the lake and bog is made a walking pa...

The House of Lars Kjærs

9520, Skørping

Lars Kjær was a poacher and his wife Marie told fortunes by reading tea leaves and  tarot cards.
They lived in this beautiful small cottage in the hills of Rebild and now it is a museum showing how p...

Max Henius was the founder of Rebild Nationalpark in 1912....

Get an extra good experience - book a guided tour during your visit in the Rold Skov / Rebild Bakker (Rold forest/Rebild hills). Besides the stunning sce...

Ravnkilden (Spring)

9520, Skørping

Ravnkilde (the Ravens Spring) is located north-northwest of the hills Rebild Bakker.

Ravnkilde is a seepagespring. 

Brochure in Danish, English and German....

Rold Skov (Forest)

9520, Skørping

The forest Rold Skov is not only Denmark´s largest forest, it is also an enchanted, seven-league forest with remarkable natural phenomena and places of interest from the famous Troldeskov (Troll Fore...

Backpack Trip - Day & Night

9520, Skørping

Backpacks with 4 hammocks in each, can be rented on Rebild Tourist Office.

It costs 50,00 DKK day or 300,00 DKK per week to rent a backpack. By renting the backpack must be paid a deposit of 50...


Sailing the canoe followed by a tour on the mointain bike. (Only for the tough one's). The concept is pure and simple.

Canoeing at Lindenborg Å from Rebild to Håls Bro (approx. 16 km) and returni...

This primitive campsite consists of 10 shelters and is situated close to Mosskov Pavillonen (parking lot). There is only 700 m to St. Økssø (forest lake) where you can go for a swim.

One shelter can...

Discover Rebild with GPS

9520, Skørping


Do you need to hire one or more GPS receivers for walks or biking trips, geocaching, scouting the course, team building, geographic registration or something else entirely, you've come to the right...


Showing 1 - 50 of 364 entries