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Bælum Church

9574, Bælum

Village church

The church was built around 1200.

Most of the equipment in the church is from around 1600.
At the southern side by the choir, there is a chapel founded by Anna Krabbe from the manor...

St. Binderup Kro

9600, Aars

Danish food at the very best is served in our cosy restaurant-we have an exclisive menu and exquisite wines.Pleasant and functional banqueting and conference rooms. The konference rooms have audi...

Art Exebition

9610, Nørager

EXIBITION │ 28. OCTOBER - 15.DECEMBER │ 2012 │MO │ 10:00 - 16:00 │TU, TH │ 9:00 -12:00
OPENING │ 28. OKTOBER │ 15:00 │

Exhibition of the artists Jette Dodesig & Mette Enevold Pinstrup....

Gravlev Sø (Lake)

9520, Skørping

Gravlev Lake is situated in Lindenborg Ådal in Rold Skov.

The lake appeals to many interesting species of birds and you find a walkingpath around a part of the lake....

Sys Bjerre in Stubhuset

9530, Støvring

Sys Bjerre

Friday 4. April 2014 20.00

Concert with Sys Bjerre in Stubhuset.

200 DDK...

© Morten Bach

The scout cabin nearby Skørping (town)

Hanebakkehytten (scout cabin) is situated in an area of natural beauty in the northern part of Skørping. The area is at 5,5 hectares and borders in Lindenborg S...

Rold StorKro canoe rental

9520, Skørping


Rent a canoe and enjoy a lovely day on the stream Lindenborg Å.

You can start the trip only 700 metres from the inn and from here go all the 35 kilometres to Limfjorden, or just enjoy a couple of ...

Lille Økssø (Lake)

9520, Skørping

Lake, Little Økssee, is situated approx 1 km south of the Lake, Store Økssø.

Lille Økssø is a tiny lake, covering only ½ a hectar. The lake is remains of a much larger lake, that over the time has b...

Terndrup Inn and Hotel

9575, Terndrup

Terndrup Kro (Inn) is situated in the middle of the town Terndrup. The inn has both single and double rooms. All rooms has a shower, toilet and TV....

Tine Lilholt

9520, Skørping


- Musician and artist
I have my own occupation, where I work with music and paintings. Both individually and in combination.

I've been so lucky to have always worked with my musical side. Ever sin...


9520, Skørping

Bruun's is an inspiring lifestyle shop located at the square in Skørping city. Here you will find the latest trends in fashion clothing, shoes & boots and accessories. In addition, you will experience...

The tentsite is situated nearby the bike path at the former railway of Hadsund, surrounded by hilly country and open fields. There are two shelters at the site and there is a place for a bonfire....

Autumn break on museum

9520, Skørping

Autumn break at Fiddler's, Hunting and Forestry Museum

Visit Fiddler's, Hunting and Forestry Museum in Rebild and get the good stories from Rold Skov through time and folk music in North Jutland....

Ritmesterens Bøg (Beech)

9520, Skørping

The beech is named after a forester (Ritmesteren) from Rold Skov.
You find the tree west of St. Økssø (lake) and it is approx. 100 years old....

The Primeval Forest in Rold Skov (the Rold forest)  was previously a coppice forest and in this way it has been systematically used  by the population - for instance for logging.
The former status ...

St. Binderup Kro

9600, Aars

In the year 1871 Store Binderup Kro was set up in the present buildings, which also housed a bakery and a grocer's shop, but the Inn's history dates all the way back to the year 1617, and it received ...

The Cosy Cottage Shop

9520, Skørping


The Cosy Cottage

Here you find a Shop, where you can buy clothes, shoes for women, who want some speciel clothes....

You find Troldeskoven in the forest Rold Skov - in the nationalpark area Rebild Bakker.
Troldeskoven (the magic forest), is situated south of the hills and here are the beech trees form "eye trees". ...

Terndrup Inn and Hotel

9575, Terndrup


Terndrup Kro (inn) is situated in the middle of Terndrup (village).

The inn is continuously renovated and appears modern and tempting with a cosy atmosphere and a great kitchen.

The inn both has ...


9530, Støvring

Guldbæk Vineyard

9230, Svenstrup J

Visit the exciting and beautiful family-run winery in the scenic area near the village Guldbæk in Himmerland.

Guldbæk Vineyard is located in the village Guldbæk, ca. 20 km south of Aalborg. The viney...

Forstrådens Gran (Spruce)

9520, Skørping

The Forester H.J.Hansen had this tree, a huge spruce,  decicated to him. In 1998 the tree was approx. 40 m. tall and approx 4,4 m in diameter.
You find the tree south of Skørping...

The forest tower is placed on Høje Odde and the platform is 100 meter above sea level.
The tower is 10 meter high and is build in 1970.
You find the tower in the forest Rold Skov....

Center for Jewelry Design

9530, Støvring

Center for Jewelry Design by Karen Hørman

I work with jewelry as a form of expression, and uses different materials, with emphasis on precious metals, where I am particularly concerned by the spaciou...

Springkilden (The Spring)

9520, Skørping

This spring in Rold Skov is situated southwest from the hotel Rold Stor Kro, and here you can see how much power the water has....

Thingbæk Limestone Mines

9520, Skørping

Thingbæk Limestone Mines is a part of Rebildcentret
Wherever you go you wil almost surely find a museum or an art gallery, but perhaps none so unusual as this one at Thingbæk.
Here some unique sculptu...

Gallery Sunde

9520, Skørping

Vibeke Sunde makes large, unique sculptures of stoneware.


Author Helge V. Qvistorff

9575, Terndrup

Storyteller- Author - Lecturer - Illustrator....


Frode Jensen is the only charcoal burner in Jutland.
Please contact Frode Jensen and make an appointment....


Showing 251 - 300 of 441 entries