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Alberts B&B Ribe, © Alberts B&B Ribe

1 double room
Located just 300 m from Ribe Cathedral.

Facilities ect.:
-Private bathroom
-TV and WiFi
-Access to Garden
-Seprate entry
-Breakfast can be ordered
-Extra bed can be made up

Hasse Christensen B&B Ribe, © Hasse Christensen B&B Ribe

2 double rooms - ground floor.
Situated in the old part of the town, opposite the cathedral.

Facilities ect.:
-Gueste share one bath and toilet
-Living room with tv
-Private entra...

Uroligheden - B&B Ribe, © Ribe Grønnegade B&B Ribe

Room with kitchenette for 2 pers.
Situated in the old part of Ribe.

-Bath room
-Access to patio
-TV in the apartment
-Separate entry
-Smoking and pets not alloved

Information about pric...

Kamma Franch - B&B Ribe, © VisitRibe

3 Double rooms - ground floor.
Situated in the old part of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
-One bath and toilet
-Living room
-Wi Fi and tv
-Private entrance
-Smoking and pets not allowed

DKK 400...

Karin Poulsen - B&B Ribe, © VisitRibe

3 double rooms and 1 single room
Situated in a village 5 km north of Ribe.

Facilities ect.:
-2 x bath and toilet
-It is possible to see TV
-Extra bed and cot can be made up

Nefer Andrup B&K Ribe, © Nefer Andrup

1 Apartment 2-7 pers. - first floor.
Situated in the old part of town.

Facilities ect.:
-Private bath and toilet
-Extra bed and cot available.
-TV in the living room
-Access to garden

Ragnhild Lønne - B&B Ribe, © Ragnhild Lønne - B&B Ribe

1 Double room - 1th floor
Situated in the old part of town.

Facilities etc.:
-Private bath and toilet
-Ekstra bed available
-TV in the room
-Access to garden
-Breakfast available to order

Rebslagerhuset, Ribe, © Rebslagerhuset

5 double rooms.
Situated in the old part of the town.

Facilities etc.:
-2 x toilet and bath
-Breakfast available
-Kitchnette with refrigerator
-Access to terrace
-Private entrance
-Parking direc...

Rådhus Conditoriet, Ribe, © Rådhus Conditoriet, Ribe

3 double and 1 single room - 2nd floor.
Situated in the old part of the town.

Facilities etc.:
-One Bath
-One toilet
-TV in the rooms
-Extra bed can be made up
-Breakfast available...

Signe Søndergaard - B&K Ribe, © Signe Søndergaard

1 Apartment/house (2-4 pers.)
Min. 2 nights
Situated in the old part of Ribe.

Facilities ect.:
-Private bath and toilet Kitchen
-Living room with TV
-Extra bed available
-Private garden
-Private entr...

Tove Jørgensen B&B Ribe, © Tove Jørgensen B&B Ribe

2 double rooms - 1. floor.
Situated in rural surroundings about 11 km north of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
-One bath and toilet 
-Living room
-TV in the rooms
-Extra bed can be made up

Bjerrumgaard B&B Ribe, © Bjerrumgaard B&B Ribe

An old family farm built in 1922; Bjerrumgaard is situated close to the Wadden Sea yet only a 10 min. walk to downtown Ribe. The old stable is transformed into large and exclusive rooms.

Facilities e...

Hans Tavsens Hus - Ribe, © VisitRibe

Hans Tavsen's House, on the south side of the cathedral of Ribe. The house is from the 16th century and is all that remains of the bishop''s residence. The home of of the Lutheran bishops, among them ...

Ribe Cathedral, © VisitRibe

Commoner's Tower is a 52 m high red brick tower built around 1300. Entrance through the Cathedral.

Ribe Cathedral was originally built as a three-aisled church with two identical towers. In 1283, one...

Slotsbanken - Riberhus, © VisitRibe

Today Riberhus Slotsbanke is a moated castle mound with ruins and a statue of Queen Dagmar who according to tradition was taken to Ribe from Bohemia to marry Valdemar the Victorious (1170-1241).


Flood Column in Ribe, © VisitRibe

The flat marshland and its farms and towns, surrounding Ribe, have been exposed to flood as long as they have existed.

The worst disasters in Ribe in historical times are marked on the Flood Column,...

Christmas in Ribe, © VisitRibe

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…
Christmas in Ribe builds upon the beloved Danish children’s book, “Peters Jul”, in verse about a middleclass family Christmas in the 1860’s. The author had fami...

Museet Ribes Vikinger, © Museet Ribes Vikinger

Ghostwalk in Ribe

6760, Ribe

Take a guided walk through the streets of Ribe and experience the dramatic events of the town unfold before you, with the murders of kings and the burning of witches.
The tour starts in front of the...

Ribe Jazzfestival, © VisitRibe

Ribe Jazzfestival

6760, Ribe

Jazz as such is the essence of tradition and innovation and Ribe is the perfect setting for that.

Ribe Jazzfestival is a cornucopia of music, ranging from traditional jazz and swing to the latest for...

Market day in Ribe, © VisitRibe

Market day in Ribe

6760, Ribe

Ribe Market - every Wednesday during the summer.

Experience the atmosphere, meet the local tradesman and have the chance to buy special- and unusual things. And visit the Ribe Cathedral Square where...

Tulip Festival in Ribe, © VisitRibe

The Tulip Festival, Ribe's traditional fair with parades, music and amusemant rides.The Tulip parade is on tha last day off the festival....

Viking Market in Ribe, © Ribe VikingeCenter

International Viking Market May 2-8 2016. During the first week of May, more than 500 Vikings from all over Europe flock to Ribe VikingeCenter. The market atmosphere is authentic and intensive just li...

The Night Watchman's Rounds in Ribe, © VisitRibe

The Night Watchman goes his traditional round every evening during the summer. The tour starts from the market place in front of Restaurant Weis Stue. It is free to join him. Duration approx. 45 min. ...

Guided tours in Ribe, © VisitRibe

Public town walks
Join a public town walk through the medieval town centre in Ribe. The tour lasts an hour and a half and starts at 11.30 from Ribe Tourist Office. The tour is conducted in Danish and...

© Ribe Classic

Ribe Classic - Oldtimer rally

Every Tuesday from April to September.

See you!...

Ribe, © VisitRibe

Midsummer in Ribe

6760, Ribe

Midsummer Bonfire
- at the old harbour (Skibbroen) and on the meadow across the river.

True to tradition Ribe’s Rowing Club invites you to a nice evening at the clubhouse: a bonfire on the meadow ac...

Folk Musik in Ribe, © FESTiRIBE

Folk Music and dancing in Ribe

11. June 2016...

Ribe Wine Festival, © Ribe Turistbureau

Ribe Wine Festival.

In the first weekend of September, there are samples and stories about wine from a number of countries when importers fill up the pedestrian street on the occasion of Ribe Wine Fe...

Ribe Culture Night, © RibeUgeavis

Ribe Culture Night

6760, Ribe

The Culture Night in October offers a total experience in which the historical setting of the town really comes into its own.

Drama, music, art and stories are heard all over the town, and laughter ...

Rued Langgaard Festival - 2015, © Rued Langgaard Festival - 2015


The Rued Langgaard Festival takes place in Ribe every year at the beginning of September. It performs the music of Rued Langgaard and related composers from the 19t...

Vadehavsfestival, © Vadehavsfestival

The Wadden Sea Festival 2014

From 4th of September 2014 art once more lets us experience the unique culture and nature of the Wadden Sea area through words, sounds, pictures and atmosphere. The festi...

Slotsbanken - Riberhus, © VisitRibe

This once royal castle is now only moated ruins and a statue of Queen Dagmar. As a castle, Riberhus was known from around the year 1300, but the oldest finds are from the middle of the 12 century....

Mandø B&B, © Mandø B&B

B&B Mandø

We have 6 apartments in a lovely village set in unique and beautiful surroundings. We offer the option of Bed & Breakfast or you can self cater in your own kitchen.

Our apartments are perf...

© Jernved Mejeri

Jernved Dairy

6771, Gredstedbro

We produce our own cheeses and butter, following old traditions.
Meet us on Skibbroen in Ribe, every Wednesday from 9-14, from May-September.

Shop/Opening hours: Thu -Fri 10.00-17.30 and Sat 09.00...

Gram Castle

6510, Gram

The east wing of Gram Manor was built about the beginning of the 16th century. The builder is unknown, but was probably one of the Reventlow family, who owned Gram from about the middle of the 15th ce...

Mandø Event, © Mandø Event

Horse Carriage Rides on Mandø
Oysters and champagne
Seal tours – Bird tours
Island tours – Town walks


B&B - Marie og Jérôme Bonal, Ribe, © B&B - Marie og Jérôme Bonal, Ribe

1 apartment (2-3 pers.) - 1. and 2. floor
Situated in Lustrup, the countryside 3 km south east of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
Private bath and toilet
Kitchen with combi-oven and other facilities

Knudsens Gamle Gård - B&B Ribe, © Knudsens Gamle Gård

2 doule rooms - ground floor
Situated in Vilslev app. 10 km northwest of Ribe.

Facilities ect.:
One private bath and toilet
Livingroom with TV
Shared entry
Access to garten and...

B&B - Ingeborg Wonsbek, Ribe, © B&B - Ingeborg Wonsbek, Ribe

1 apartment for 2 pers.
Situated in the old part of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
-Bath and toilet
-Livingroom with TV
-Extra Bed available
-Shared entry
-Smoking and pets not allowed ...

B&B - Lene Schmidt, Ribe, © B&B - Lene Schmidt, Ribe

1 apartment 2-3 pers.
Located just 400 m from Ribe Cathedral.

Facilities ect.:
Private bathroom
TV and Wi-Fi
Extra bed available
Access to Garden
Seprate entry Smoking and pets not all...

B&B - Skovlyst, Ribe, © B&B - Skovlyst, Ribe

2 apartments 2-4 pers.
Situated only 1 km north of Ribe.

Faciliteter m.m.:
-Private bath and toilet
-Breakfast available to order
-Access to garden and terrace
-Smoking and p...

Ribe Bibliotek, © Ribe Bibliotek

Ribe Library

6760, Ribe

Visit the library in Ribe - Internet, music, movies, books.

Self-service opening hours: monday - Sunday 07.00-22.00...

Pompei - Ribe, © Pompei - Ribe

Pompei - bakery in Ribe.


© Jacob A - Restaurant, Ribe

Steak House Jacob A - in Ribe the oldest towm of Ribe

Enjoy a meal on Torvet outside Jacob A
During the summer months, you can enjoy a meal on Torvet right by Tibe Cathedral.
-Barbecued spareribs as ...

Villebøl Hobby- and Garden Center, © Villebøl Hobby og Have

Large selection of hobby items, small santa clauses and crafts.
Open garden with a wealth of flowers.
Playground, pet animals and many beautiful chickens.
Season vegetables, fruits and berries (no pes...

Klithus Mandø, © Klithus Mandø

Klithus Mandoe is situated on the little Wadden Sea island Mandø.

Klithus Mandoe offers:
• Café/restaurant with good old fashioned food
• 12 double rooms with private bathrooms with terrace directly...

Experience Mandø - Holiday house, © Oplev Mandø

Experience Mandø

Book a nice house buildt in 1997 (87 square meters) on the Wadden Sea island Mandø.

More Information...

Mandø Church, © VisitRibe

Mandø Church

6760, Ribe

Mandø Church was built in 1639 and is one of three known church buildings on Mandø. The sea claimed the earlier churches.

Mandø Church is a fine example of how the sea and the weather on the whole, h...

Mandø Mill, © VisitRibe

Mandø Mill

6760, Ribe

Mandø Mill is the island's tallest building and has naturally become the island's landmark.

The mill is today owned by The Mandø Association, which seeks to preserve the mill as a landmark and a tou...


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