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Erna Møller - Ribe Glas og galleri, © Erna Møller - Ribe Glas og galleri

Glass and art gallery just opposite the Cathedral.

More information...

Gps tour in Ribe, © Ribe Turistbureau

GPS-tour in Ribe

6760, Ribe

GPS-løbet "Kors I Knægte" er en tur rundt i Reformationstidens Ribe.

Gå på opdagelse med en GPS i hånden, og få via de 13 poster og synlige spor i byen viden om Reformationen og vilkårene for mennesk...

Welcome to Rådhus Conditoriet

- Baker's shop and Café with a large selection of cakes and pastries.
  (closed on mondays during the vinter).

Bed & Breakfast
Stay with the baker and wake up to the h...

Ribe VikingeCenter, © Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe VikingeCenter

6760, Ribe

Take a journey 1300 years back in time to when the Vikings ruled Ripa (Ribe). In Ribe VikingeCenter history is alive and you are part of it!

Ribe VikingeCenter is a heritage centre presenting authent...

St. Catharinæ Church and Abbey, © VisitRibe

St. Catharinæ Church and Abbey, founded in 1228 as an abbey for mendicants friars of the Dominican order.

The present St. Catharinæ Church was build in the 15th century and it is the third one to oc...

Skibbroen i Ríbe, © VisitRibe

Ribe Harbour

6760, Ribe

Stroll along the riverside of Ribe.


Nature exhibition, Mandø, © Ribe Turistbureau

Visit the exciting nature exhibition on Mandø.

Here you can experience how Mandø emerged and how the Wadden Sea, that surrounds the island, is built up with deep sea and tidal channels and huge sandb...

Restaurant Kolvig - Ribe, © Restaurant Kolvig - Ribe

Halfway along the pedestrian street with a terrace overlooking the river is
our outstanding café/restaurant Kolvig situated in the former chicory factory/merchant's house "Kolvigsgård".

We offer in...

The Old Town Hall, Ribe, © VisitRibe

Ribe’s old Town Hall was built before 1496, and has been used as the town’s city hall from 1708 until 2007, when the last town councillor meeting was held. On the walls in old Commoner’s hall hang a c...

Ribe Herb Garden, © Ribe Urtehave

Ribe Herb Garden

6760, Ribe

In the Ribe Herb Garden's 36 beds grow between 270 and 300 medicinal and gourmet herbs. The two signs in each bed show the names of various plants in Danish and Latin.

Please note that not all the h...

Restaurant Kammerslusen, © Restaurant Kammerslusen

Restaurant Kammerslusen is situated in the beautiful marshland inside the dyke, where the Ribe Å (river) runs into the sea.

Restaurant Kammerslusen has with its beautiful location right in the Wadde...

Storkesøen - Ribe, © Storkesøen - Ribe

Storkesøen - Ribe

6760, Ribe

Welcome to Storkesøen Ribe
Storkesøen is situated just 1 km south of Ribe. Beautiful located in a 10 hectare broken ground with a total lake area of 40.000 m2. Attractive for anglers as well as picnic...

Hotel Dagmar, Ribe, © Hotel Dagmar

Restaurant Dagmar
-with gourmet menu and a large selection of fish.

Friday and Saturday – the whole year – watchman appearance at 21.45.
From 1 May to 15 September you can see the watchman appeara...

Hotel Dagmar, Ribe, © Hotel Dagmar

The place to enjoy a good meal in informal surroundings, or just a glass of frothy, newly drawn ale in the company of the locals.
The kitchen is open all day, and serves home-made pickled herring, l...

Hotel Dagmar, Ribe, © Hotel Dagmar

Conference and Meeting facilities - Hotel Dagmar

Denmark's oldest hotel in Denmark's oldest town. Hotel Dagmar was built in 1581. Over the years it has been carefully restored with respect for the ol...

The castle is open for guided tours every Saturday at 10. a.m.
July 1 - August 31 alsp Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m.
Price DDK 75,- Children 40,-...

Museum Sønderjylland - Gram Lergrav, © Museum Sønderjylland - Gram Lergrav

Gram Lergrav

6510, Gram

The department for geology and natural history of Sønderjylland is situated near Gram Storskov. The department is a special museum for whale fossils and other fossils from the geological epoch called ...

Mandø Kro, © Mandø Kro

Mandø Inn - rooms

6760, Ribe

Mandø Inn was built before 1900, originally as a village hall. Later It was rebuilt and became an inn. Since then, it has been rebuilt several times, however every time kept in the old style.


Gredstedbro Hotel, © Gredstedbro Hotel

Nine kilometres north of Ribe, in the town of Gredstedbro - reachable by train - you will find this charming hotel. The hotel has 8 double rooms and 3 single rooms.

The restaurant has an á la carte m...

Hotel Dagmar, Ribe, © Hotel Dagmar

Hotel Dagmar - Ribe

6760, Ribe

Denmark's oldest hotel in Denmark's oldest town: RIBE.
Hotel Dagmar was built in 1581. Over the years it has been carefully restored with respect for the old building and its genuine atmosphere.


Den Gamle Arrest, © Den Gamle Arrest, Ribe

Large selection of the leading Danish brands – such as Eva & Claudi. A boutique sells quality clothing (Danish Design) and arts and craft in the dungeon.

The Old Jailhouse in Ribe is just opposite t...

Mandøbussen, © Mandøbussen

Daily departures from May till September. The bus also runs during Easter, April and the autumn school holidays. All other times by arrangement. Parties, schools, ect. are kindly asked to book in adva...

Museet Ribes Vikinger, © VisitRibe

Museum Shop with Viking- and Medieval souvenirs. Here you’ll find everything from jewellery to toys, books, arts and crafts. The museum staff has ensured a wide selection of items that appeal to peopl...

Restaurant Backhaus, Ribe, © Ribe Turistbureau

Just 50 m from Ribe Cathedral and Torvet (Town Square) lies Restaurant Backhaus which also offers overnight accommodation. 
One apartment with bath and toilet. Plus 6 bedrooms with radio, TV and washb...

A. Stub - monument, © VisitRibe

Per Kirkeby's Sepulchral Monument to Ambrosius Stub, 2003.

The famous, and somewhat disreputable, Danish 18th century poet Ambrosius Stub (1705-58) was born in Funen, where his father was a village t...

Anders Sørensen Vedel - Ribe, © VisitRibe

A beautiful monument of the historian Anders Soerensen Vedel 1542-1616.

Lived in Ribe 1582 - 1616....

Ribe, © VisitRibe

Monument in Ribe to the soldiers killed in the wars in southern Jutland 1849-50 and 1864....

The Yeast Girl, Ribe, © VisitRibe

Monument of the yeast physiologist Emil Chr. Hansen,
who cultivated yeast for beer brewing.

The Wahl-Henius Institute, Chicago has donated The Yeast Girl to Ribe.

Who was Emil Christian Hansen
- Dan...

Hans Adolf Brorson, © VisitRibe

August Saabyes bronze statue of Hans Adolf Brorson, 1895.

One of Denmark's greatest hymn writers served as bishop of Ribe from 1741 until 1764. Hans Adolf Brorson lived in the Taarnborg building with...

Queen Dagmar - statue, © VisitRibe

Queen Dagmar - Ribe

6760, Ribe

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Sculpture of Queen Dagmar, 1913.

On the palace hill of Ribe, where the grand castle Riberhus used to be so beautifully situated, a young woman in lonely majesty is seen stan...

Ribe, © VisitRibe

Monument in Ribe of the soldiers killed in the second world war....

Hans Andersen Krüger, © VisitRibe

Rasmus Andersens Bust of the Politician Hans Andersen Krüger, 1884.

Hans Andersen Krüger (1816-81) was - as the inscription of the monument says - a persistent advocate of the Danish minority in Sles...

Hans Tavsen, © VisitRibe

Johannes Bjerg´s Sculpture of the Theologian Hans Tavsen, 1942.

The theologian Hans Tavsen (1494-1561) is one of the definitely leading figures of the Reformation in Denmark. Though, allegedly, the s...

Jacob A. Riis, © VisitRibe

Jacob A. Riis was born in Skolegade in Ribe 1849.

The photojournalist Jacob A. Riis left Ribe in 1870 - young and hopelessly in love - for America, with a dream af a new and rich life.

Jacob A. Rii...

Fountain - Sct. Catharinæ Brønd - Ribe, © VisitRibe

St Cathrine Well by Anders Bundgaard, 1929

The monument, designed by Anders Bundgaard (1864-1937) in granite and bronze, was raised in 1929 after the laying out of St Catherine Place.

On top we see...

Verner Jasper Andreas Molkte - Statue in Ribe, © VisitRibe

The monument was sponsered by Ribe citisents the 20.10.1802

Verner Jasper Andreas Molkte, lord in waiting and prefect in Ribe 1796 - 1811....

© VisitRibe

John Olesen's Sculpture Tooth of Time, 1995.

In front of the Viking Museum an enormous sculpture made in bronze has been created by a well-known Danish artist: John Olesen (born 1938). Tooth of time ...

Ribe Brewery, © Ribe Bryghus

Ribe Brewery is located in a historic and carefully renovated courtyard environment near the Cathedral.

We brew using a beautiful English alebrewing vat that fits the historic surroundings in Denmark...

Ribe VikingeCenter, © Ribe VikingeCenter

The gift shop in Ribe VikingeCenter offers a wide range of fine articles inspired by the Viking Age and the Scandinavian nature: Viking jewellery, knitwear, textiles, ceramics, knives, literature, and...

Ribe VikingeCenter, © Ribe VikingeCenter

Take a journey 1300 years back in time to when the Vikings ruled Ripa (Ribe). In Ribe VikingeCenter history is alive and you are part of it!

Ribe VikingeCenter is a heritage centre presenting authent...

Storkesøen - Ribe, © Storkesøen - Ribe

Storkesøen - a holiday centre for anglers.

Large recreation area with holiday cottages and apartments. All houses and apartments have fully equipped kitchen with fridge/freezer, living room with fla...

Mandø Traktorbus, © Mandø Traktorbus

Mandø Tractorbus

Daily departures to the Island Mandø from May till September. The bus also runs during Easter, April and the autumn school holidays. All other times by arrangement.
Parties, schools...

Wadden Sea Center, Ribe, © Vadehavscentret, Ribe

Nature guided tours in the Wadden Sea National Park
Together with a professional ranger from the Wadden Sea Centre
you get the opportunity to experience the unique nature and culture
of the National...

Weis Stue, © Hotel og Restaurant Weis Stue

WEIS STUE is one of Denmark’s oldest and most beautiful inns situated on the town square in the oldest town of Denmark – Ribe.

8 cosy rooms with shared bathroom.

The house is half-timbered and date...

© B&B - Lise Frederiksen og Pouls Anker Nielsen, Ribe

Apartments, ground floor - 2 pers.
Situated in the old part of the town.

Facilities etc.:
-Private bath and toilet
-Kitchenette and livingroom
-Breakfast available to order
-Extra bed can be made up...

Annette Johansen B&B Ribe, © Annette Johansen B&B Ribe

1 Double room and 1 single room - ground floor.
Situated in the old part of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
-Large bath and toilet
-Cot available
-Guests share entrance with owner
-Access to garden

Birgit & Lorenz Matzen, B&B Ribe, © Birgit & Lorenz Matzen

1 apartment (2-5 pers.)
Situated on the countryside 2,5 km south of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
Common entrance, private bath and toilet as well as kitchen and living room.
The rooms are situated in a s...

B&B Conni Fabrin Troelsen, Ribe, © B&B Conni Fabrin Troelsen, Ribe

1 apartment for 2-3 pers. - ground floor.
Situated in the old part of Ribe.

Facilities etc.:
-Bath and toilet
-Combined bedroom and livingroom with double sleeping couch and TV

© Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

3 doublerooms 1st floor.
Situated in the old part of the town.

Facilities ect.:
3 x bath and toilet
Free coffee and tea
Breakfast is included
TV and WiFi
Baby cot available
Separate entry

Dorthe Mylin, Ribe, © Dorthe Mylin, Ribe

Holiday house (2-4 pers.)
Two nights minimum.
Situated five min. drive from Ribe town.

Facilities ect.:
-Private bath, toilet and kitchen
-Refrigerator, freezer, Mikrowave and washing machine...


Showing 51 - 100 of 189 entries