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Jels Pigen

6630, Rødding

Bronze sculpture by Jels Søbad created by schoolteacher Jørgen Thoms.

The sculpture came to town in 1953 and was made available following a negotiation between doctor H. H. Ravn and the Ny Carlsberg ...

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The Jels Motel and Sports Centre is located close to the scenic lakes of Jels in wonderful surroundings overlooking the green areas. We offer a beautiful outdoor seating area with views to the playgro...

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Orion Planetarium

6630, Rødding

Orion Planetarium shows various planetarium shows giving the audience an idea of the world of physics and astronomy.

Every hour you can lean back in the aeroplane seats and be initiated into the late...

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Please call the planetarium for further information....

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Jels Vikingeby

6630, Rødding

Jels Vikingeby at this time contains of a workshop and a longhouse from the Iron Age that was reconstructed from a viking settlement that was found by Hammerlev in Southern Jutland.

Jels Vikingeby o...

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We can offer a new modern apartment. There is kitchen, livingroom and a bathroom. There is a seperate bedroom with 2 sleepingplaces and a sofa in the livingroom for 2 children.The apartment ...

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Jels Voldsted, nature

6630, Rødding

In the area around the Jels Voldsted car park you can enjoy your coffee or lunch by the picnic tables with views to the forest and the lake of Jels Midtersø. At the northern end of the parking lot the...

Christmas at Sønderskov

6650, Brørup

At "Jul på Sønderskov" – Christmas at Sønderskov – the whole main building of the old manor is decorated with flag festoons and candles in the windows. All the rooms are filled with Christmas activiti...

© lintrup zoo

Discover the big birds of prey on very close range, when our falconers coach them in Glad Zoo. Fell a sinking feeling, when the owl, the falcon and the eagle cut through the air just above your head. ...

© lintrup safrai zoo

At Glad Zoo, you’ll get a very special experience! Try an hour within stress together with a falcon and a Harris Hawk. During this hour you will get the opportunity to take a walk, while the Harris Ha...

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The anti-tank trench in Dover is a reconstruction showing how the approx. 255 km long Gudrunstilling (fortification system) from World War II looked. Next to the anti-tank trench, you find a magnifice...


Showing 51 - 62 of 62 entries