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Welcome to JH Ståldesign

We are housed in the buildings of the old family farm, which we have transformed into a forge. Here we create unique art pieces in wrought iron, copper and stainless steel.  ...

Vester Lindet Byeng

6510, Gram

544 Vester Lindet Byeng

Vester Lindet Borgerforening, Vester Lindetvej between no. 6 and 8, 6510 Gram

Activity area with a barbeque hut. The area is used as a common area with a small football field...

Medieval ford by Mojbøl

6630, Rødding

A brief detour from the trail affords the opporttunity to experience a medieval ford. In the course of a project to restore the Jels Å at Mojbøl in 2002, archaeologists examined the meadow beforehand....

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Please call the planetarium for further information....

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Follow the nature path and experience the size of the universe.

The nature around Jels is an experience, but if you follow Jels Natur- og Planetsti – Jels Nature and Planet Path – you will add a lot ...

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The museum on Sønderskov is a museum of cultural history of the Vejen region located at the historic Sønderskovgaard manor.

The manor house is a baroque adaptation of a renaissance building from 162...


Showing 51 - 57 of 57 entries