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Galten Church

8464, Galten

Galten Church is inspired by a German mountain church and was consecrated in 1884. Shortly before the new church was built, the original Romanesque church from mid-1100 was demolished. Among other thi...

Skivholme Church

8464, Galten

Skivholme Church is situated on the hill between Herskind and Skivholme. The nave and choir are from Roman times, erected between 1050 and 1250 in granite boulders and travertines. The tower and the p...


8660, Skanderborg

The horrifying witch Maram, who saved Ousted Church from being crushed by the Lindworm, has been revived in a corner of

Newly-built B&B located in beautiful nature.Here you find 6 double rooms - (4 of them have lofts), big living rooms with all modern facilities, a range of possible activ...

Bright and attractive rooms situated centrally in Skanderborg with a view overlooking Skanderborg See. The room has s...

© Heidi Mørk

Bright, cosy and newly renovated two-roomed flat on the first floor of a town house in Skanderborg. The flat is situated in the heart of Skanderborg, 250 meters from the railway station and in walking...

Jeksen Hyttens Shelter

8362, Hørning

Lovely shelter with room for 10 persons situated on a hilly, wooded ground with a beautiful view overlooking Sortemosen.

Primitive toilet as well as fireplace, table and benches at your disposal free...

Welcome to Forlev Mølle Bed and Breakfast.

We have three large, bright rooms at our disposal which are all situated in the former traveller’s stable where the horses could pause after dragging the c...

Enjoy beautiful Skanderborg and surroundings from the lake side while you relax in a dinghy with or without a motor.

Besides dinghies we also rent out canoes and kayaks and you can decide yourself wh...

© Thomas Bjerre Olesen

Skanderborg Gymnasium has a unique public sculpture park, which lies in the outskirts of the hilly forests of the Northeast side of Skanderborg Lake.

The park is a result of an experiment, where stud...

Restaurant Vestermølle

8660, Skanderborg

Have a unique sense experience Unisans is the name of the tenants of the Restaurant Vestermølle and they tickle your senses with taste, colour, smell, sounds and consistency in p...

Dover Church

8660, Skanderborg

Dover church is consecrated to Saint Andrew and consists of a roman choir and nave. The tower and the porch have been added later. 

The altarpiece consists of two elements of interest: Columns in Tus...

The trail at Vestermølle

8660, Skanderborg

The path at Vestermølle is 4.4 kilometers and the path is marked with yellow triangles and dots on small poles. Black poles stand in municipal areas and brown poles on private land. The trail starts a...

Tyndeleddet 7 Voerladegård

8660, Skanderborg

Large flat, 90 square metres, accommodation for four. An extra bed is available as well as a baby cot.The flat is newly decorated with a big living room, kitchen with dishwasher and a refrig...

Raslund Academy

8660, Skanderborg

Raslund Academy consists of large, beautiful and bright rooms with a modern decor. Raslund Academy is situated in the middle of nature and can accommodate up to 80 people. Just a few kilometers outsid...

Hotel Skanderborghus

8660, Skanderborg

Skanderborghus is situated in the centre of Skanderborg Dyrehave in exceptional surroundings of natural beauty with lake, forest and park in the immediate vicinity. The forest has nice footpaths for w...

Frederik II memorialstone

8660, Skanderborg

Frederik II – King of Denmark and Norway from 1559 to 1588During the period 1562-1574 Frederik II of Denmark and Norway rebuilt Skanderborg Castle in Renaissance style and in 158...


8660, Skanderborg

'Livstræet' means 'the tree of live' and is situated besides the Little lake in the cemetry of the Royal Chapel of Skanderborg. A sculpture of granite and is made by the sculptor Ole Christe...

Pinds Mølle Put and Take

8362, Hørning

Fishing in beautiful surroundings. Fishingpossibilities in one of the 3 lakes or in the stream Århus Å.

Open around the clock, all year. One lake can be hired for special arrangements.

Shop with fi...

Veng Monastery Church

8660, Skanderborg

Veng Church is probably the oldest monastery church in Denmark. It was built by the Benediktines around 1100. The church remains in its original construction, as it avoided all the church re...

Prins Ferdinands Minde

8660, Skanderborg

Memorial to Prins Ferdinant placed in Dyrhaven. A bronce Alladinlamp on a cementbase with the inscription 'Raised by a greatful father'. One day in the spring of 1839 Prince Ferdinant and Pr...

Ousted Church

8660, Skanderborg

Ousted church is among the highest situated churches in Jutland and can be seen from a great distance. It is placed in the immediate vicinity of Ejer Baunehøj.
Roman choir and nave with westward late ...

A symbol of freedom
Initially it the memorial of Frederik VI was supposed to be placed at Himmelbjerget in Ry, but ended up at Slotsbanken just by Slotskirken in Skanderborg. The memorial is a symbol ...

Skanderup Church

8660, Skanderborg

Today, the lovely Skanderup Church lies practically surrounded by the town of Skanderborg. More than 100 years ago the church stood alone on a slope near the lake, visible from far away and surrounded...

The Museum of Liberation

8660, Skanderborg

Amongst the trees of Skanderborg Forest the remains of the German air force headquarters in Denmark during World War II can be found. There are emergency water tanks and wooden houses and vague traces...

Hvilende Form

8660, Skanderborg

Made of rolled, stainless steel. Revealed on the 28 of October 1983 in connection with the 400 years anniversary of Skanderborg. Donated by Provinsbanken (Bank of Province).

Bloms Minde

8660, Skanderborg

The memorial is dedicated to the first manufacturer in Skanderborg, Andreas Blom. The memorial is raised by his friends at the 29 of July 1917 in acknowledgement of the great effort he made for t...

Dear visitors!
Captain Bøgh and his crew look forward to welcoming you aboard the tour boat Dagmar.

During the summer we offer sailing tours of Lake Skanderborg. On the tour you can buy ice cream, ho...

Det Lille Røgeri

8660, Skanderborg

Det Lille Røgeri (The little smokehouse) is situated in Voervadsbro between Skanderborg and Brædstrup in the beautiful scenic surroundings along the river Gudenå and the magnificent p...

The sculpture is made of naturestone from Samsø.Created by the artist Eigil Westergård and situated at the Skanderborg Railway Station. It is revealed on the 5th of December 1983 i...

Gertrud Berg Ceramics

8660, Skanderborg

Den Gamle Skole (The old School)

Wide range of unique wares in earthenware and clay. Free from lead and cadmium. The product are dishwasher and oven proof.

Gertrud Berg born in 1952 in Germany and t...

Between the villages Vitved and Solbjerg (north east from Skanderborg) ends Pilbro Valley in Solbjerg Lake. The Valley is wide and cuts down into the hills between the villages Vitved and Fastrup.


8660, Skanderborg

The sculpture is made in bronce and is about 60 cm wide and 300 meters long. From Adelgade and from the west-east lakeside you can follow the sculpture as a line, that in its own rythm moves both abov...

Jeksen Valley

8362, Hørning

Jeksendalen is a part of Århus River Valley and is a beautiful wooded and hilly area where you can walk and see nature as its best.
You will find marked hikes along streams of clear water that take y...

© VisitSkanderborg

Kulturhuset Skanderborg

8660, Skanderborg

The Skanderborg Kulturhus (Culture Centre) is beautifully situated by the lake side in the middle of the town .You will find a fully modernised cinema, Musical Events, Theatre, Dancing, Busi...

Around Skanderborg Lake

8660, Skanderborg

The area around Skanderborg Lake is mainly an unspoiled Ice Age landscape . Almost 900 ha.(ca.2,250 acres) to the south and west are subject to conservation laws.

During the Palaeolithic Stone Age, h...


8660, Skanderborg

The Sculpture ”Våren” (springtime)In 1937 the town of Skanderborg won the race against other Danish towns and succeeded in landing the national exhibition with the title ”Technol...

Ellingvej 4 Bed and Breakfast

8660, Skanderborg

5 large, bright rooms in a pleasant country house about 12 km from Skanderborg.

Kitchenette with coffee machine and microwave.
Family room with colour TV.

Bathroom with shower and toilet in the base...

Fruering Church

8660, Skanderborg

The name Fruering (Lady’s Ring) indicates with great probability that the church was consecrated to Our Lady the Virgin Mary. 

The church consists of a roman nave with a choir part and a heavy tower ...

© Havrevænget 4

Lovely flat with seperate entrance in quiet residential neighbourhood, beautiful garden and close to forest and lake and the famous Pilbro Valley which is ideal for walking and biking tours.

Two doub...

Stilling Church

8660, Skanderborg

Beautifully situated little church beside Lake Stilling.

Choir and nave built around 1200 in granite stone. The porch to the south and the "roof riden" are from 1886.

Chalkpainting dating from abou...

Many years ago there was a lake in Illerup Ådal (River valley) and it covered an area of around 10 hectares (ca. 25 acres) The lake eventually became overgrown. In 1950 an extraordinary find was made ...

Stilling Solbjerg Lake

8660, Skanderborg

Stilling-Solbjerg Lake is situated in an East West going valley stretch about 5 km North East from Skanderborg.

The lake is about 7 km long and reaches all the way from the village Stilling (road 17...

Nørre Vissing Kro

8660, Skanderborg

Nørre Vissing Kro from 1801 is situated near hills, forests and lakes. The kro is untraditionally decorated with a personal touch and flair for detail, and the interior is given prominence by the flor...

The fauna in the area is influenced by the lake , the bogs and the meadows. Conmorants come on daily visits and greylags feed in the meadows.

The vantage point Fårbjerg (79 m) with its view over the...

Niels Ebbesens Minde

8660, Skanderborg

The statue is raised in 1878 in memory of Niels Ebbensen and his men who fell at Nonnebjerg (north from Skanderborg) on the 2 of November 1340, during the battle of Skanderborg Castle. The memori...


8660, Skanderborg

Globe shaped sculpture in cement. Catlike motives glased in mosaic with bright colours. The sculpture was a gift from contractor Ole Sommer at the opening of the new Adelgade (main...

Mindesten over Poul Langballe

8660, Skanderborg

The memorial is standing beside the path along the lake in Dyrhaven. A large granite stone raised in memory of the heroic deed of Poul Langballe on the 22 of January 1901. Poul Langballe who live...

Blegind Church

8362, Hørning

Beautiful white-washed roman church with a tower raised on stilts and porch from about the year 1200.
Inside the church epitaphs and gravestones for former vicars can be seen. You will also find a cru...


8660, Skanderborg

Dyreparken dates from approx. 1580 when the Danish King Frederik II owned the woods besides Skanderborg Castle (now The Royal Chapel of Skanderborg). He had the land fenced in and laid out as a royal ...


Showing 1 - 50 of 235 entries