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Katsig Hills - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Katsig Bakker in Hørmested/Skærum, Sindal is a protected area of heather-clad hills and deciduous woods covering around 40 hectares. In the woods you can find St. Jørgens Kilde (St Jorgen's Spring), p...

Sindal Mill - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Sindal Mill - Sindal. Sindal Mill which is Sindal's oldest commercial building, was moved from Fjeldsted to Sindal in 1872. It is a Dutch stonewall windmill, which operated with 2 grind...

Slotved Woods in Sindal:

Inspect the burial mounds dating right back to the Bronze Age and parallel long barrows from the Neolithic period. The woods can be used for hiking trips. From a lookout towe...

Thank You Sindal from Israel.A symbolic Sculpture by Roda Reilinger....

© Hjørring Kommune

Tislum Plantation, Hørmested, Sindal was landscaped back in 1919. At that time forest landscaping was promoted in Denmark and the then Hørmested Kommune decided to create a plantation for it's citizen...

© Tolne Skov

Tolne Skov and Tolne Bakker, Tolne, Sindal make up a varied landscape. In the autumn this area is ideal for gathering berries and mushrooms. The woods consist of both deciduous and coniferous trees an...

To the East of Astrup in Sindal stands Teglhøj (93m above sea level) one of the best vantage points in the region. From the top you see all points on the horizon around you. Here you can clearly sense...

Vagthøj - (Slotved Woods, Sindal) is among the hillocks to the north of the festival site. Here you can see traces of sunken roads. To the west are nationally protected areas with burial mounds and Ræ...

© Sindal Camping & Kanoudlejning

A35 Sindal Camping

9870, Sindal

Sindal Camping and Canoe Rental is situated in a quiet area well sheltered from the strong westerly winds of Jutland.

Here you are offered many high class facilities such as barbecues, heated outdoo...

Evening Nature walk/talk in mild Vendelbo (dialect)
In newly planted woods, around artificial lakes with fountains serviced by a 100 year old pumping mechanism. Globe flowers (Magnolias) in May, five ...

Can fungus/mushrooms be eaten?
Take a nice hike in Autumns falling leaves. We traverse the woods with basket in hand to pick mushrooms in this scenic area. We will try to identify some of the differen...

Brunø Tøj

9870, Sindal

Shop with mens fashion

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9.00 AM - 05.30 PM
Saturday: 09.00 AM - 12.30 PM...

Jane Sko (Shoes)

9870, Sindal

“Jane shoes and  leather articles” is a nice shop in the center of Sindal. We have a large selection of leather articles and shoes for the whole family an offer brands like: Gabor, Jana, Tamaris, FitF...


9870, Sindal

Matas has a selection of products for personal care, non-prescription medication and health food.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9.30 Am - 05.30 PM
Saturday: 9.30 Am - 01.30 PM


Florist in Sindal. You can order flowers to the whole world as we are in the Interflora chain. ...

© Galleri Vita

Gallery Vita

9870, Sindal

Gallery Vita, Tolne, Sindal

See the exciting art displays.

Get experiences for several of your senses, it gives inspiration to life and opens up the World. Visit artist Hedvig Brix and have a chat a...

© Sindal Bykirke

The Town Church in Sindal was built in 1910. Fresco paintings by Elof Risebye in the choir. Sindal parish centre. Outside the building is the Golden Calf, a symbol of the common People. Inside there i...

Tolne Gjæstgivergaard

9870, Sindal

Tolne Gjæstgivergaard is an historic Inn dating back to 1897, with a café, ceramic studio, gallery and seven rooms offering bed and breakfast.
In our spacious gallery we feature unique wood and salt ...


Nille’s Spheres,(Nilles Kugler) Granite fountain by Kirsten Jensen, 1990, Sindal
This little fountain is one of the many in Sindal. With its  low heigt these round stones are a favorite place for chil...



9870, Sindal

Shaking - Shimmering (Strømmede -Tindrende) Corrugated Iron Sculpture by Søren Friis,  2010, Sindal

Søren Friis wrote about this sculpture:

"Shaking - Shimmering was in the context of the internatio...


The Golden Calf,(Guldkalven), Sculpture by Niels Helledie, date unknown, Sindal

The Golden Calf stands in front of the entrance to the church’s meeting hall as a reminder that we should seek the spir...

Haymaking in Mosbjerg

9870, Sindal

Harvesting a reaping good experience
On this day, you can help to swing a pitchfork and make a haystack. Moreover, some of the old harvesting tools/machines will be used. A practical and eventful day,...

© Mosbjerg Landskabs- og Landbrugsmuseum

Life in the old days

During the summer the Crofter’s House at the Landscape and Agriculture Museum in Mosbjerg is inhabited.

The families live, as they did in the first half of the 20th Century, i.e...

Wild Orchid Day

9870, Sindal

Orchids by the thousands
The family at Østerskoven (East Woods) invites you along with Sindal Camping for this local offshoot to " Wild Flowers Day", to be held throughout the Region.

You will meet t...


Stygge Krumpen Event

9800, Hjørring

The city centre in Hjørring is turned into a festive medieval marketplace. For 3 days you can experience Hjørring as the city was on "Stygge Krumpens" time (Stygge Krumpen: the notorious bishop in Bør...

Sheep Day

9870, Sindal

The museum of Landscape - and agriculture, Mosbjerg in Sindal

Come and see our Easter lambs. At the moment we have many lambs to study. There will also be lambs that you can pet. There nature guide w...


9870, Sindal

Victoria is a cosy shop with all in gift items: Flowers, applied art,

coffee/tea, chocolate, children’s wear and a large selection of delicacies.

Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday 10:00 AM - 05:30 PM

”kirkens korshær” ( The cross army of the church) has 200 shops in Denmark. Our purpose is to help homeless and abusers in Denmark

Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday 10:00 AM- 05:00 PM
Saturday  10:00 AM-...

Beebob Hairstudio

9870, Sindal

We give hair cuts to the whole family to low prices with or without appointment. 

We cherish god service and give free ideas about which hairstyle that suits you. 

We have a wide selection of produc...

Boutique Anni

9870, Sindal

At us in Boutique Anni you will get an individual and honest meaning of what clothes suits you best.

We sell i.a. Brandtex, Signature, Skovhus, Marc Lauge, Fransa, Wearhouse and Triumph.
We also have...

Colorama - Høj Data

9870, Sindal

We are a paint shop with all in paint, curtains, wallpaper and artists items.

We also have the  post office of the city.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Freiday: 9:00 AM-05:30 PM
Saturday: 9.00 AM -01.00 PM...

The Tolne route
The route goes through landscape which is made in the lastest ice age. 
The route is 55km long and extend from Frederikshavn to Tolne and Sindal to Hjørring. You bike from Hjørring o...

The Asdal route

The route goes through landscape which is made in the lastest ice age. 
The route is 8 km long and extend from Bjergby to Asdal to Uggerby Klitplantage in Hirtshals.  

There are blue...

Sindal Post Office

9870, Sindal

You find the post office in the city at the shop Colorama/ Høj Data. 

Opening hours:

Monday– Friday 9:00 AM  – 05:30 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Sondag: 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM...

SuperBrugsen is a grocery shop which is placed in the center of Sindal. 

Openning Hours:
Mondag - Sonday: 8.00 AM - 08.00 PM


Tower in Måstrup Mose

9870, Sindal

In Måstrup Mose in Mosbjerg in Sindal you will find a gazebo, from where you may watch the varied bird life....

Sohavegaard, Sindal

An apartment with a bedroom for 2 persons, large bathroom with shower, spa bath and gym gear. Large family kitchen equipped with bar, TV corner, pool table and darts. There is acc...

Bøgsted Skov - forest

9800, Hjørring

By Astrup is the old manor Bøgsted located. The manor is surrounded by 250 hectares of trees. The forest is open to the public and it is ideal for a picnic with the family....

In Bøgsted between Hjørring and Sindal you can participate in a running event. The run is on a hilly terrain but all can participate. There are lengths of 3 km, 6.5 km, 10.5 km, half and full marathon...

Once upon a time, Mosbjerg in Sindal

At the landscape- and farmers museum in Mosbjerg there are evidence from the people that lived there in the foreign times. Archeologist Sidsel Wåhlin and historia...

Glass Art Workshop at Glasstuen

Glasstuen is definitely well worth a visit and during the easter holiday your children can create a piece of glass art on their own with the help from the owner Karen ...

DIY - glass art

9870, Sindal

DIY - Glass Art

Glasstuen is definitely well worth a visit and in the picturesque area of Fjeldstedvej in Sindal, Karen has converted the old barn into a shop and workshop. Do you want to try out you...

DIY - Glass Art

Glasstuen is definitely well worth a visit and in the picturesque area of Fjeldstedvej in Sindal, Karen has converted the old barn into a shop and workshop. Do you want to try out you...


Showing 51 - 93 of 93 entries